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  1. Sysmac HMI Date Time Button

    @mr_electrician It might be random to say this, but seems like I've seen that HMI screen in LinkedIn. 
  2. NJ WiFi to multiple NBs

    This might come as of late, but well, here are my thoughts : As far as I understood, NB connection to NJ is by Ethernet UDP protocol, which is a connection-less protocol. Granted that you are using WiFi which is an unreliable connection mode, there will be multiple loss of the UDP packets transmissions. If memory serves me right, in NB whenever there is a disconnection, buttons that are linked to a PLC address will disappear. I don't think there is any fix to this. Also, as the user manual suggest, NB is never intended to be used as a wireless device.
  3. HMI global variable become invalid

    The guy contacted me. Can close this, I guess...
  4. Help with structures

    @brandon1967 I take your question is whether a custom Structure variable can be accessed via the HMI, isn't it? That's actually possible. Say you create a Structure Data Type like so : st_Water    Pressure         Type: REAL    Temperature  Type: REAL You then assign a Global Variable in the PLC program like so : plcWater     Type: st_Water Then, in your NA project, you can map it the Variable Mapping section like so : User Variables: plcWater      Type: st_Water    Variable: hmiWater Now, say you want to display the Pressure, put a DataEdit control, then under the Variable property, just type in hmiWater.Pressure Similarly for Temperature, in the Variable property just type hmiWater.Temperature The auto-complete feature will actually shows you those structure members after you key in the dot. While clustering by PLC Program (as in Local Variables) is not possible, this method already helps a lot, rather than mapping each members one by one.
  5. I see... In that case I'm not sure. Never tried that before in NJ/NX. Manual W506 (NJ/NX Ethernet/IP Port) doesn't mention whether that is possible or not. By the FINS/UDP I mentioned before, what I meant is using a direct FINS protocol. So not FINS over Ethernet/IP. This is possible even in NJ/NX. You can use the "Multiiway" tool to test it. No Ethernet/IP encapsulation is not needed.
  6. Are you sure that is FINS Command? Because if you look into manual W342, there is no FINS command using 0x54 byte as the code. If memory serves, 0x54 is a Forward Open Service Code, for Ethernet/IP protocol communication. Maybe you were communicating using Ethernet/IP protocol for the CJ-Series PLC? In any case, you cannot communicate using Ethernet/IP for direct address access. FINS is your option for that.
  7. @Bhautik1706 There is. It's the same with FINS protocol used for CP / CJ PLC Series. See omron manual W342 for details on FINS protocol (it covers all about it). I would recommend using FINS/UDP which is relatively easier
  8. Etn021 ip address change problem

    Just a guess, but seeing a "Mode 11" message appears, try to double check your IO Table. Did it say CS1W-ETN21(ETN11 Mode) or CS1W-ETN21(ETN21 Mode)? There might be a chance that your ETN21 was set up in ETN11 Mode, but now you are accessing it in ETN21 Mode, or vice versa. In any case, in the IO Table, you can click on the ETN21 unit, then click "Options --> Change ETN21 Mode" to choose the mode suitable for your needs.
  9. NX102 Fins Command with PC

    Well... looks like your connection is OK, but the data you are sending to PLC is incorrect. - DNA must never be 00. Your Sysmac Studio screenshot shows that the PLC uses default Local Network 01, so DNA should be 01 as well. - I believe using 00 for SNA should work. But if it doesn't, you can put any number there, like 02 for example. It doesn't really matter for a single PC and PLC connection. - On your Multiway screenshot, your attempts before the last one are just sending the FINS Header, which will never work - Your last attempt in the screenshot looks fine, except the DNA being 00.
  10. NX102 Fins Command with PC

    I usually use 0 for SNA for a direct network. No routing table setup is required, assuming you're using FINS/UDP You need to set it up though, if you're using FINS/TCP. Also last octet of the IP Address is not always the FINS Node Address, so if your Sysmac Studio shows that the FINS Node Address is 11, you should use that for DA1.
  11. Hi :

                 Tumpang tanya,  I came across a thread you mentioned about the listbox (which i believe base on .Net) .  May i know is it possible to add items to the listbox and combo box in runtime?

    What I know the supported member are as below















    So there is no "Items" . 

    If you mananged to add items (not during design time) Please help to show me how?

    I need to pass array item (specific item) to listbox and combo box.





  12. Nj & CJ1M communication

    Hi @ksinghysingh, see this thread here : Since you are using the CJ1M-ETN, I believe the FINS communication using SEND/RECV FBs stated in that thread should work
  13. "Easy" way to change screen resolution

    The so called "Rescale" thing is a buggy feature which won't work in most cases. (One of many bugs this program have ) Your best bet is to resize all pages manually
  14. Hi there, if you're in NA editing mode in Sysmac Studio, you can right-click on the HMI Icon near the top left, and choose Change Device. From there you can change the Version of the NA, which is it's firmware version. I don't know why Omron choose to make the numbers different, but changing that will also change the Project Operating System Version. So it's kind of a trial and error to find which is right. But of course choosing higher number firmware version will give you higher OS Version as well. You might not find one that is suffice for your Device, depending on your Sysmac Studio version, because on each update a new NA firmware version also comes. In that case, use the Omron Auto-Update software. Alternatively, when that popup goes on, you can click YES so that Sysmac Studio will overwrite the OS and firmware inside your NA to equal the Project OS Version. Which in your case means, you'll have it downgraded.
  15. NP series

    The NP3 series were discontinued since 2009, and the NP5 series were discontinued since 2012, so I believe they are way past warranty period. I see no way that Omron or their authorized distributors are still selling those now, unless you bought it from a non-authorized dealer. Regarding the USB driver, you can find it after installing the NP-Designer software. It should be located inside the installation folder under subfolder ScrEditApp. Read the manual book V096 for details.