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  1. Anyone familiar with two speed crane buttons I assume that when you push the button down a little bit it closes the first set of contacts and if you want to go faster you then push the button all the way down causing another set of contacts to close so in high speed we have both sets of contacts closed?   Thank you
  2. Clearing an Array in RSLogix

    I'm sure this is not the smoothest way to do this but  I would use indirect addressing and when I push the clear button the index counter will scroll through the tags one scan at a time every scan add one to the Indexing_Counter till it reaches 20 then stop adding to Indexing_Counter            
  3. ControlLogix Controller & Program tags

    How I would accomplish this is to rename the existing tags slightly then create a new controller tag named correctly and use the new tag in code once the old program tag is no longer in use you can delete it  It is possible to address your scada system to look at program tags example is  Program:<Program Name>.Tagname  but you will have to research your scada how to address  
  4. Micrologic1400 with GSM modem

    Hello Currently have no way to open the code but I believe this has an example of how to send a text message from PLC   090414.RSS
  5. Proficy Machine Edition 9.5

    Will this software suite upload a program from a  series 90 micro plc programmed in 1999 I have no idea what suite of software programmed it I just know that I couldn't upload code from it kept getting error of  the selected memory couldn't be uploaded from the connected device is that because of a password or program was written in a suite that isn't supported by Proficy 9.5? I don't need to upload as I rewrote the code and got it going but there are 30 more and would like to know my options for moving the customer forward. thanks I'm sorry for asking some basic questions to you GE guys but geographically we never see a GE until I found these or they found me  thanks for looking
  6. Code Conversion

    The new cable works great but I'm getting an error  "the selected memory couldn't be uploaded from the connected device" then it kicks me off I can upload the hardware, and I/O tables But no ladder  Now that I'm sitting in my easy chair and looking I may have messed up  I made a new project in Proficy and may have had the wrong processor in the project when I was trying to upload? \ Looking for some ideas to try or if I have to find some legacy software thanks alot 
  7. Code Conversion

    Old series 90 micro with 15 pin can you convert the ladder logic to a versamax with rj45 programming port using proficy machine edition Plc cable for 90 micro will show up Saturday delivery and have to travel to remote location and have zero GE experience  Looking for some advice managed to get familiar with software and got code uploaded from versamax so was hoping to change processor or copy and paste logic only 35 rungs so could rebuild by hand if necessary  thanks for taking time to read 
  8. ML1400 Heartbeat

    My current method is almost the same as Jeremy's except i use the internal free running clock in PLC A My old method is put bit high in PLC A then in PLC B turn it off when on and start a timer this works fine for proving communications but doesn't prove that PLC A is healthy.