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  1. CCLink

    I made this excel sheet to help me remember, let me know if it helps you too.  CC Link Station Address.xlsx

    Most VFD have a multiple input speed selection settings. Maybe that would be easier?  Or can you just use analog signal and a POT or HMI to set the output?   
  3. Anyone used an RFID reader on company badges?

    We are Mits standardized here. Normally Q06UDV.  I have done several Barcode readers over ethernet, and am very familiar with that setup and use.  My question was more aimed at your second point about the challenge of using the data. I was hoping for some examples of how others have done that.  The MES system you mentioned, were you able to tie directly with the central ID system or did you have to create a separate copy of the database? 
  4. As part of a request to control some processes, and discussing the shortcomings of unique passwords, or keys, they asked if the company badges could be used instead.  I would imagine such systems exist, but does anyone have experience with them?
  5. EthernetLink.gxw   I have posted this example in the past. It is not using SOCSEND/RECV  but using the GP.READ i was able to get reliable communication between 2 PLCs. Only requires the one PLC to be modified, and you pick what addresses you want to read/write to on the other PLC. 
  6. JP.Read QJ71E71-100 Channels

    I would probably setup the various connections in different D addresses, then use a timer/step logic to connect to each one by one. I think you'll be surprised how fast it still is pulling the data. 
  7. Q to Q Enet Comm - GP.Read Instruction Error

    Gambit is correct.  In my example that you used, I was reading from Network 3 (D2004), Station 1 (D2005)  with Your PLC Settings, you should be reading from Network 1, station 2   Also in my example, under OPEN SETTINGS, I was setup as [ TCP, Unpassive, Receive, No Procedure, Disable, No Confirm, 20512 ]  You have Send and Confirm.   I dont remember exactly what those settings meant but I know I have it working..    Direct Ethernet connection is fine BTW. No switch or crossover is required. 
  8. VPN Advice

    I have not used personally, but I have tested the system from Ewon VPN Systems.  They even have a Mits demo online to play with
  9. Minimizing OR function

    The above will work, but just to give you more options.. I have been a fan of the NOT-NOT style rungs for large groups of OR.   |/A|---|/B|---|/C|---|/D|---|/E|---|/F|---|/G|---|/H|---/----(OUT)
  10. ethernet comms between different networks?

    you do have the subnet set to in all PLCs right?  You mention a test leaving it blank, but i think that would actually default it to
  11. ethernet comms between different networks?

    I have never used the function block method, but I would bet the Station number still matters, so verify the network numbers match and station number should be unique for each PLC.    "Only get the plant friday night"  -- this sounds all too familiar hahahaha  if you have some extra PLCs laying around I highly recommend setting up a test bench, that was the only way i got the communication worked out. 
  12. ethernet comms between different networks?

    Assuming your entire network is 192.168.*.* based, if you are on a 10.25** network that might be an issue.  I believe you would setup each PLC to be network 1, station 1,2, and 3. Then use [Station No <-> IP address] to point the stations to the other IP    then using your  GP.READ you setup which station you are reading from. 
  13. How to make a recipe?

    That PDF is incredibly detailed.  
  14. GT 2000 down convert to GT 1000?

    Utilize project only allows me to select another GTW project, not the GTX project from my GOT2000
  15. GT 2000 down convert to GT 1000?

    Downgrading because I am trying to copy the screens of an existing system to create a new one, but we parts bin shopped and I have 4 GOT1000's to use.