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  1. Hello, I have a question about the NA5 HMI. Is it possible to get the HMI to send important alarms to a phone or email? I know it is a basic function on some Beijer IX panels, but can`t find anything in the NA. Is it possible to do it in the PLC maybe?There we have a NX1P2 PLC.
  2. Sending alarms with NA panel

    Found a function block that can send email from the PLC, but are really struggling to make it work. I am not an IT/Data expert and wonder if anybody else have a working example of this function block? - 15-16-37 - 943603103   Mail_Send.slr
  3. Sending alarms with NA panel

    Thanks for reply.  Do Omron have any other solution to handle the alarm distribution? What is the best way to overcome this? A simple notification on email or SMS is what we want.
  4. Hello! I have a FH camera but are wondering if there is a function to get the camera to search automatically for an objekt he will inspect? Today I have a sensor to trigger the camera to take a picture, but I want it to find the objekt without using a sensor. Thanks for any help.
  5. FH vision camera search

    Do you have any example on how you start and stop continuous measurement ? Can you use the flow in the FH-controller to start and stop, or must you start and stop it from Sysmac Studio?
  6. Hello! How can I read all the errors i might get from my servos on to the HMI. The servos are of the type G5. Thanks for any help.
  7. Hi, I need some help to read from Sysmac studio how much kW an inverter continues to give to a motor during run. The inverter is a 3G3MX2. I have tried to look in the PDO map, but i can not find the right input. Thanks for any help.
  8. How to read error from servos

    How do you do it with the NA Series?
  9. Motion control

    Hello, I need some help to get my servo to stop accurate. My sensor is E3X-ECT type. When the sensor detect a mark on top of the servo it is supposed to go exactly 360 degree, and it will then stop on the mark, but it goes a little past the mark. What can i do to make the sensor to detect it faster and then stop on the mark? Thanks for any help
  10. Motion control

    Thank you for the suggestion Not sure if i can use that one. The mark is on a cup on top of the servo, and when a new cup comes in the mark is on another place.
  11. Motion control

    Thank you so much for your help The servo model is R88M-K20030H-S2, so i think it will work.