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  1. mitsubishi fx48-mt

    That should have read " on line change not possible while plc in rom cycle". If I change to write mode the same happens when I compile. The plc has a eeprom memory. Can anybody help please?
  2. Hi, I posted a previous message regarding a TSX 102 but I got the plc number wrong. It should be TSX P57102. The rest of the message is the same. Can anybody help please.
  3. tsx 702 plc

    Hi, further to my previous post the plc is a TSX premium TSX P57102 and the software vis PL7 pro v3.4 running in windows 2000 professional.   The cable is  a TSXPCX1031. But I get the same message. Please advise.
  4. Hi, we have an old TSX 702 plc, the software is PL7 v3.4 and the comms cable is TSX PCX1031. I am trying to go on line with the plc but I keep getting the message "Cannot establish the physical link with the plc at address SYS via driver UNTLW01 : the max. number of addresses available for this terminal has been reached. Close any other PL7 programs or increase the max. number in the UNITELWAY configuration." We have other machines with a TSX 702plc so I know its not that. I have no other programs running. Please advise
  5. MOVD

    Thanks for that Jay. The problem is I have four data registers and I need to move a specific digit from each of them into a specific data word consecutively.
  6. MOVD

    How do I stop a MOVD wraparound. I want to move1 digit from right to left. As:   0001   0012   0123 1234 not 1230 
  7. mitsubishi fx48-mt

    When I try to compile online changes the software tells me `` Online change not possible in while plc in read only mode cycle``. Can anyone help.
  8. NB5 9 digit numeric display

    Thanks for that Jay.
  9. NB5 9 digit numeric display

    Hello Everyone.  I have an NB5 connected to a CJ1m cpu11 plc. I want to convert a barcode of nine numerals and display them on an NB5. Any help will do. Thanks