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  1. fx 3u series plc

    Example program from @Ron_S comment by use FOR..NEXT Loop. Use K11 because data from D0 to D10 are 11 values.
  2. @you39 Maybe you should install software on old system like Windows XP or Windows 7 32 bit.
  3. Citech V5.2

    @Realwa Please check that IP address in server setting are correct (IP address of computer that attached with license key) if not fix them then compile again. Maybe your old saved project are not lastest.
  4. Omron CJ2M-CPU13

    @Karthikeyan_cmps Please check these link below about OMRON Ethernet drvier for KepserverEX. https://www.kepware.com/getattachment/7551f988-97df-426b-a00d-e8731a5b7607/omron-fins-ethernet-manual.pdf https://www.kepware.com/getattachment/0cc86a2f-5d20-400b-942e-ea86da321791/configuring-omron-plc-with-fins-driver.pdf
  5. @Trimjohan Maybe you should check which data memory on PLC that link with text panel. Then monitor data that are "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" or not. If yes you should check ladder diagram that which rung set data to display.
  6. Analysing SCADA systems

    @Doeyjohnny Maybe you should check price, protocol support (especially in IoT such as MQTT, OPC UA), features (Trend, Alarm, Report), web client, dashboards etc.
  7. @riandanualdy There are "?" character because there are some unknown command response from weight indicator. You should check what is wrong about it. And you should try to remove <CR><LF> from send command (delete #0D0A) to send data again.
  8. @riandanualdy You should connect weight transmitter with PC and check with serial communication software like hyperterminal to track how data are communicate. I think that A392.14 are On abnormally maybe there are something wrong with RXD data or loop back from other TXD data.
  9. @riandanualdy you should clear data before recieve because format for each command are response not same. LD@ are contact input with rising-edge check (Off to On) that will on for only 1 cycle time until input is off then on again.
  10. @riandanualdy I have fix some sequence in my program. I have adjust to clear data from D60 to D79 before recieve data from RXD command. Please check it. rs485 CP1E - AD4329A - V3 -20190503.cxp
  11. @riandanualdy Please check that you CP1W-CIF11 dip switch no.5 is not on because it means disable echo-back function when it turns on. Then I adjust you software to clear data from D60 to D69 before send data. rs485 CP1E - AD4329A - V2 -20190503.cxp
  12. @riandanualdy I think there are some data are echo-back at your CP1W-CIF11 maybe you should try to send other command that no data response (Zero, Tare etc.) and check that D register at RXD (I guess that you use D60) recieve data or not.
  13. @riandanualdy First you should set D10 and D11 before TXD. For the last parameter of TXD you set at 2 bytes that means you send only "MT" (1 words or 1 D = 2 bytes = 2 Chars) If you need to send with <CR><LF> you should adjust to [TXD D10 #0200 &4]. If it is not correct maybe you should swap data to #544D and #0A0D.
  14. @riandanualdy You should set A526.01 to On for reset Option Serial Port. Maybe you should use program like this.     For more information please check at this manual at page 242.   http://www.edata.omron.com.au/eData/PLCs/CP1/W480-E1-08.pdf