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  1. Analog signal generators

  2. Analog signal generators

    This embedded PC doesnt have AO capability. I'm not sure I will be a big fan of these $100,00 PCB's inside an industrial panel anyway. I probably was over thinking this need. I could test the system with three of their sensors, a RTD, an anamometer, and a light level sensor. Thanks for trying to help.....
  3. Analog signal generators

    I guess its official catagory is daylight harvesting systems, they are using embedded PC to control but rest of system is pretty standard sensors, pumps, etc. Hit me up on skype, 775-434-7939 or email
  4. Analog signal generators

    Dont know why my name isnt showing up, Reggie Johnson
  5. Analog signal generators

    #facepalm (Duh, big red truck).....Dick, thanks for getting me off that path to nowhere. Nobody to talk to around here except wife, kids and dogs. Still it would be nice to find a portable tester for field service. Russ thats not a plea for help......:) 15th Med, 1st Cav
  6. Analog signal generators

    Thanks for the help on my last question, here's round two.The renewable energy system I'm building for is still in its development stage and we have some really bright and talented Mechanical Engineers, that being said, the focus of bring cost down is leading to some interesting sensor products being used. The field I/O devices are from MetzConnect, (EU I think) and mainly used in the HVAC industry. The analog input units can only handle voltage inputs, RTD's, 1-5 v, millivolt, etc. I need to find a signal generator to test (not calibrate) these inputs as well as 4-20 ma. that will be converted to 1-5v. My panels will be built in Nevada and programmed from Toronto via web so I need to send simulated signals to test the channels and verify comms are up. Any thoughts, good luck with a product, or pushing one of your own, let me know. I have a few weeks before getting started on the next design. Check these guys out, pretty cool stuff at the tip of the spear... Bright Energy Storage Technologies Bright Rail Energy SkyLouver Systems
  7. Hi all, New to site, pretty cool. Anyway I am looking for a din mount relay that can be operated through the switch/router in the panel for remote power cycle of components. Hopefully someone has some experience with a good one. Thanks