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  1. Hi guys, I am setting up my test rig, to learn more about modbus communication.  My test units are CJ2M-CPU31,  SCU42 and 2 units MX2 inverters.   I have already downloaded manuals W494 and W336, and I am searching for the type of RS-485 cable to be used.   What type of comm. cable are you using, in setting up your modbus connection? Could you please share your preferred type of cable. Thank you. Cheers. Leo
  2. Hi innoaloe, Thanks for the information, I points me to the right direction.  I went to the memory settings under the controller setup, and enabled the memory areas that I needed, and then under programming, the global variables, which I made a work memory name ( tag ) and in the AT column, made my %W0.00. In the ladder programming, I just type the memory name tag ( work memory ) and it is good.  No error on my sample ladder program. I still need to read the operation and programming manual, to learn more about the new programming style of the sysmac studio.   Hi Bob, I am still using the cx-programmer in my work, and you are right!!..the programming is different, and not straight forward like in the Cx.  There is a learning curve, and eventually, programming will be a lot more faster and easier. I have no other choice, but to start learning the sysmac studio, as more machines ( coming to our factory ) is using the sysmac studio.   Thanks to all.   Cheers. Leo
  3. Hello to All, I've installed the Sysmac software and the installation works fine, until I tried the ladder programming.  The % symbol is not working when I tried to use the internal memory addressing.  All I can use is the # symbol only.   I already looked into the options, to check if there are options to be selected to activate the % symbol, but unfortunately, there is none. Anybody who have experience this issue before? Or Is there any options / selections to be tick off during initial installation, that I have missed? Thanks for any suggestions / solutions. Regards. Leo
  4. Sysmac download

    Thanks for the information.  
  5. Sysmac download

    Hi, If I am to purchase a license for HMI, Sysmac Studio HMI Edition: SYSMAC HE001L, will it provide an option to use other HMI? like NS or NB.  In the sysmac studio software, only NA HMI is visible in the option. Thanks. Regards. Leo
  6. Hi, 

    Sorry if I send my message via PM.

    I just got my Sysmac Studio software, and I would like to ask some questions.

    I inquired already with Omron singapore for studio training, but there is none available.  Is there a training available in indonesia? If there is, could you kindly point me to the correct person or email address/ website?

    Thank you for you assistance.



  7. The C200H cpu and its i/o components were already removed, and I installed the CJ2M.  Yes, I know how to do the back-up procedures, but unfortunately, I could not perform the back-up for the HR and DM.  I could no longer establish comms with the old cpu.  Thanks. 
  8. Thanks for the information. I am currently replacing the C200H with CJ2M.  working with the informations you have provided.  I am doing it, rung by rung, since a lot of variables are unknown. Today, I was able to test run the machine, without product yet. Cheers.  
  9. You are right, gtsupport.  On screen 1, the function tab is using a notify bit, and the plc address bit is D0001212.  In the plc program, the channel 12 points to channel 70.  In another screen, screen 2, the function tab is also notify bit, with the same plc address bit also D0001212.  The same goes with screen 3, 4,and 5.  They are all pointing to the same plc address bit of D0001212.   Is there a way to determine the exact / unique plc address bit? given with this information only? I have the original hmi and plc code, and I am using NTST 4.83. The instruction details in the NT manuals are not clear enough, to understand the logic, on how to go about linking the screen toggle bits with the actual plc address.  Do you know any manuals / pdf , that could help in understanding more the issue? Thanks you. cheers.  
  10. Hello, In an NT21 screen, how do you determine the plc address of the switch?.  In my NT21 hmi, there are 4 screens ( functions ) and each screens has 4 switches,  the switches plc address are exactly pointing to the same address.  I could not determine the exact / individual plc bit address, since all are having the same addresses. I tried opening the nt21 program using the NTST4.8 software, but I could not see the correct address.  A converted NT21 to NS program, still gives the same plc address...the same for all the 4 screens. Anyone who have work with NT21 hmi? could you give me a link to manuals or guidelines, on how to know the exact plc addressing? Appreaciate all the help. cheers.
  11. Hi guys, I have mostly worked with NB hmi, and just about to start doing NS hmi.  I would like to ask you, what is the difference between the write address and the display address ( on/off button ).  I am reading the NS series getting started guide ( pdf ), and my understanding to this is;  The write address is for any host plc memory address, while the display address is, if you select the HMi internal / system memory address. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.  ( Sorry for asking a very basic question ) Appreciate if you could point me to any link / pdf files, in order to read more about the NS hmi. Cheers.
  12. Hi Vasekd, Thank you for suggestion, it works.   I was using a regular usb type A, length of 5 meters to download the program.  Your suggestion to use a shorter cable works perfectly. Cheers.
  13. I used the omron usb driver, and I can see in the device manager the usb-omron driver.  I will try to use a shorter usb cable, thank you for sharing your solution. Cheers.  
  14. Best Connection of Loadcell monitor to PLC

    There is a third party supplier of Omron, Unipulse, which supplies a weighing unit card.  This weighing card is modular type, and can connect easily with CJ plc's.  The model of the weighing unit card is F159, which you can also select when you add a module in the plc i/o table, under general purpose analog i/o.   If you access the website of the weighing card supplier, you can also download the ready made cx-one program, which you can tailor-fit to your application. Also, you need to download the eds file ( called cps ) for this module. There was a post before regarding the usage of this weighing unit, but comment / reply was limited.   Cheers.  
  15. Hi, Anyone who have encountered this kind of isue? Thanks.