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  1. NB Designer

    This link may be help you. http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/26396-nb-alarm-and-event-settings-display-etc/#comment-126518
  2. Modbus Addressing in Weintek HMI

    @rohandarji I mean what Modbus RTU device that connect with Pt 100 sensor. I need to know about its communication parameter. Are your Pt 100 sensor communication parameter are 9600 8 even 1? If you can use Modscan32 to read data from sensor you could connect with HMI or Baseblock too.  
  3. FX5 programming

    @SBP what model of Analog output do you use?
  4. Modbus Addressing in Weintek HMI

    @rohandarji Do you check that your communication parameter are match with your device. I recommend that you should use USB to RS-485 module and Modbus Scanner software at link below to read data from you temperature module first. http://www.baseblock.com/PRODUCTS/demosoftware.htm Another question what Temperature sensor brand and model that you use?
  5. It likes you drive a car when your car speed arrive at target speed you still press your accelerator to still have target speed not to off it immediately. Yes when you set bit 3 of C+5 to 1 Output will be at 50 %.
  6. Modbus Addressing in Weintek HMI

    @rohandarji you should config communication parameter to match with your Modbus I/O device first.     then create numeric display and select it to config data.   Then disable allow input and config Modbus register that you need to read and click OK after that compile program to HMI.  
  7. If you have PID parameter you don't need to SETB bit 15 of D409 to on because if you on it that mean you use auto-tune function.
  8. Modbus Addressing in Weintek HMI

    Please tell us what model of temperature sensor that you connect and do you have modbus manual about it?
  9. FX5 programming

    Please check this manual below at page 75 - 85 to setting PID to your output control. http://www.allied-automation.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/MITSUBISHI_manual_plc_fx5_application.pdf
  10. Modbus Addressing in Weintek HMI

    Do you mean you need to setting MT8071iE to be Modbus Server for use other PC to communication with it or use it to receive data from Temperature Sensor?
  11. Modbus are industrial protocol it likes language to communicate with device. Modbus are not fix by any brand (but origin by Modicon) if your device have Modbus protocol you can use any software or hardware that support Modbus to communicate it. There are 2 types for Modbus. First Modbus RTU use with serial commnuication and Modbus TCP use with ethernet communication.
  12. Inverter Hitachi SJ700 have Modbus RTU. You should check that GS2107 have Modbus RTU or not. For Information about SJ700 Modbus Data please check this link below at page 304 - 357  https://files.clrwtr.com/userfiles/ct/documents/hitachi/hitachi-sj700-vfd-ac-drives.pdf
  13. MR-J2S-700B Programming

    @abdoon89 For MR-J2S-B series you should use Servo Configuration Software SETUP161E for setting it by use CN3 (RS-232) on servo controller this software are free from Mitsubishi by register at their site for free (use business email) then download it. http://www.mitsubishielectric.co.jp/fa/download/software/detailsearch.do?mode=software&kisyu=/servo&shiryoid=0000000012&lang=2&select=0&softid=1&infostatus=1_3_2&viewradio=0&viewstatus=&viewpos=
  14. Hello Sir,

    Please help me with the PID calculation for 4LC module? By considering the following example : SP-50%(50 degree Celsius-Range (-50 to 150 ) PV- changing from ( 30 to 60 degree Celsius) P=100 %, I= 10 s , D= 10 s Please anyone help me with the calculation. I know the formulas, But please help me with example in Gx-Works 3

  15. hi mr.Wasan 

    Can you explain the RS2 command specifically of fx3U plc?