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  1. Hi guys, I am a beginner to atv drives I am trying to upload parameters from one of our atv312 drives. Can anyone tell me how to do it? I tried to research it but it didnt make a sense to me...  Thanks and Merry Christmas Paul
  2. Hello guys, i am trying to use a massage command to read a data from L43-CompactLogix. I can ping both ip address from my laptop. I have attached a picture of what i did, however i got a communication error. any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys      
  3. Installing FTV ME 6.1

    Hello guys, I tried to install FTV ME Version 6.0 on XP (Service pack 3). However, I could not get it working because the installing stops at "Configuring FactoryTalk Directory" I have attached a picture of it. Please help me out on this one Thanks  
  4. RsLogix 5000 firmware upgrade

    okay thanks for your replies !
  5. RsLogix 5000 firmware upgrade

    doesn't that mean i need to have a contract with them?
  6. RsLogix 5000 firmware upgrade

    Hi, I am trying to upgrade my Rslogix 5000 V20.01 to V20.04. Where can i download the firmware? Regards,  
  7. how to download new program (step 7)

    Hello, i am new to step 7. I am trying to download a program but it wont let me can someone tell me why i am getting this pop up? Thanks    
  8. Hi all, I am trying to upload a hmi program by using factory talk view - transfer utility. I am pretty sure i was able to do this but all of sudden i am getting this error. did anyone have this problem before? (Invocation) Transfer failed due to CIP general status 0x01 extended status 0x0204.  
  9. need an advice..

    Thanks for the replies guys  But I think i have enough experience with AB PLC. I want to learn something else that can help my future career.  
  10. need an advice..

    Hi guys, I need an advice from you guys.. I am a graduate of mechatronics and robotics and i am 4th year industrial electrician. I have been working as a plc programmer for more than  3 years. I want to keep learning.. so my question is what should i learn to improve my career? SQL? C++? dont get me wrong, i like my job but i just want to improve my self while i am young. Thanks guys and have a good weekend :)     
  11. can not open a program

    I tried to upload from its controller, i got the same error.. Is it the softeware i have?  
  12. can not open a program

    yes, i can open any other programs.    
  13. can not open a program

    Hi gentlemen, I have rslogix 5000 V20.01.00 (CPR 9 SR 5). I tried to open a program and i am getting these errors. Does anyone know what i am getting these alarms? Regards,  
  14. SInk plc input module

    Thanks for the reply. Does that mean i can not use NPN sensor if i have a sinking PLC input moduel??  
  15. SInk plc input module

    Hi, i am trying to wire a sensor to plc input card. I have sink input modules, if i want to wire a sensor, does the sensor has to be sinking module too? any help will be appreciated. Thanks