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  1. For network problem you need to check PLC ethernet and GT Designer ethernet setting that need to match.   If you need to simulate GX Works 3 from your program to GT Designer 3 you have 2 options. 1. Open simulation on GX Works 3 first then simulate on GT Designer. 2. setup project on GT Simulator to select PLC files that you need to simulate.
  2. @Thiago Turcato Thank you for information. Now I use Proface Rear Module to act as protocol converter by communicate with SICK FLEXI (by ODVA Ethernet/IP driver and use Implicit message) then transfer data to PLC.
  3. @sandy1 do you mean you need to write data to PLC? If yes you can use external software to write data on them such as %MW0 = Modbus Register 40000 %MW1 = Modbus Register 40001 Maybe you should shift to add 1 or subtract 1 register address depend on you software p.s. you should start your new topic for discuss.
  4. For TWIDO they have 2 options to run them 1. Use Twidosuite to connect with PLC then click run. 2. Setting them to use PLC Input to run. You should check circuit diagram that have run switch on them?
  5. I have convert to DWORD and floating because if you use normal 16 bit word you can have maximum value at 65535 then I convert to Dword or float 32 bit to can have result more thn 65535 espicially when you multiply them You can use for dword if you need to only integer resule and float for accurancy for fraction.
  6. A1sj71uc24-r2 not communicating with PC

    @hoong I think your software need to config something to communicate with PLC.
  7. @Yusheng as @Gambit said hexadecimal and decimal are just numerical format they are same value as 000Ah = 10 but I understand your condition for monitor value as hexadecimal you should add D303 to watch window that can change display style to HEX. By go to Device/Buffer Memory Batch Monitor then select address then double click in value to add to watch window after that change display format from Decimal to Hexadecimal.    
  8. Hi everyone. I have project to use PLC Mitsubishi Q03UDECPU with QJ71EIP71 to connect with SICK FLEXI soft Ethernet/IP (FX0-GENT00030). I have check both manual but when I turn on Y0 (communication start) there are error code F100h on my QJ71EIP71 and I check that it can only use with produce/consume tag from PLC (such as OMRON, Allen Bradley) but for SICK device it can use only for assembly instance. Then I have use Ethernet/IP scanner (Molex) to read attribute (service code 72h) then I can read status from SICK but as I told before QJ71EIP71 can only communicate with tag-based. Then I have to ask everyone that 1. Are there method that can use QJ71EIP71 to communicate by use Assembly Instance? 2. Could I set consume tag name on FLEXI soft Designer? 3. Are there any protocol gateway device that match with these solutions?
  9. Modbus Addressing In Hmi Weintek

    @Zubair Ahmed You should have more information about this and should try to do something first then we can help you. First you should known these below. 1. You should understand Modbus and how to use variable 2. Which HMI do you use 3. What model of your sensor 4. Modbus manual for your sensor 5. wiring diagram from HMI to your sensor for more information you should check at this link. http://dl.weintek.com/public/PLC_Connect_Guide/eng/PLC_connection_guide.pdf
  10. @KY WONG I have used Mitusbishi PLC and BMOV instructions but on SoMachine I have not found some function block that similar to them. I think ST (Structured Text) programming are suitable for this condition. For more information please check this link below. https://www.se.com/in/en/faqs/FA278211/
  11. RS485 to Scale

    @Paolo_911 as @DanW said for example on that post I have to use Function 04 to read input register 3x for address 4x as your manual shown you should select command 04 to read holding register 4x then as I said in that post some old module version it cannot set to prohinbit echo back you should add program as this link below http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/35280-qj71c24n-ch2-echo-back-for-modbus-rtu-predefined-protocol/ for last thing if it cannot communiate maybe you shoud swap rs485+ and rs485- wire. * If you have usb to rs-485 this will be easy by test communication with scale by use Modbus scanner software.  
  12. JL1N-20MR (chinese version off fx1n(C)

    @nandugos I have check your program do you need to flah output for D10 times but you fix them to 1000 time first? If yes I think you should use counter is necessary for count flash time. Please describe your program concept for more information.
  13. JL1N-20MR (chinese version off fx1n(C)

    Could you should shown us how do you use FOR..NEXT sequence in your programs?

    For update version you should check this link. https://www.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/download/software/hmi/got/index.html

    @Rodrigo_L You should have to download lastest version first. If you have license you can download on Mitsubishi website. For write to got you should use "different from verification" then click "info reception" first to check data from GOT then click start to write to GOT.