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  1. Problem of qj71c24N for modbus RTU control

    @KY WONG maybe your QJ71C24N module version are not support Predefined Protocol. You should change to newer module version.
  2. Hi,


    Im daniel soong, how to read multiple devices using omron cp1e modbus easy master? I did not find a manual and not so understand about it. 

    I have 10unit of weighing controller.



  3. Communication of Fx PLCs over MODBUS TCP/TP

    @Sanaullah10 For FX3G may be use FX3U-ENET-P502.
  4. CP1E have easy Modbus function to communicate with Modbus RTU devices. Please check more information at this link below. http://www.edata.omron.com.au/eData/PLCs/CP1/W461-E1-05.pdf
  5. @SSK I have never heard of stepper motor drive that come with pulse generator almost receive pulse from PLC or motion controller.
  6. @SSK I think you need to seperate devices for Pulse Generator and Stepper Motor Drive.  For Pulse Generator you can use any microcontroller board or PLC to create fix pulse for motor speed then connect it to stepper motor drive input that you can select any drive for suitable with stepper motor current. Example of simple pulse generator. https://www.yoycart.com/Product/38932026153/ http://www.99automation.com/pro37.htm
  7. @Marksman Maybe you should use RS-422/485 cable to communicate with VFD it already has instructions to read or write VFD parameter and can use with long distance. Please check this link below. http://dl.mitsubishielectric.com/dl/fa/document/manual/plc_fx/jy997d16901/jy997d16901p.pdf
  8. Trigger Cognex with Pro-Face LT-4000 over TCP

    @jrupp82 May be this link help you. It is Modbus TCP setting for COGNEX In-sight. https://support.cognex.com/downloads/download/2382/1033
  9. Trigger Cognex with Pro-Face LT-4000 over TCP

    @jrupp82 Please shown us which model that you use. I have ever use COGNEX Dataman module come with Industrial protocols (SLMP, Modbus TCP etc.) and there are some example PLC program with software. Then you can use HMI LT series (come with PLC ladder) to control it.
  10. Remote Run/stop on FX0

    @IkBenNietHier for FX0(S) there are M device that can control remote operation to PLC by Enable M8035 first then control M8036 for forced run signal and M8037 for forced stop signal.
  11. S7-300 Citect S7NT

    @AndrejP For driver help you should follow this path C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\[Your SCADA version]\Bin such as C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\Citect SCADA 2016\Bin then select file "DriverReferenceHelp.chm" It will descibe you how to config parameter for each driver communication. If you have some budget I think you should buy PSDIRECT additional plugin to communicate with S7-300 it easier to config than S7NT.
  12. RFID + Proface

    @ABlearner If your RFID reader use ASCII CR LF protocol (same as barcode reader) you can connect with Proface then config at barcode reader as link below. https://www.pro-face.com/otasuke/files/manual/gpproex/new/refer/mergedProjects/barcode/barcode_sg_connect_barcodereader.htm
  13. Modbus RTU plc mitsubishi FX1N

    @dangdang OK I see that I confuse with Modbus ASCII Protocol. For Modbus RTU you need to set your inverter at Pr.9-04 on page 59 to d7 <8,E,1> and use this website to calculate your CRC. https://www.scadacore.com/tools/programming-calculators/online-checksum-calculator/ I have modify communication parameter and CRC in your program as shown below. FX1N_Modbus_RTU_V04.gxw If it cannot work I recommend that you should be use Modbus Scanner software to check communication with Inverter. I have add some free software as link below. http://www.baseblock.com/PRODUCTS/demosoftware.htm
  14. For scaling in M221 you need to follow by scale equations as this link below. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5294955/how-to-scale-down-a-range-of-numbers-with-a-known-min-and-max-value Then I have create program example to scaling input. Please check it. M221_Analog_IP_Scale.smbp
  15. Modbus RTU plc mitsubishi FX1N

    @dangdang You need to config these options. 1. Change dip switch on Delta Inverter to use setting from external communication as this link belowat page 6 - 8. https://www.deltaacdrives.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/VFD-L-User-Manual.pdf 2. You need to add Header (<STX>) and Terminator (<CR><LF>) to match with Delta VFD Protocol 3. For CRC checksum you need to sum data from D120 to D125 then calculate checksum to D126 in hex format. I have modify your program then you should be test it (If it not working you shoul change send trigger from M8000 to other M that not always on). FX1N_Modbus_RTU_V03.gxw