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  1. Protocol Macro (.psw) File Lost

    Hello guys, I just found this old post, and I am exactly in the same situation right now.  We are reviving a 10 year old machine, and there is no technical support available anymore.  I am doing the uploading of the backup programs for the CJ1M- CPU13-ETN and the SCU41.  As for the plc, I was able to upload a copy, and the remaining part is the protocol macro.  The SCU41 is connected using a serial cable, to drive 10 units of vfd's.   I tried following the above instructions ( Bits n Bytes post ) until I got on the " Select "Start with settings inherited",  Select " CX-Protocol ", and from here., a window pop-out says that " The associated special application CX-Protocol is not installed ". In my CX-One, there is a CX-Protocol installed, and I was wondering If there is another software that needs to be installed or missing in my application. Appreciate for your time, and assistance. Regards, Leo  
  2. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN Connection Issue

    @IO_Rack Could you please give me a guideline, on how to do it? I don't want to do something, which I could not return to, since this is all I have at the moment.  No more support for the machine OEM, so I want to be sure that what I am doing is correct. The serial cable is connected to port 1 of the SCU,  Can I use port 2? or port 1? what type of cable to use? Normal RS-232 or there is a special kind of cable.  In the manual of CX-Protocol, it was not specified the communication cable wire connections, I will try to look for other info, regarding the cable pin out. Thank for your assistance. Regards, Leo  
  3. It happened also to me before, although on the NB HMI to laptop connection.  I used also a 5  meters long USB cable, and I have issues with connection.  I am using a shorter usb cable, 2 meters, and my connection is good. Anyway, try to use a shorter usb cable, and check again.    
  4. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN Connection Issue

    Hi guys, Is there an option in CX-Programmer, wherein we can change the comments language?  I have uploaded the program, and the comments and IO descriptions are in turkish language.  Is there a way to translate or convert the language to English? I am translating the I/O's description using the google translate ( one by one ), and maybe there is a better and faster way to do it. Also, how do you get backup / upload, a softcopy ( program ) from the SCU41-V1?   Thanks for the help. Cheers, Leo
  5. cpm1a and ns5

    Hi gtsuport, Thanks for the info.   I will this CS1W-CIF31 usb converter. Cheers. Leo
  6. cpm1a and ns5

    Hi IO_Rack, Sorry if I revived this old post, but I have a similar issues regarding CPM1A. I just replaced my old laptop and with it all the cable drivers included.  As I am now building up again the plc softwares in the new laptop, I now need to re-install the cable drivers.  I have a working cable for CPM1A before, but now I need to re-install the driver. Is the cable driver ( CPM1A ) available for download? or can someone from this group share the cable driver?   Thanks. Leo
  7. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN Connection Issue

    Hi IO_Rack, I used the FINS connection as described by Michael.  I also received the ordered HMI, and connect it to the network.  I then followed the instructions of Michael, on how to connect using FINS, and was able to go online and uploaded the program. Thanks to you guys who helped me. Cheers. Leo
  8. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN Connection Issue

    Thanks to all, I was able to connect to the CPU, and uploaded the program. Cheers, Leo
  9. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN Connection Issue

    Thanks innoaloe, I will try this method once I go back to the plant.   Question : Do I still need to use the CX=Programmer to connect online? or I can connect using the etherway, only?.  Regards, Leo
  10. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN Connection Issue

    The Etherway is an app, I downloaded in the download section of this forum.  My PC address is and the PLC address is  I can ping the PLC address and the return signal is 100%, no losses. The CX-Programmer is v9.6, and I am using it to connect with other CP1E's PLC with no problem. The HMI is currently not connected in the switch, I am still waiting for the replacement HMI unit.  Will the missing HMI in the network, affects the going online / connection procedure? Thanks. Leo    
  11. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN Connection Issue

    Hi Michael, Thanks for your info, I was able to " open " the CX-Programmer menu, but I cannot connect online.  I tried to scan using Etherway, and with FINS, there is an error " No communication can be made, because the target machine is actively refusing it "  What does the error mean? I will have to read the FINS manual to understand, as much I can understand.  Since I am not familiar with FINS, I am now stuck already. I hope these photos could somehow help in assessing my problem. Thanks for your time. Regards, Leo  
  12. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN Connection Issue

    Hi,  I got the cable pin configuration for RS-232 host link cable, code: XW2Z-200S-CV. I will make the cable and try to connect, using your information. Cheers, Leo
  13. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN Connection Issue

    Hi IO_Rack, I am not yet familiar using the FINS protocol, to connect to the CPU. I will try again the Peripheral port connection.  The previous connection  made was with dip switch setting all OFF, but I still cannot connect.   As for the hostlink cable, please advise if the pin assignments were correct. PLC ------------------------------- PC 2  ---------------------------------  2 3  ---------------------------------  3 9  ---------------------------------  5 4,5 - bridged    -------------  4,6 Bridged                          --------------  7,8 Bridged   Thanks. Leo
  14. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN Connection Issue

    Hi Guys, I have an issue in connecting with CJ1M-CPU13-ETN unit.  I tried connecting using ethernet, and also with serial cable, but I got always a connection failure. Our plant just received ( from our affiliate plant ) an enrober machine with its cooling tunnel system.  This machine has been idle for more than 10 years.  The affiliate plant has no backup files available, so I talk to the OEM, and ask for a backup copy of the plc program.  I was given a copy of the program, but when I tried to open it, it was a corrupted file.  I tried communicating again with the OEM, but to no avail, might be because the machine is already phased out. I powered up the machine and connect with PLC, but I get a communication / connection failure.  I tried connecting using the ethernet switch, as well as the periphery port, using USB to serial converter and CS1W-CN226 cable, but still a connection failure.  All dip switches are in OFF position. The plc setup is: CJ1M-CPU12-ETN + SCU41-V1+ ID211+OC211_TC102. On the wiring schematic diagram, the IP address of the PLC was shown, I can ping the address and the return signal is good, no losses.  I tried to connect also directly to the ethernet port of the CJ1M, using a cross cable, but still I get a connection failure.  I also tried scanning the setup using the etherway application, which I downloaded from the forum, and I can "see" the plc ip address.   Is there any other option I can take, to connect with the PLC?  I am attaching some photos of the PLC, as well as the communication failures.  This is my first time to encounter this kind of issues. Note:  I also posted this topic, attaching to an existing thread " Connecting to a OMRON PLC ", since my issue is somewhere related to the topic. Appreciate your assistance very much. Thank you, Leo
  15. Hi guys, I am setting up my test rig, to learn more about modbus communication.  My test units are CJ2M-CPU31,  SCU42 and 2 units MX2 inverters.   I have already downloaded manuals W494 and W336, and I am searching for the type of RS-485 cable to be used.   What type of comm. cable are you using, in setting up your modbus connection? Could you please share your preferred type of cable. Thank you. Cheers. Leo