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  1. what is this instruction?

    I thought I'd be able to get around it since I'm not actually hooked up to a PLC. But I am still confused a bit tho. Where does that X:2009.04 address actually come from? I have found it in the program but don't see anywhere where it would change state of that bit?  ***I have attached the full program that i am working on*** I am also having trouble with this section of code. I think it's just the CMP and P-GT instructions in rungs: 4, 12, 21 that arent working? they should turn a Water Cooling Solenoid On/Off, but they're not. in the attached picture 60 is NOT greater than 70 but im still getting a true bit out of it? I set the Oil_Temp D148 to 85(degrees) so its higher than my Minimum Oil Temperature and the Cool1_Solenoid goes high as it should. but once i lower the temperature back down under its SetPoint of 70 (Task: CIR_COOLING, rung 4), the compare statement doesn't seem to update?   to start this program, must 'fix' the Oil_Temp D148 in task: ANALOG_SCALING (bottom of rung 5) and change D148 to at least 80 (minimum temp set point). and also set the Oil_level_Low_Low and Estop on rung 1 Local_ModifiedCOPYof_A-2675 V1.07.optLocal_ModifiedCOPYof_A-2675 V1.07.opt Local_ModifiedCOPYof_A-2675 V1.07.cxp      
  2. what is this instruction?

    thank you! i was hoping for an easier way, but this works!
  3. what is this instruction?

    Perfect! thanks for the quick replies and help! I found the instruction and think I am good to go now. I hadn't copied the line with the DIFD symbol to the new section yet. As soon as I did that and changed the symbol names, everything looks right now!   I started running this using the Work Online Simulator and it seems to be functioning properly!   one thing I haven't figured out yet is how to 'set the value' in here. This is for an analog input for a fluid temperature and i wanted to test the code that i've done for multiple Temperature setpoints. i tried setting the value in the attached picture but it didn't hold (i'm assuming it only sticks for a single scan of the program?)
  4. what is this instruction?

    I am new a entry level programmer that has never used Omron before. I am attempting to added a little bit of code to an existing program but cannot figure out what one of the instructions are that was used in the original program. I've tried searching for it in the manual and online and haven't had any luck finding it yet. i attached a snippet of the symbol. It looks similar to a closed contact but has 2 lines on the right side of it (symbol W75.11   Temp_Turnoff_Second_SP) When I click on it, it says ANDNOT. but when I try to create a new symbol, it does not look the same as the original? I created a new symbol Temp_Turnoff_Third_SP, but it shows up as a normal closed contact. if i try to edit the original contact, it also changes to a standard closed contact.   what am i missing here...?