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  1. Thermocouple Variation

    Hello, You might want to look at connecting the cables in the picture. Particular attention may be paid to remarks 1-4.
  2. Thermocouple Variation

    Hello, Do the cables you use have a shield? If yes, did you connect it to the SLD terminal in module? Check the connection of PLC terminal PE to the cabinet. The best regards.
  3. Fx3g-485-bd-Rj problem

    Hello Mattyd1211, You can read about your case here
  4. fx1n software demo help

    Hello Ulrik, MELSOFT iQ Works is an integrated software suite consisting of GX Works3, GX Works2, MT Works2, GT Works3, RT ToolBox2 mini, FR Configurator2 which are programming software for each respective product. Integration is further enhanced with MELSOFT Navigator as the central system configuration incorporating an easy‑to‑use, graphical user interface with additional project-sharing features such as system labels and parameters. The advantages of this powerful integrated software suite are that system design is made much easier with a substantial reduction in repetitious tasks, cutting down on errors while helping to reduce the overall TCO. ( GX Works2 supports FX-1N. Look @Gambit post. What is the problem?
  5. Decoding PLC Program Help

    Hello tmb19. From the overview of the attached program, I concluded that the temperature control module is FX2N-2LC. Get to know his leadership. Good luck!
  6. Decoding PLC Program Help

    You should first provide more information about the controller type and the optional modules.  You can also attach the downloaded program. Then we can help you.
  7. FR-F740P-15K

    You can change the following parameters - Pr. 0; Pr. 9; Pr. 71 and Pr. 80.
  8. How to protect screen with password GOT 1055QSBD

    Here's information about this project: Make: 4.4.2015 г. 12:05:10 ч. (GT Designer3 Ver.1.126G) Update: 27.4.2015 г. 11:22:18 ч. (GT Designer3 Ver.1.126G) Read: 20.5.2016 г. 10:51:17 ч. (GT Designer3 Ver.1.136S) Update: 20.5.2016 г. 10:52:12 ч. (GT Designer3 Ver.1.136S) Read: 14.4.2017 г. 12:29:05 ч. (GT Designer3 Ver.1.136S) Update: 17.3.2018 г. 19:16:25 ч. (GT Designer3 Ver.1.106L) It is possible that part of the functions in the project that GT Designee 1.06L not supported  have been deleted.  Update your GT Designer3 ver.1.106L to GT Designer3 Ver.1.136S and then upload the project.
  9. mitsubishi software

    You're probably joking!
  10. Programming Port

    The interface adapters FX1N-422 BD and FX2N-422BD can be used.
  11. How would you solve this problem in ladder?

    Sorry Ron_s! You are right about the damage from the ready solutions.  
  12. How would you solve this problem in ladder?

    An example of a counter. It can be used for your task.
  13. Software for A0J2

    First check the COM port settings (Ron_s  has directed you very precisely) . With GX developer you will be able to upload the project. Make a test and write about the result.
  14. Software for A0J2

    Hi, It is possible that the project was created with Melsec Medoc. It works under DOS. You may try to download the project with GX Developer, you only need a cable SC-09 and we use 25 pin sockets. Possible is parts of the program may be missing or colored yellow.
  15. FR S520S inverter reverse frequency problem

    Hi Franz, There is no problem using Terminal 4 to set the output frequency. Then configure the AU of another  terminal RL.  When we want to work with the current input, we supply + 24V(terminal PC) to the terminal that we have configured as an AU (RL in my example ). It is necessary to use STF and STR terminals for START forward / START reverse.