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  1. i did it . any way thanks  
  2. hmi communication

    Thanks , i will check
  3. hmi communication

    Thanks for your helpful reply, While reading about CP1H CPU, The communication with NS Series HMI, NV series HMI have shown, Nowhere I Found NB series HMI, That is way I got cofused, In this  attachement also NV series is mentioned.
  4. hmi communication

    Will cp1h –x40dr cpu support NB series HMI(NB5QTW01B)
  5. Plc memory & address basics

        I am really happy now, because I read about comparison instruction through instruction help in the software.   With out your help it would not be possible all of you.  
  6. Plc memory & address basics

  7. Plc memory & address basics

    Thanks I will refer that manual
  8. Plc memory & address basics

    Yes I am new to plc programming. I am electronics and communication engineering graduate,   Now I have started working in automation company, as a Electrical drawing designer in CAD, Now I know the application that we are going to do with PLC programmer, I am go thoroug hing the standard ,and completed Programs of the Old projects, These are all the doubts I have now, which is necessary for understanding the entire proramming, Other than that greater than or Equal to type of instruction (which I have marked in my Very begging post, I understood and aware of other instructions, So, I will download the attached file of another buddie who previously replied to this post, As you said I will try to follow that ebooks tooo. Thanks for your useful information
  9. Plc memory & address basics

    I need basic ideas about CIO Address es. Like Internal inputs and internal output, Actually  we are using Cj2m cpu35, In that I need to know the range of internal thatr can be allocated 1)which category instruction it is, 2)What is meant by nA500_13, n4_01, 5.10 etc
  10. “Project Failed to read “new screens”.

    i understood. and i will save it as you said
  11. “Project Failed to read “new screens”.

    Now I am learning to develop screens in cx designer, actually in this beginning stage I got some confidence  in creating screens, actually I can’t accept that I had lost that file,   Anyway ,I understood now ,I had lost that file. After posting this message , I am doing further works by opening a new project, I am trying to know ,how to retrieve the data in such files, in future, If the same problem happen in the upcoming projects. If there is any problem, there will be solution 90 % cases. If we think there is a chance of problem, we should find the solution before that problem occur…..    
  12. “Project Failed to read “new screens”.

    thanks for your reply.yes i am planning to change system.but at the same time i am trying to retrieve the data in that corrupted file.
  13. I was working On Cx designer to to create NS series HMI. When I gave command to save the screens, within that 5 seconds of saving time              Due to sudden power shut down my PC also shut down at the time of saving the File . After that I tried to open that file after power came, it is showing as “Project Failed to read “new screens”. Please, I need help to open that file.