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  1. JL1N-20MR (chinese version off fx1n(C)

    @nandugos I have check your program do you need to flah output for D10 times but you fix them to 1000 time first? If yes I think you should use counter is necessary for count flash time. Please describe your program concept for more information.
  2. JL1N-20MR (chinese version off fx1n(C)

    Could you should shown us how do you use FOR..NEXT sequence in your programs?

    For update version you should check this link. https://www.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/download/software/hmi/got/index.html

    @Rodrigo_L You should have to download lastest version first. If you have license you can download on Mitsubishi website. For write to got you should use "different from verification" then click "info reception" first to check data from GOT then click start to write to GOT.
  5. How to create a programm for fx5u 4daadp analog output

    You should check module parameter as link below. https://gb3a.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/en/dl/11711/JY997D60501E.pdf
  6. How to connect multiple FX 3U PLC

    @danish202 You should check setting and cable by PLC connection guide manual as shown below at page 711 https://dl.weintek.com/public/PLC_Connect_Guide/eng/PLC_connection_guide.pdf
  7. Your Ladder means move(copy) data from D10 to D0 I recommend you to setup comtest bb Pro like this to start read data from 40000 address because I don't know that which your PLC start address that maybe 0 or 1 depends on manufacturer.
  8. @triee You need to scan Modbus address first. For your attach manual it shows that for D0 - D511 you need to use Modbus Address 0 - 1FF (40000 - 40511)  Then you should config Comtest BB Pro as shown as image attached. Then Change value on D0 or D1 then check what data do you receive. .
  9. @triee For use FX PLC to Modbus Slave you should check that how data from PLC (X, Y, M ,D) mapping to Modbus Address (40001, 40002, 40003, etc). Please shown us your model and link to manual to check how to setting it.
  10. @triee You should uncheck at RTS control and Reverse CRC. Then check communication format to use Modbus. Which RS-485 communication module that you use. Do you use chinese PLC board?
  11. FX Series Protocol

    @Jirrr If you need to communicate with FX PLC. I recommend to use MX Component that can use C#, VB.Net to commnicate with FX PLC and have example for coding.
  12. FX3U-CF-ADP periodical data logging

    @juanjosegp1 PLC don't stop during use timer. PLC use scan time to execute all instructions that not like use "Delay" function in programming software.
  13. QJ71C24N-R4: G.INPUT and G.OUTPUT

    @joseph_cs You should check these methods. 1. Check communication parameter (BaudRate, Data Bit, Stop Bit, Parity Bit) and then match setting in QJ71C24N-R4 and your device. 2. Try to use G.Output first then check by use USB to RS-485 on Serial Monitor software to check format that data send from PLC. 3. After that create G.INPUT sequence then use Serial monitor Software to send data to PLC. 4. Connect PLC with device and then test sequence. (Option) Use CH2 instead to connect data by disabled echo back function.
  14. FX3U-CF-ADP periodical data logging

    @juanjosegp1 You should have create timer 2 minutes and alarm conditions to trigger FLWR instructions.
  15. QJ71C24N-R4: G.INPUT and G.OUTPUT

    @joseph_cs Which protocol that your device use? If ASCII or non protocol you can use Nonprocedure protocol but if Modbus you should use Predefined protocol or use QJ71MB91 to communicate with them.