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  1. Regards! I have a new challenge to face. I have a client that needs to edit from a computer the recipes that WinCC Flexible screens emit. I have noticed that the recipes are stored in several files of extension * .dat * .rdf and * .vdf. How can I read and edit them from any PC without the need for Siemens products? Thank you!
  2. WinCC Flexible: How to edit recipes?

    Actually I am trying to add recipes or edit recipes. In no case I was referring to adding parameters to a recipe. These files can be read, edited and saved from the screen, but in no case are the extensions of these files * .csv. The file extensions of the recipes are stored by me -as I have already mentioned- in * .dat, * .rdf and * .vdf. What can I do to edit these files? or to create ?
  3. The Prosave does not excite me because my client is obliged to have Prosave. Thank you very much, you have helped me a lot! I have solved it as you said: 1. Here I put the collection of media that can be used (Memory card or USB) https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/document/21847868/which-external-storage-media-can-you-use-with-the-current-simatic-panels-and-which-memory-card-interfaces-do-they-have-?dti=0&dl=en&lc=es-WW 2. Here's how it's done (with SD or USB): https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/document/28928853/how-do-you-backup-restore-with-a-windows-based-panel-?dti=0&dl=en&lc=es-WW 3. Accurate instructions on how to do it in the MP277 panel (Section 6.9): http://stest1.etnetera.cz/ad/current/content/data_files/automatizacni_systemy/systemy_pro_ovladani_a_vizualizaci/standardni_panely/multipanely/rada_270/opi_mp-277_09-2007_en.pdf 4. And for TIA Portal there is this: https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/document/109740696/how-with-the-tia-portal-do-you-transfer-your-project-to-your-operator-panel-via-a-storage-medium-(usb-stick-for-example)-?dti=0&dl=en&lc=es-ES Thank you! I hope I have been helpful too!
  4. Regards! My problem is the following. I have a client that has 7 different machines with touch panels SIEMENS TP277. A touch panel for each machine. The machines are different and therefore the projects that have to be loaded from WINCC Flexible to each panel are different. That is, 7 different projects. My client wants to have a single spare screen, not 7. Is there any way that he has a single spare physical panel and without needing WINCC Flexible can he load the same one of the 7 projects? Can not you record inside the panel and then load 1 of the 7 you need? Or via USB memory? ZhankS!   zHANKS!                
  5. Regards ! This is my problem: I have a point on the screen (text variable I/O) # , which is associated in the animation editor the following: "Edit point value (analog)": variableX                     and enable "display keypad" "Display value (analog)":    variableX Although I have written # and no. ##.##  in the SCADA displays only the truncated values, but the PLC also receives those decimals that can lead. How I can do to make the PLC also receive decimals? How I can truncate the value despite the user to enter decimal me? Thank you!
  6. CX-Supervisor: Log slows down?

    Regards! I have built a record in CX-Supervisor of about 56 analog variables whose sampling every 2 seconds. However, I find that when I examine the record made of multiple shots of sampling times instead of 2 seconds, I sampled every 3. That is, every 20 to 40 samples one takes me 3 seconds instead of 2. This may be due to overloading of the SCADA? That having so many variables that record and monitor sometimes take more than 2 seconds and reach than 3. You know the real cause and a solution? Thank you!
  7. CX-Supervisor: Log slows down?

    I have built a record of 56 analog variables sampling time 2 seconds. I am recording the data in a proprietary database of CX-Supervisor. The extension of these files is * .dlv. Now I do not have the characteristics of the PC because it is in customer factory, but I remember a computer is about 2 years old with Windows 7. The PC and the PLC communicate via Ethernet. However, in the SCADA screen I show much more than these 56 variables. In total about 500 of all types, Boolean, integer, ....
  8.   Hi ! Just know if you have news of some manual of WinCC OA. Thank you!
  9. Cx-Supervisor: Identical Pages

    I have resolved as follows:  1. I think an array of text in memory of 10 named positions: HEADER  2. When initializing the position HEADER array project as follows:  HEADER [0] = "TRAFFICLIGHT 1"  HEADER [1] = "TRAFFICLIGHT 2"  ....  HEADER [9] = "TRAFFICLIGHT 10"  3. I think the variable int "trafficlight_index"  4. I think a single page "traffic light" consisting for example:  a) A text field (####) and the editor of animations: Display value (text) HEADER [trafficlight_index]  b) A numeric array (##) that for example we will create in the editor points as "time_in_green" and the animation editor: Edit and display analog value: time_in_green [trafficlight_index]  5. On another page that menu, think 10 buttons all lead to the same page "Traffic Light" and charged each button to "trafficlight_index" a different integer value using a VB script (running script). Example:  Script to run button 1:  trafficlight_index_index = 0  Display "Trafficlight"  Script to run the button 2:  trafficlight_index = 1  Display "Trafficlight"  Etc...  You save a lot if there are many identical pages!
  10. Cx-Supervisor: Identical Pages

    Regards! I'm with a new draft CX-Supervisor. I have to make a lot of identical pages in which only varies from one to the other a label, a textbox and something more. I know there is a technique to make the page only 1 time, and subsequently routed correctly the labels and tags. I remember seeing him in any web or any documentation. Anyone know anything about this? Thank you!
  11. Cx-Supervisor: Identical Pages

    I will give an example to be better understood.   Imagine that we have a plan or map 6 traffic lights. And every time you press one of the traffic lights on the map it opens the window control (eg semaphore 4 ON / OFF button).   Theoretically this should build screen for each of the six lights, that is six screens. But ... being identical pages 6 must be a way to build only 1 time, and is routed to appropriate light at runtime. The question is how? Imagine that instead of 6 traffic lights, have 50.
  12. Greetings again !   When you are in Runtime with CX -Supervisor SCADA and click the right mouse button a popup with multiple options opens .   Anyone know how this could disable ?  For some own choice of CX - supervisor? By VBS ?  ( Right now I have not found anything about it ) . Zhanks!
  13. Since CX-Supervisor was installed on a computer I get a blue screen sometimes. Anyone else has happened ?  Anyone know what may be due? Solutions ?   Thx!   
  14. CX-Supervisor : WScript.echo (in Subroutines)

    An example that Works : Set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") objShell.Run "explorer.exe shell:ControlPanelFolder"  
  15. Greetings and thank you very much in advance to which you respond . My question is this : They can run routines WScript.echo ? For example , this simple not work for me ( by the command WScript.echo ) :   fso = CreateObject set ( " Scripting.FileSystemObject " ) if fso.FolderExists ("c : \ windows " ) then    WScript.echo "There is a folder named \ Windows" end if   Is there any way to run the commands vbscript.echo ? Thank you!
  16. CX-Supervisor : WScript.echo (in Subroutines)

    Even WScript.Shell or similar commands? You can not make them work?  
  17. Thank youu, thank you very much ! I think so.
  18. Greetings! How ? I´d call from a subroutine type "VB Script" from a subroutine "CX.supervisor. To do it in the other wat around there is no problem - with a CALL statement - <call NameOfSubroutina> : "CX-Supervisor Script" ----------> "VB Script" But from VB script to Somebody Knows ? Zhank you very much.