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  1. Omron Singapore - Contact Person / Details

    Hi IO_Rack, Thanks for the link provided.    
  2. Hi innoaloe,

    Sorry if I have to drop a message on your private mail. 

    Can I ask if you have or know the contact person or email address from Omron Indonesia?

    I am trying to contact them on their website but to no avail.  I am interested in taking some of the training courses in Indonesia, and I need to contact them regarding their training schedules.

    Appreciate very much, if you could provide the contact person / details.



  3. Hi guys, Sorry for the off-topic. I tried sending a message on the myomron.com website, asking to be connected to Omron Singapore, but until now, I still do not have the reply /information. I took the chance in posting my request here, hoping someone might knew any contact person / contact details, of Omron Singapore. I appreciate very much the assistance. Thanks a lot. Regards.. Leo
  4. CX-One Programmer Start up error_OCX

    Hi Excalibulles,  No clear solution was given, even when I asked Omron, regarding the problem.  The suggestion was to completely remove the installed software and do a clean install again. So, the suggestion of Michael Walsh, was correct all along, but I took it as the last option. I used the Omron software cx-one remover utility, to clean the files, and do a clean install again.  I also deactivate the auto-update of Dell laptop ( I also used a dell laptop, w10 64bit ). I am now using the cx-one without any errors. Cheers.    
  5. CX-One Programmer Start up error_OCX

    Dear Michael, I would like to take this as the last possible option, since it will also remove the sysmac program installed  in my pc. Thanks for the information. Cheers. Leo
  6. CX-One Programmer Start up error_OCX

    Hi guys, I tried to re-install again the Cx-One software, but after installation again, I still have the same error.   Anybody here who has encountered the same issue? What have you done, to resolved such error? Thanks for any assistance. Cheers, Leo
  7. Hi guys, I just recently opened up my cx-one programmer, last time was a month ago and was surprised at the following errors; 1) " Failed to create the PLC settings OCX," Re-install the application 2) " Failed to create error log OCX" Re-install the application 3) " Failed to create memory card OCX" Re-install the application. Ticking the OK button will eventually proceed to the program page, but I have not yet checked online. These errors were not existing when I opened the cx-programmer the last time.  Is there someone also experiencing these types of error? What have you done, to correct these errors? My machine is using; W10, 64 bit CX_Programmer v9.7   Thank you for your help. Cheers, Leo  
  8. CP1L - Direct Ethernet Connection

    Hi guys,  I already activated again the utility. The direct ethernet utility tool is located in the folder of Communications Middleware Utilities. I am now online, using the direct connection option. Cheers.  
  9. Hi guys, I just lost the ethernet direct connection, for my CP1L plc.  I was able to use this connection few days back, but yesterday, I did a network reset on my laptop, since I cannot login on our company's wifi,  I did not know that doing this, will remove the plc ethernet setting / connection. Today, I could not connect to the CP1l plc, even changing ethernet cables to be sure. I have read from different post, that I could run again the Omron direct ethernet utility tool, but I could not find it in the folders of the CX-One.  I also looked in the installation folders, but also not available there.   Is the utility tool available for download? Or I could run it from the laptop, the utility is already installed, together with the CX-One? I am using W10, 64 bit,  PLC hardware: CP1L-EM ,  Cx_Programmer : v9.7 Thanks for your help. Cheers. Leo
  10. Protocol Macro (.psw) File Lost

    Hello guys, I just found this old post, and I am exactly in the same situation right now.  We are reviving a 10 year old machine, and there is no technical support available anymore.  I am doing the uploading of the backup programs for the CJ1M- CPU13-ETN and the SCU41.  As for the plc, I was able to upload a copy, and the remaining part is the protocol macro.  The SCU41 is connected using a serial cable, to drive 10 units of vfd's.   I tried following the above instructions ( Bits n Bytes post ) until I got on the " Select "Start with settings inherited",  Select " CX-Protocol ", and from here., a window pop-out says that " The associated special application CX-Protocol is not installed ". In my CX-One, there is a CX-Protocol installed, and I was wondering If there is another software that needs to be installed or missing in my application. Appreciate for your time, and assistance. Regards, Leo  
  11. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN Connection Issue

    @IO_Rack Could you please give me a guideline, on how to do it? I don't want to do something, which I could not return to, since this is all I have at the moment.  No more support for the machine OEM, so I want to be sure that what I am doing is correct. The serial cable is connected to port 1 of the SCU,  Can I use port 2? or port 1? what type of cable to use? Normal RS-232 or there is a special kind of cable.  In the manual of CX-Protocol, it was not specified the communication cable wire connections, I will try to look for other info, regarding the cable pin out. Thank for your assistance. Regards, Leo  
  12. It happened also to me before, although on the NB HMI to laptop connection.  I used also a 5  meters long USB cable, and I have issues with connection.  I am using a shorter usb cable, 2 meters, and my connection is good. Anyway, try to use a shorter usb cable, and check again.    
  13. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN Connection Issue

    Hi guys, Is there an option in CX-Programmer, wherein we can change the comments language?  I have uploaded the program, and the comments and IO descriptions are in turkish language.  Is there a way to translate or convert the language to English? I am translating the I/O's description using the google translate ( one by one ), and maybe there is a better and faster way to do it. Also, how do you get backup / upload, a softcopy ( program ) from the SCU41-V1?   Thanks for the help. Cheers, Leo
  14. cpm1a and ns5

    Hi gtsuport, Thanks for the info.   I will this CS1W-CIF31 usb converter. Cheers. Leo
  15. cpm1a and ns5

    Hi IO_Rack, Sorry if I revived this old post, but I have a similar issues regarding CPM1A. I just replaced my old laptop and with it all the cable drivers included.  As I am now building up again the plc softwares in the new laptop, I now need to re-install the cable drivers.  I have a working cable for CPM1A before, but now I need to re-install the driver. Is the cable driver ( CPM1A ) available for download? or can someone from this group share the cable driver?   Thanks. Leo