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  1. HmiConverterGui.exe View File Program to convert Mitsubishi / Beijer E1000 projects to Beijer Exter projects (and back again if required). This can actually be done by modifying the main project text file and the re-naming it but as the company I work for has nearly a thousand E1000 series on site I thought I would write a small app to do it.     Submitter Nightfly Submitted 12/30/17 Category Demo Software
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Program to convert Mitsubishi / Beijer E1000 projects to Beijer Exter projects (and back again if required). This can actually be done by modifying the main project text file and then re-naming it but as the company I work for has nearly a thousand E1000 series on site I thought I would write a small app to do it. This is not a demo - just didn't know where else to put it!    
  3. Mapping one PLC into another.

    I agree - absolutly the quickest and easiest way to do this. Simple to set up and bulletproof.  
  4.   from A switch will never forward 'other' traffic (traffic that is not directed to your ethernet mac address + broadcast) to your port unless you tell it to do so. So, if you did not configure a mirror port on the switch, you will only see this kind of traffic. your own traffic traffic to multicast and/or broadcast addresses Please read the following Wiki article:   Basically you need an old hub not a switch (or a programmed managed switch) - personally I bought an old Netgear DS104 hub to use with wireshark which works great.
  5. Remap I/O addressing

    Personally I would do this but leave all inputs as flags within the program and then simply at the beginning of the program map the physical inputs to the ones declared as flags. I'ts then easier to simulate inputs for testing etc. Same if you need to change your IO around. The program becomes independent of it's physical I/O.  
  6. Indirect Indexing

    I personally find structured text is much easier (and clearer) to use when dealing with arrays/indexes With “Dollies” declared as a zero based array of 1000 int’s starting at ZR60000  [0..999] and “CarrierID” declared as an Int and D990 has a value 888   When “CarrierID” has a value of 0 then the statement... Dollies[CarrierID] := D990 would put the value of 888 into ZR60000   When “CarrierID” has a value of 123 then the statement... Dollies[CarrierID] := D990 would put the value of 888 into ZR60123   When “CarrierID” has a value of  990 then the statement... Dollies[CarrierID] := D990 would put the value of 888 into ZR60990
  7. Power LED directly from PLC output

    None at all
  8. Adding an extra remote HMI to an existing Q02U PLC

      This may be of interest (if you do not already have it) Attached is a download link of a very comprehensive listing all of cables (and pinouts) used throughout the Mitsubishi range - connecting everything to everything. Kudos to the guy who made it – it must have took days.    
  9. NEWBIE-Fx3u LED ERROR (BLINKING) error no.6564

    Does you PLC have a CC-Link module attached? This is a module that allows the PLC to talk to other PLC's or control remote I/O.  
  10. GX Works 3 '..Memory is Insufficient...'

      Running fine on 2 x 64bit Windows 10 prof installs here in our office.  
  11. E1000 HMI to Web Page

    image upload A bit basic - but could you not just put a shortcut to each machine on the desktop. We have done this before on the E1000 series (using Tightvnc). The user just clicks on the icon for the machine he wants to control (or just view - setup dependant).
  12.   You should be able to do this using using the HMI. I have not used the T7F-2 but if it is iX just follow the setup in the pdf below.,d.bGg&cad=rja        
  13. FX-ENET-P502 Modbus TCP interface nformation

        Didn’t think you could use an FX3U-ENET-P502 module with FX3GE PLC because the PLC has already got onboard Ethernet. Just like you can’t put two ENET modules on the same PLC (well this is what Mitsubishi told us when we asked a few years ago). I would be interested if anybody knows different.  
  14. Q01U CPU (E71) TO E1101 HMI

      Does the HMI actually come up with an error (Error STN blah blah blah) - or is it just that values of the PLC that are not shown?    
  15. Q01U CPU (E71) TO E1101 HMI

    The port number does not matter if you use the settings as shown for the PLC. To get Simultan you need to enter 255,255,255,255 for the transition target IP address (it basically means that any unused UDP port number can be used). I have just created a basics PLC and HMI project (the PLC is in IEC) on our test rigs that works with the above settings. You can download them from...   Also check the Operational settings are set to “always wait for Open (Communication Possible at STOP time) Regards
  16. Q01U CPU (E71) TO E1101 HMI

      This may be of help - it's from an E1101 to a Q02   how do i print screen    
  17. Hex adresses while comunicating

      You talk about WinCPU and PPC - but are you really talking about the C Controller module?  If you are talking about bespoke software written on an industrial PC then it is impossible to help you without seeing the source code (are they using custom subroutines to talk directly to the PLC or using OPC etc).  If you are actually referring to the C Controller module then there are examples from Mitsubishi on the web.   Either way if you are not familiar with C or C++ then you are in for a steep learning curve.          
  18. Hex adresses while comunicating

      Think we will need more info. What PLC and what software are you referring to? There is obviously no problem converting Hex to decimal (just google it if you don't know). OxFF02 is 65282 as an unsigned 16bit Integer. I would question that is an address the program is writing to - if anything that could be data.  Can you post any of the C code here?         
  19. Setting the time in an E1100

      Well Gambit's Idea is the best solution. However, if you cannot do this for whatever reason then as you already surmised un-ticking everything except "Set terminal Clock" will just change the clock (to the current time on you PC). The unit will obviously go into transfer mode but when it reboots only the time will have changed.    
  20. SECS/GEM Communication

      I agree with Kaare_t. The WinCPU just looks like a Windows embedded PC.  If this is the case it will probably be doing the SECS/GEM protocol and using a bespoke interface to the PLC. Can you log into the PC? You may be able to see how it is communicating with the PLC. If I was doing this I would use an OPC Server on the WinCPU simply because all the time and effort I would spend creating the SECS/GEM interface to the PLC (in C or whatever) could then be reused on any PLC without having to recode it (just point the OPC server to a different PLC). If an OPC server is installed it probably also has a standalone client you can use to see all the registers in the PLC it is using.
  21. Copy Structure

      You can use block move Example in ST... BMOV_M(TRUE, RecipeSteps[CurrentStep].Operation, K100, StepData.Operation);   The above copies one subscript of an array of structures (DUT) called RecipeSteps, to a single structure (of the same type) called StepData. The variable "Operation" is the first variable declared (start address) of the structure. The K value is the length of the structure in total.              
  22. FX2N-TC

      It’s basically two temperature detectors (resistors) inside the body of a single probe (often called dual, twin, duplex probes etc). Each detector is completely electrically isolated (so it can be fed into separate control systems). Example      
  23. FX2N-TC

      You can't piggyback the wires from the pt100's but you can of course use the double or duel output type ones. Do the standalone temperature controllers also have an output of their own (4-20mA etc)? If so you could simply program the controllers to retransmit the values (OK you would have to replace the module you have just ordered).
  24. Double Word Type variable

      Think this is dependent upon what PLC you are using - For example I’m pretty sure you can’t do this on Fx3G’s - but you can on Fx3U’s and Q’s etc    
  25. Edesigner project to Beijer HMI?

      You need Information Designer. E-Designer is actually identical and the conversion is trivial but E-Designer will not download to an Exter.   Many send the project to Beijer for conversion but actually just open the E-Designer .mpa project file and the Information Designer .cpa project file and copy the differences from the first 6 lines or so then rename the .mpa file to cpa file. We use Beijer a lot so I have actually written an app that converts between the formats. Let me know if you want me to send it to you. Check you your email for details. Alternatively send me your project and I will convert it to Information Designer and export it to a .Dat file for you. You can then put the Dat file on a usb stick (or CF card) and plugging it into the HMI it will automatically load the project.     Regards