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  1. Using TON within Loop in Ladder logic

    there is no condition on JSR, BUT I am using conditional MCR to execute those codes . Is there any other solution ? 
  2. Hi All, I have an issue and hoping you can help me with the solution.  I am not sure how can I use TON within loop in ladder logic? I have made a loop using JSR and LBL to execute Sub, in this subroutine I need to use timer or delay before turning the output on, as I am facing an ON/Off condition which turn the output on. Is there any suggestion ? Appreciate your response in advance. Thanks,
  3. array in studio5000

    Thanks a lot, That was very helpful, I did it same way and it works as I wanted.  Thanks again
  4. Hi Guys, Is there a way to logic AND array element in ladder logic studio5000 ? I have Array[BOOL 64], and I want to make sure all the elements are 1 to activate an LED.  I was thinking to use FAL instruction however this instruction does not accept BOOL. is there any suggestion ? Thanks,  
  5. Masking array in ladder logic

    Hi Guys, I have an Array of BOOL [52].I want to mask this array based on size (SINT) . like if my array size is 12, I want to pass the first 12 elements of Array of Bool and block the rest. I am not sure how to use MVM. Can someone help me with that ? Thanks 
  6. array in studio5000

    well, the value in array 1 changes dynamically, but in array 2 is not. and its ascending order. I want to check the array 1 element value with array 2 values and get the closest bigger  number in array 2 so I can update my target to the closest number  and repeat that for each element in array 1 example: target position =0  current array[1] = 20000, compare with the constant array 2 , which is between 18000 and 25000 values then take the closest bigger number and move it to the target position   
  7. array in studio5000

    Hi All, I have two DINT array for example array1 [200] = [ 0, 1.........199], array2[100] = [ 20,40,60 ...180]  array1[30] = 30 need to compare it with array2[100]  and find the closest range. in my example array1[30] is between array2[0] and array2[1] how can I do that in studio5000? I haven't worked with array before and therefore your support is appreciated  Thanks  
  8. I figured out Thanks anyway  
  9. Hi all, I have downloaded the studio5000 emulator to test my application, I manage to download my plc program to virtual backplane emulator plc and got it run . Now I am trying to use factoryTalk studio with it, however I am facing an issue with communication setup. I have added RSLinx Enterprise server to my application, and I am trying to navigate to my emulator processor but I cant find it . in RSLinx classic it shows me yellow question mark as it shows in the attachment. can someone explain to me what did I miss? Thanks in adavnce
  10. setting BOOL [64] in Studio 5000

    oh do you mean I have to use LIM instruction to check my range and if its not within this range I write 0 then execute this rung ?
  11. setting BOOL [64] in Studio 5000

    Thanks, but how can I do that in ladder ?
  12. Hi, I need to set an output of bool[64] array when condition triggered but when I download the code to the controller it cause major fault see attached. Can someone help me with that? Thanks  
  13. Factory Talk- site edition

    Hi all,  Q1- I would like to know how can I set up a pop up navigation button in FT. I need to do the following:  Click on a button will display a pop up screen that it has 6 screens pressing any of them will take me to the required screen.   Q2- I have another button once we pressed this button a confirmation message (yes/No) display if yes will take me to specific screen ?    Thanks for your response in advanc.      
  14. Which plc is the best?

    Hi guys,  I would like to ask based on your experiance which plc is the best based on lifetime span over high tech feature? If any one can help me / share with me his thought and some links to guides me through this topic would be highly appreciated.   Thanks
  15. Hi All, I am wondering if its possible with Rockwell multiple GuardLogix PLCs to monitor the same pointIO? and is it also true for safety process? If so could any one share with me articles or links in this regards. Thanks,