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  1. Resetting variables/High Speed Counter

    High speed counters have there own PRV reset flag i.e. on a cp1L pulse A531.00 to reset the first high speed counter. You can also directly reset the high speed counter internal flags at the correct memory addresses. You must reference the manual for your PLC version as the flags differ for different PLC's.
  2. Beginners Servo Help Required.

    Thanks for your help/info. I am aware I will need to fit limits and homing switches. The application is only slow speed. I just want to gain as much knowledge before the system arrives to me so I can get the drives rotating before then playing and fine tuning the application.
  3. Beginners Servo Help Required.

    Hi, there are only two axis. I have listed the two servo drives r88d and two servo motors r88m.
  4. Beginners Servo Help Required.

    I have been programming Omron plc's for a while but have not used any servo drives. I have customer who is free issuing the following equipment for a project he wants programmed.: cj1m cpu21, r88d-gt04h, r88d-gt08h, r88m-g40030h, r88m-g7503h-s2. The small drive is connected to a simple ball screw moving a stop. The second drive is connected through a gear box and chain drive full details not known to date.  I have read the cj1 manuals and will be generally using  pls2 commands for the position movements.  Are the drives plug and play? If I connect the drives leaving the parameters as out of the box defaults should the drives operate using the pls2 command. In this condition I assume it is 10000 pulses per rev of motor. I can scale positions with maths in Plc and send the required pulses. Any guidance appreciated to confirm I am on the write track. I assume I could also use the electronic gearing parameters. Any examples using 5mm ball screw!