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  1. Hi guys, I have a question. I have never done replacing a motor for powerflex 755. The motor's type is fluid one.. We are trying to replace the motor with exactly same motor. Do I need to do something after replacing the motor?? Thanks
  2. Hi guys, Can i send an email with 1756-L71S  guardLogix controller? I have attached a picture of the controller. Thank you    
  3. Hi guys, I am trying to add an EM 223 module in step 7 micro/win program. I am new to this siemens S-200. Can someone help with this? Thanks  
  4. Hi guys, I have opened a program and everything was marked was " ? " so i changed the language from English to Chinese. Now, i dont see any ? marks but all i see is Chinese characters. Is there a way to change language feature in the step 7 Micro/win program? I will appreciate If someone tells me how to do it in steps, Thank you    
  5. 1747 - L532C SLC 5/03 fault

    Thanks for the replies :)  The CPU has this memory module. Should i replace this module?
  6. 1747 - L532C SLC 5/03 fault

    Hi guys, I am having an issue with SLC 1747-L532C. It loses its program when it loses power. So i downloaded a program again and put the key in RUN mode. I got a fault and it says "The required memory module is absent or S:1/10 or S:1/11 is not set as required by the program." Can someone tell me how to fix this issue? Thanks  
  7. Hi guys, Can i install powerflex 753 and 755 on compactLogix 5343 ( revision 19.11)? Thanks  
  8. Hi guys, I am beginner to siemens. We have 5 cranes ( each has its own PLC) and 1 Main PLC. I have downloaded a program. After i downloaded the program, 4 of the crane CPU have error. The error says " I/O access error, reading".  and when i tried to download hardware configuration, another error comes up and it says "The device name 'PN-IO' is not unique. Please help me with this issue.. Thanks
  9. Hi guys, I am trying to screenshot one of HMI page. Does FactoryTalk ME have this function? I have found "Display Print" button and i am not sure if this button does what i am looking for. If the button does screenshot, where does it save the screeshots?? Thanks :)   
  10. Is it safe to divide an INT to Real ?

    Thanks Michael, I am trying to get 4-20 mA from the sensor and based on the current i am going generate an alarm on HMI  Am i doing it wrong??    
  11. Hi guys, Is it safe to divide an INT to Real?   Thanks
  12. How many cards can 1768-L43 CompactLogix can handle?

    Thanks for the reply !    
  13. Hi, Does anyone know how many cars 1768-L43 CompactLogix5343 can handle? I would like to add one more powerflex755 and 1 more analog output card. I heard there is a calculation for counting connecting in a controller. Can anyone tell me how to do the calculation? Thanks  
  14. analog input configuration for SST_PB3_CLX_Profibus

    Thanks for the replies. Okay I will GTS  !!  
  15. analog input configuration for SST_PB3_CLX_Profibus

    How can I program or configure the scanner to "map" the new analog card? Thanks