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  1. PMCR with E5CN communication

    oh ok.. I will definitely try these and see how it works.. Thank you sooo much for everything!! Really grateful!!  Best Regards!
  2. I've created 2 different projects, and tested the included projects function in citect to combine these 2 projects into a new one and run at the same time.. I'm using 2 Omron PLCs: CJ2H CPU64-EIP communicating via Ethernet..both PLCs work separately but when combined in the same project only of them work.. the error during runtime prompts that address 0 is already in use.. But I've defined 2 separate IODev for PLCs.. So it should ideally work right? Please let me know if anyone has a solution about this matter.. Thank you very much!!
  3. Hello Everybody, We need to get Toshiba PLC to communicate with citect directly via ethernet. I have attached a photo of the PLC we're using..V series. Really appreciate any input on this matter (regarding the right drivers for this series)...Thanks alot!
  4. PMCR with E5CN communication

    Hello all, I would like to read and write values such as Set Value and Process Value from the E5CN via the PLC with SCU41-V1. I have never worked with it before and have limited knowledge to get started. Could anyone please guide me through this? I know PMCR can be used to establish communication, but I am now sure how to get started with it. Also I've set the communication protocol in E5CN as Modbus. Please be kind enough to let me know. Thank you veryy much.