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  1. com error in QJ71MT91 modbus module

    @diraemon If you use GX Works 2 you don't need to create communication ladder program. You can config them by use Intelligent Function Module -> select Modbus module -> MODBUS_Device_Assignment then mapping PLC Address to MODBUS variable. After that you can use Modbus Poll or ModScan to communicate with PLC.
  2. CITECT SCADA 6.1 + Microsoft SQL Express 2008

    Is Citect 2016 SCADA are on same computer with Citect 2018 that you described before?
  3. Hello Wasan.

    I see you are very familiar with Citect.

    Thanks for help in SQL Connection string. For Citect 6.1 yours DSN solution works great.

    I'm now having problem with error: "4501 Unexpected text at end of SQL query: 'Value'.

    The same thing works in Citect SCADA 2016.

    I'm using this Query:

            SQLSet(hSQL, "SELECT ") 
            SQLAppend(hSQL, "AVG(tbl1Value) as AVG_Val ")
            SQLAppend(hSQL, "FROM ")
            SQLAppend(hSQL, "(")
            SQLAppend(hSQL, "SELECT Value AS tbl1Value ")
            SQLAppend(hSQL, "FROM CitectZRAK tbl1 ")
            SQLAppend(hSQL, ") x")

    If I use simple SQL Query (SELSEC * FROM Datatable", everything works OK.

    I have tried to change SQL Connection string to:

    hSql = SQLConnect("Driver={SQL Server};Server=MYSERVER;Database=MyDatabase;Truste d_Connection=yes;")

    but I got the same error.

    Do you have any suggestions?


    Best regards, Andrej


  4. CITECT SCADA 6.1 + Microsoft SQL Express 2008

    @AndrejP Maybe you should use ODBC connection ad use Cicode like this. hSQL = SQLConnect("DSN=MyDatabase;UID=username;PWD=password");  
  5. ladder program

    @diraemon SM1 are Special Relay for Self-diagnostics Error. If it on that mean there are some error and vice versa. For your ladder program if no Self-diagnostics Error Y172 will be on. (Because SM1 is off but convert logic with NC contact).
  6. Delta to Delta PLC Rs 485 Communication

    @SSK ES2 and SS2 are both support Modbus RTU on RS-485 you should check at this manual. http://www.deltaww.com/filecenter/Products/download/06/060301/Manual/DELTA_IA-PLC_DVP-ES2-EX2-SS2-SA2-SX2-SE-TP_PM_EN_20170426.pdf
  7. Delta to Delta PLC Rs 485 Communication

    @SSK Maybe this link help you. https://youtu.be/XmphWdCri6U
  8. Back up problem

    @M.K I never use CF card to backup OMRON PLC. Please wait for other users to describe about it.
  9. Back up problem

    @M.K first you should delete your duplicate post first. Then you should have OMRON software (CX-One/CX-Programmer) and PLC cable (CS1W-CN226) for downlaoad backup data from your PLC. After that you should backup all parameter (include Transfer I/O table & special unit setup) then save it to files. Please check that your new PLC have same dip switch setting same as PLC that you download.
  10. @POCKO Maybe you should test communication with MX Component with GX Simulator 3 first. If it can use may be problem are from MX Driver in Citect please check at AVEVA that have MXCOM driver update or not.
  11. @POCKO You should upgrade your MX Component to new version to have option to select GX Simulator 3 for connection.
  12. Citect fx3U ethernet zero value ?

    @ta2mix Maybe you should adjust parameter [Trend]GapFillTime by follow these instructions 1. Open Citect Studio and go to Projects Tab select drop down at Setup Wizard then select Setup Editor. 2. Go to on the right then select Parameter Categories. 3. Select Trend Parameters. 4. Select [Trend]GapFillTime 5. Adjust Value to 30000 (or value orf time that for fill gap with values) then select Add Button. 6. Go to File then Save. 7. Run your project again.
  13. Barcode Reader -- GOT

    @tranthanhtung If your #1 and #2 Barcode have not same length you can use compare data length from G.INPUT then place it on which data register that you need.
  14. ATV312HU11N4 - how to upload parameters??

    @PaulKim1003 You should use SoMove V2.6.5 and download ATV312 DTM Library at link below https://www.schneider-electric.com/en/download/range/2714-SoMove/?docTypeGroup=3541958-Software%2FFirmware&language=en_GB-English and USB to RS-485 cable (TCSMCNAM3M002P) for communication with ATV312 at link below. https://www.schneider-electric.com/en/product/TCSMCNAM3M002P/connection-cable-usb-rj45---for-connection-between-pc-and-drive/
  15. Citect fx3U ethernet zero value ?

    @ta2mix Maybe connection lost for a few second. I think there are Citect.ini parameter that hold last value when communication lost. Please share us your trend tag setting for check them.