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  1. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    In my case only v1.19 available in the AutoUpdater list. I must say I'm impressed with the improvement to view both NJ and NA project windows at the same time
  2. You should try to create a Sysmac Studio project with a PLC (either NJ / NX1) and an NA HMI in the same project. You will notice that Global Variables that you make in the NJ controller can be mapped to the NA (see Variable Mapping section in the NA part). And you should also try to create a Recipe in the NA project. When you're asked for the Ingredients, basically you need to put variables that will be used to fetch data from the Recipe. Typically this will be using variables that is previously mapped to the Controller, so that it can be used inside the PLC program. In order to fetch the values, you need to call WriteRecipeToController function by Visual Basic Code in NA.
  3. I was wrong when I said this is not possible in Omron NJ. I forgot that a certain Omron software able to return the list of available Tags / Published Variables in the NJ. So I look onto it and found out that the service indeed exist. Just not stated in the manual
  4. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    And yet... another bug... I kind of hate the way RnD team handling the situation these days... They should do thorough check before releasing anything. Of course bug will always be there, but connection issue with older firmwares is something basic that no one wouldn't expected to happen.
  5. G9SP ethernet communication with Siemens

    Happy to hear it worked fine :D
  6. sysmac studio 1.17

    You need to buy one from Omron, duh...
  7. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    That's good to know. Anyway, anyone had impression on the latest Sysmac Studio 1.19?  
  8. G9SP ethernet communication with Siemens

    The protocol you are sending to G9SP is FINS Protocol which is unique to Omron devices actually. In case of Omron PLC, the Unit Number part is used to identify which communication unit is sending the data. Since you're using Siemens you don't need to worry about the content, just keep it to 0. As for ServiceID, it is just like an Echo byte. The content ain't important. If you put 55 hex there, when G9SP reply back, you will get the same 55 hex. If you put 40 hex, you'll get 40 hex reply.
  9. G9SP ethernet communication with Siemens

    Okay, seems the example is still the same as my manual (Z924-E1-02, basically the second revision). I've noticed in 3-20 on the very first program line the additional bytes you're talking about. It inserts 25 80 C0 A8 FA 02, all in Hexadecimals. The first I noticed is C0 A8 FA 02 is the IP Address of G9SP as set in the example. If you convert all those into decimals you'll get Also the first two bytes which is 25 80, if converted to decimal will results to 9600, which is the Socket Port Number used by G9SP Any UDP communication will require you to define the target IP and target Port, so I guess these two bytes is there for the FC5 function block parameter. The actual data being send is still starting from 80 00 02 00 part
  10. G9SP ethernet communication with Siemens

    Could you write the complete filename of your Z924 manual? Because I cannot seem to find any data format being shown in Z924 of mine (mine is Z924-E1-02.pdf). Or can you mention the page number in Z924 that states the data format?
  11. G9SP ethernet communication with Siemens

    But the Z924 manual did state the following on page 3-11. The same as what you are using I believe, so you should be good to go. Also page 3-13 give the settings used in the example (IP Address setting). Basically you just need to send/receive data through UDP Client using CP343. The data format is mentioned in the Z922 manual per se... you need to adjust it to match your application. I'm no Siemens expert so cannot help you on how to exactly program it in TIA
  12. If I get it right, he wants to create new recipe without reprogramming the NA from Sysmac Studio. If that's the case you can use the AddNewRecipe function from the VB Code. It will generate a recipe with the current content of Variables you mapped to the HMI Recipe and you can give it a unique name. The new recipe will be saved on HMI Memory the same as if you add it from the HMI program.
  13. If you're creating your NA program with the same firmware version as your actual NA firmware, there will be no warning about upgrading the OS AFAIK. It is only complimentary to upgrade if your program firmware version is higher than the actual hardware, since NA programs are not backwards compatible
  14. Omron Eip

    In that case you are already sending a correct Service Code and Class ID. You just need to double-check the way you send your target address
  15. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Omron design center for Sysmac software in the end went back to Japan. I don't know how much of influence our European team can give to enforce these ideas though...