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  1. Transfer data from PC to PLC mitsubishi and Got2000

    MX Componet with Visual Basic or Visual C# are best for this solution. MX Component comes with program example that you can modify it to your project.
  2. need an advice..

    I think HMI and SCADA are next step for you. first start from same brand (e.g Panelview, FactoryTalk) for easy configuration
  3. FX3S not responding to HMI.

    There are GX Works Demo version on this site below that can use for 60 Days that not necessary to have old version (but if you install other version you should backup project file and uninstall your GX Works 2 before install demo version) https://eu3a.mitsubishielectric.com After Install it I think you should follow this instuctions 1. Download Program and Parameter on FX1X via GX Developer. 2. Open GX Developer Project on GX Works 2 by go to Project -> Open Other Data -> Open Other Project then select you FX1S GX Developer file. 3. Go to Project -> Change PLC Type. 4. Select PLC type to FX3S. 5. Click OK button to confirm change. 6. Save and then Download Program and Parameter to New PLC.
  4. need an advice..

    For AB you should check these online courses there are several courses about AB PLC. https://www.udemy.com/plc-programming-from-scratch/
  5. When QJ71C24N receive data X83 willl be automatically on you don't necessary to on it M0 will on one cycle scan you cannot see it.It is OK as long as M1 is off if it on that means there are some error occur.
  6. If you need to convert LAN to RS-232 you should use Serial Device Server to create virtual com port same as UPort 1100 but for this project I don't recommend beacause it has more price than USB to RS-232 Converter. For detail please check link below. https://www.moxa.com/product/NPort_5100A.htm
  7. You should use USB to RS-232 cable as this when you install driver and connect it there are COM port (e.g. COM3) generate on device manage then use HyperTerminal or Hercules connect COM port with Barcode Scanner and check how data come from it. https://www.moxa.com/product/UPort_1110.htm
  8. There are some different but use wiring RXD TXD and GND are same. I think you should use serial communication software (e.g. hyperterminal, hercules) to check how data come from Barcode Scanner first because either PreDefined Protocol or Non Procedure Protocol would check data frame that match with their data frame or not.If not error would occur. Maybe you should swap RXD and TXD barcode scanner with QJ71C24N and you should connect pin 4 (DTR) to pin 6 (DSR) and pin 7 (RTS) to pin 8 (CTS) too.
  9. Citect...text string to sql

    Maybe you should create empty Unity Pro project then create animation table for string then input string from Citect and check result.
  10. Magelis-HMI XBT012110

    You should find XBT ZG 935. Maybe you should contact Schneider to borrow it or find it on ebay. For more information please check these link below https://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_enDocType=Instruction+sheet&p_File_Name=35015235_K02_000_02.pdf&p_Doc_Ref=35015235K02000 https://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_enDocType=User+guide&p_File_Name=35015236_K01_000_02.pdf&p_Doc_Ref=35015236K01000
  11. Maybe you should hyperterminal software (e.g. hercules) and connect V400-R2 to your computer to see that how data frame send from baecode scanner I have ever use COGNEX Dataman to QJ71C24N that use only G.INPUT instruction to to recieve data from barcode scanner use non procedure protocol for V200-R2 there are default parameter as below   Communication speed   9600 bps Data length                             8 bits Parity                                       None Stop bit                                    1 bit Header                                    None Footer                                        CR   if you need to connect with QJ71C24N CH1 (RS-232)  you should config as shown below   1. Set switch setting with parameter 9600/8/none/1/Non Procedure protocol     2. Adjust Footer Receive from 3338 (<CR LF>, [H0D0A]) to 13 (<CR>, [H0D]) then Save parameter to PLC     3. G.INPUT program describe as below (This program has set QJ71C24N at Slot 0 Start Address 0000)   D0 - Channel No. of QJ71C24N that you use D3 - Allowable number of receive data X3 - CH1 Normal Read X4 - CH1 Abnormal Read     4. Receive data management   M0 - Flag Read M1 - Flag error read D2 - Receive data count D110 - Destination receive data     5. Error clear   X0E - CH1 Error Occurrence Y0E - CH1 Error Clear Request     for more information please check link below http://dl.mitsubishielectric.com/dl/fa/document/manual/plc/sh080006/sh080006u.pdf https://industrial.omron.us/en/media/V400-R2_UsersManual_en_201303_Z333-E1-01A_tcm849-114187.pdf
  12. Magelis-HMI XBT012110

    Maybe you should register first then restart software again upgrade button will appear.
  13. Magelis-HMI XBT012110

    For Vijeo Designer V6.2 I have found how to add XBT OT Fanmily from Schneider Electric FAQ http://www.schneider.com.au/support/index?page=content&country=FR&lang=fr&locale=fr_FR&id=FA357907&prd= How to activate the XBTOT family in Vijeo Designer's target list? To activate the XBTOT family: 1 - Open Vijeo Designer. 2 - Go to "Help" -> "About ..." 3 - In the "License" tab, select "Upgrade". 4 - Enter the following code: VJDHTGTOPV62M. 5 - Restart Vijeo Designer. The XBTOT family will now be accessible from Vijeo Designer's target list.
  14. Citect...text string to sql

    first try to change (foo) in cicode to '123ABC' (with ' symbol) and check result if it is not error you should add '  symbol in your cicode FUNCTION foo() INT hsql; hsql = SQLConnect("DSN=foo_database"); SQLSet(hsql,"INSERT INTO foo_table(foo1, foo2, foo3) VALUES("); SQLAppend(hsql, (foo3) + ","); //foo3 is a plc integer value SQLAppend(hsql, (foo2) + ","); //foo2 is a plc integer value SQLAppend(hsql, '123ABC' + ")"); //foo is a plc string SQLExec (hsql, ""); SQLDisconnect (hsql); END  
  15. DT function for month and year comparison

    I don't know about DT function but I think you should try to use day 1st at 00:00:00 to calculate monthly toatalizer it just easier than use last day in month.