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  1. Move to NJ series worth it?

    We call that "Marketing Strategy". What does a PLC do again, really, if not being a controller to automate machines? :D
  2. C200H-LK401 on CS1

    Thanks for confirming Jay, gonna go on with it now :D
  3. C200H-LK401 on CS1

    Hi @BobB. Yes, actually I intended to replace it to ControllerLink instead of keeping the old PC Link. But the customer is against it at the moment.
  4. C200H-LK401 on CS1

    @Jay Anthony just mentioning you here in case you know something about it, since I saw you posted similar things in PLCTalk before. Sorry to disturb :D
  5. C200H-LK401 on CS1

    Hello, I want to ask if anyone have experience on this. So I want to mount C200H-LK401 combined with CS1 PLC. But the PC Link communication is meant to be done with another C200H PLC using C200H-LK401 also. Now the thing is, in CS1 PLC, LR Address Area is converted to CIO 1000 and so on. Will the PC Link still works to C200H? Like CIO 1000 from CS1 will be mapped to LR0 in the other C200H. Thanks in advance
  6. RTU Modbus With CJ2M PLC and 3G3RX Drives on RS485

    Omron FB Library provide this _CPU012_SendCommand FB which can be used to send FINS-to-Modbus Command into the Serial Port, if it is configured as a Serial Gateway. But you still need to manually create the Modbus data to be sent, and process the receiving
  7. There are lots of FINS samples available in the download section... like the one from me :D
  8. Ah sorry about that... I never personally checked it, since I always had CX-Programmer first prior to having Sysmac Studio :D So is that project going well?
  9. NA does have some pre-made parts like arrows, warning signs, country flags, etc., which is not an image libraries but a Control. They're not come with button / lamp libraries if you only installing Sysmac Studio pack and not CX-One. The path you mentioned is exclusive if you install CX-Designer, which is part of CX-One software package. The reason why is probably due to Buttons and Lamps in NA already have a quite "cool" customization tool :D, which eliminates the need of adding extra image library. However I agree that time-by-time we want to give some difference to our project.
  10. From what I know E_SYS_999 is a code for "Illegal Processing" during Runtime, and the manual only said to Restart the NA for the cure.   My guess is that the Event Lamps(178) is already called before NA enters the Main Screen, so any Language Package data is now yet available to be accessed. I might be wrong though...  
  11. Using TPO(685)

    Well... now that you said that, I'm not sure anymore Let's just wait 'til he replied
  12. NX-Da2603 1-5V

    For now I can only think about it as a debugging tool... to prevent us entering wrong data when we're Forcing the values. Logically speaking, we can say that a good program will prevent such Undervalues / Overvalues to happen (with combination by LIMIT Functions and so on) But when debugging and forcing the values, we can accidentally did that.
  13. Ah... overlooked that in the screenshot. Really, these kind of minor mishaps always create confusions
  14. Using Rotary Encoder

    @uun sudah dikasi contoh di atas sama pak Anthony :D. Dicoba dulu ya... Ga tiap hari buka forum Already example above is the same Mr. Anthony . Try dulu ya ... GA daily open forums