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  1. How would you solve this problem in ladder?

    Sorry Ron_s! You are right about the damage from the ready solutions.  
  2. How would you solve this problem in ladder?

    An example of a counter. It can be used for your task.
  3. Software for A0J2

    First check the COM port settings (Ron_s  has directed you very precisely) . With GX developer you will be able to upload the project. Make a test and write about the result.
  4. Software for A0J2

    Hi, It is possible that the project was created with Melsec Medoc. It works under DOS. You may try to download the project with GX Developer, you only need a cable SC-09 and we use 25 pin sockets. Possible is parts of the program may be missing or colored yellow.
  5. FR S520S inverter reverse frequency problem

    Hi Franz, There is no problem using Terminal 4 to set the output frequency. Then configure the AU of another  terminal RL.  When we want to work with the current input, we supply + 24V(terminal PC) to the terminal that we have configured as an AU (RL in my example ). It is necessary to use STF and STR terminals for START forward / START reverse.
  6. FR S520S inverter reverse frequency problem

    Hi Franz, Check Pr 63 how it is set up. It is for setting the STR terminal.  If set to 0, 1, 2 is used for low, medium or high speed. Reverse is set ---. Good luck!    
  7. Connect FX1N-60MR to SCADA

    The easiest solution is to use SCADA that supports the MC protocol. For example, CITECT SCADA using the serial port that is used for programming and a converter RS422 to RS 232.
  8. Siemens S7 200+HMI ESA VT60

    Hello Marek25, Your HMI - VT60  must have a MPS and a 25 pin Canon socket.  The cable must have a twisted pair of 2x0.5 shielded. The scheme for your case is on page 925. Resistors are 0.25 watts and can be soldered directly to the socket.  Realize also a bridge of terminals 4 and 5 as well as terminals 15 and 18. It is desirable that the cable is less than 50 meters in length. Check the specified PLC and HMI addresses. For SIMATIC S7 200 Address of CPU = 1 - 126. The schematic on page 884 is for an inverter SIMOVERT.  It has a RS232 serial port and the connection for this is different from PLC SIEMENS S7 200. Good luck!  
  9. FX3U Modbus help

    Hello Zahi Younis, You need to give some more information about this case. Where do you get the information from the Modbus protocol? Otherwise, Mitsubishi have their own communication protocol.    
  10. PID Auto tuning in FX3U

    Hello Shoaib,  Whether you could not use the  built-in inverter PID and thus reduce the number of PID regulators used in the PLC? Best regards, Kraykov
  11. Simple programming cable for Mitsubishi FX

    Hello, look a picture.
  12. OK Matcha, try these settings.
  13. Hello, try the settings for Serial port  PLC show in the picture. The best regards.
  14. C252 counter

    Look at this it could do you good:
  15. Hello @tiria . You may see the following instructions: SDP - Measuring the density of 16 bit binary pulses or DSPD - Measuring the density of 32 bit binary pulses Best regards.