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  1. Thanks for the help Steve , this part should do the job perfectly , top bloke , regards Al..//

  2. PLC Input Output sequencing

    Thanks nehpets , I have just downloaded manual and this looks good , happy days..Al..//
  3. PLC Input Output sequencing

    Great PM , now we are getting we will use the small brick PLC as you suggest with encoder and forget the millisecond thing...wheel speed is now 15RPM and each output time is now 1.5 seconds....this is all I am trying to achieve...8 inputs and 8 outputs 45 mechanical degrees apart with only one I/O active at any one moment in one rotation cycle. Any small timing adjusments to each output time should be made in the program. As for the camswitch I had kind of disregarded this idea due to mechanical issues , contact bounce etc...thanks.. Al..//
  4. PLC Input Output sequencing

    Ok Panic mode , let me try a little harder....let us say the something is a driven wheel for monitoring only and the diameter is 25cm . The wheel speed is say 10 RPM. I did not realise linear speed was of most importance at this point in my question. On every radial 45 degree increment , the input device , as yet undetermined inputs to the PLC and very soon after outputs to a solenoid or lamp for say 2 seconds.This input and output then resets before the next position at 90 degrees then 135 degrees and so on. I had assumed radial position might be possible using some sort of direct mechanically coupled encoder to input to the PLC rather than a switch or transducer , thanks , Al..//
  5. PLC Input Output sequencing

    Hi all , new on site and looking for some help please. Need simple solution to the following example. Imagine a clock face. At every 45 degrees , I need an input and an output from the same input some milliseconds later. Before I get to 90 degrees , input 1 is now off awaiting input 2 at 90 degrees and so on. For my 360 degrees , this would require 8 inputs and outputs with only one input / output active at any one time with the program repeating the sequence continuously when back to zero degrees. Info please on suitable small inexpensive PLC and any suitable position feedback device , thanks , Al..//