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  1. symbol table

    Is it possible to copy or import just the used addresses out of the program, so these can be used in the symbol table? I am writing the symbol table in an old program and its a pain to enter each address one at a doesnt help that there not always sequential. I would like to load up just the addresses used and then enter the symbol/description.But up to now have not found a way to do this.
  2. Wich is the best inverter brand?

    Not seen any referance to SEW eurodrive inverters yet. Dont know if they are availlable over the water, but have a good distribution in UK/ Europe. Helps that main UK factory is just down the road :) Also good for setting up as has auto setup for motor if you are using an SEW motor with inverter. We use these alot and found that they give all the options that we need but have the capacity for lots more. Nice design as well
  3. 2 Isolators in one machine?

    We have many panels with voltages coming in from other sources. This is usually due to interlinks for control situations ( sequencing for other systems) I have also noticed some new panels coming with panel lighting supplys from the incoming side of isolators. These all have covers on the term strips and some indication on them that they will still be live when isolator off.
  4. I agree with the noise point. Would also say that the grounding should be done at the supply( panel end) , if the cable run is to an external piece of kit. You will still have protection in case of earth fault if the cable gets damaged . Dont know of the technical bits but this is the practice we adopt.
  5. Special function block

    sorted now. Please delete
  6. Copyright

    Thanks for the replies. I did not mean to start an argument just a general question , because of the situation I had found myself in. I am not "a programmer" but just the poor electrician who has to fix the faults as and when the machine breaks down. But also do a bit of alteration when my bosses find the original requirements of the machine have now slightly altered. Again interesting points of view from both ends.
  7. Copyright

    No one has mentioned the situation of downloading programs to the forums for assistance. Because of what has been said it seems that you may be on iffy ground if you download work that is not your own. Which is one of the original points I was making.
  8. Copyright

    Hello all, Has anyone looked into the copyright issues in posting a machine plc program. I ask because I had an issue once with a company we use that supplied a machine (a pallatiser). I was asked to put in a new pallet pattern which I did.But during my hols the company I work for got the machine suppliers to supply another pattern . This was written over the top of my changes.When I talked to them they said that all changes to the plc prog had to be via them.(at no small cost).They quoted a copyright issue.. Anyone else had a similar situation ? Do you full time programmers claim copyright over your programmes or is it the property of the buyers who paid for the work to be done ?
  9. HMI and PC connecting

    Cable arrived and works ok , didnt have to change any settings etc. Just need to figure out the program now. Bit of info ,The machine is a form fill and seal machine. I have a bit that is driving me crazy.We had to fit an encoder to enable bags to be made ignoring the bag length photo beam. I was sent the drawings for where and how to fit.Signal from encoder goes to input 00.04. Not a problem... But when I do a cross referance I can not find any referance to this input. I can find all the others, ie flags , inputs and outputs. But I know the encoder controlled length is now working and it wasnt until the encoder was fitted. I am sure the encoder signal must be eventually be changing a data entry and this is used in a compare somewhere. Is it possible that not all inputs used show up in the cross referance list? Can you associate an input somehow straight to a DM area without it showing up on above?
  10. HMI and PC connecting

    Thanks for all the info Jay. Have ordered cable, may have more questions when I get it.
  11. HMI and PC connecting

    Just an update now I have my facts right.. CPU is a 51 unit The HMI is connected to the rs232 port. I have found the peripheral port but do not have a cable to connect the pc to plc using this port. (looks a very small port) Can anyone tell me a part no for this cable ?
  12. HMI and PC connecting

    We have several machines with CQM1H plc and a Uniop hmi unit connected via the cpu peripheral port. The Hmi is a touch screen that controls many functions of the machine. ie data changes and start/stop of motors etc. I have managed to download the programs by disconnecting the hmi and plugging in my laptop (syswin 3.4) But can then not run the machine due to hmi not connected. Does anyone know if there is a way of connecting both hmi and pc at the same time. I dont have the original docs for the programs so it would be a lot easier for me to identify parts of prog if I can monitor changes made whilst Hmi is connected. As you maybe can tell absolute begineer with Omron stuff. LOL