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  1. Hi guys, I am trying to screenshot one of HMI page. Does FactoryTalk ME have this function? I have found "Display Print" button and i am not sure if this button does what i am looking for. If the button does screenshot, where does it save the screeshots?? Thanks :)   
  2. Is it safe to divide an INT to Real ?

    Thanks Michael, I am trying to get 4-20 mA from the sensor and based on the current i am going generate an alarm on HMI  Am i doing it wrong??    
  3. Hi guys, Is it safe to divide an INT to Real?   Thanks
  4. How many cards can 1768-L43 CompactLogix can handle?

    Thanks for the reply !    
  5. Hi, Does anyone know how many cars 1768-L43 CompactLogix5343 can handle? I would like to add one more powerflex755 and 1 more analog output card. I heard there is a calculation for counting connecting in a controller. Can anyone tell me how to do the calculation? Thanks  
  6. analog input configuration for SST_PB3_CLX_Profibus

    Thanks for the replies. Okay I will GTS  !!  
  7. analog input configuration for SST_PB3_CLX_Profibus

    How can I program or configure the scanner to "map" the new analog card? Thanks  
  8. Hi guys, I have a profibus (SST_PB3_CLX) and its being used to pull data from cards (DI,DO,AI). I am trying to add another anolog input card and I would like to use the profibus to pull data. I have never done it thru a profibus. My question is How can I teach the profibus that i have added another input card? I have attached a picture of its connection parameters. I don't know if i need to change this.  Thanks Paul             
  9. Hi guys, i am new to siemens, Can someone please tell me where i can find this tag? #Otomatik_ist_no and #Atanan_ist_no ,I dont know how to find these tags in the program. I have attached a pic of it. Thanks Paul Kim  
  10. Hi guys, I am a beginner to atv drives I am trying to upload parameters from one of our atv312 drives. Can anyone tell me how to do it? I tried to research it but it didnt make a sense to me...  Thanks and Merry Christmas Paul
  11. Hello guys, i am trying to use a massage command to read a data from L43-CompactLogix. I can ping both ip address from my laptop. I have attached a picture of what i did, however i got a communication error. any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys      
  12. Installing FTV ME 6.1

    Hello guys, I tried to install FTV ME Version 6.0 on XP (Service pack 3). However, I could not get it working because the installing stops at "Configuring FactoryTalk Directory" I have attached a picture of it. Please help me out on this one Thanks  
  13. RsLogix 5000 firmware upgrade

    okay thanks for your replies !
  14. RsLogix 5000 firmware upgrade

    doesn't that mean i need to have a contract with them?
  15. RsLogix 5000 firmware upgrade

    Hi, I am trying to upgrade my Rslogix 5000 V20.01 to V20.04. Where can i download the firmware? Regards,