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  1. Fail to clear memory

    thank for all, so i think this PLC i will keep at my locker. yesterday we have buy new one include the program thank for all information 
  2. Fail to clear memory

  3. Fail to clear memory

    thank for all, there is no memory card  and all DIP switches is in OFF position, is there some specific way ( step by step ) to open the UM protection
  4. Fail to clear memory

    thanks for your advices,but still not working
  5. Fail to clear memory

    hallo.... i have problem here, i have CP1H CPU ( ex project ) and i wan to make this module for training, but i have problem  i can download and upload to plc how can i clear this memory. i don't have password for UM protection can i do for clear this memory? i have test  disconnected battery for 8 hours but still same still UM protection,  please can help me