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  1. Q01U CPU (E71) TO E1101 HMI

    2: Error IP stn 10 appears on the top left corner
  2. Q01U CPU (E71) TO E1101 HMI

    Nightfly, very much appreciated to go to that effort! I can't use the exact files you've given me at the minute (though my next step is to do that but change controller type) I've mimicked all the settings as you had them on both devices, and still no luck.... I'm beginning to think the fact it's a Q01U CPU may have something to do with it? the PLC Model settings all refer to a Qnn CPU, not a QnnU. I've noticed another setup the same working using just the Qnn CPU (Over RS232) though so that's maybe a longshot Or perhaps because it's a second controller? I can't imagine why but these are the only two differences i see in my program and yours
  3. Q01U CPU (E71) TO E1101 HMI

    Thanks for the info!! Unfortunately still not working for me! Here are all the relevant settings (I think) in the HMI And the settings in the PLC I tried this paired and unpaired. Also, in case it's relevant though I don't think it is... I'm using IEC Developer, not GX Works (this was requested) Thanks for any help guys, in case it hasn't come across yet this is my first Mitsubishi job and I've tried everything I can think of!!
  4. Q01U CPU (E71) TO E1101 HMI

    Sorry, I'm only getting back now... I've tried the settings Nightfly mentioned with no luck. The green/orange lights on the ethernet port are not even lighting up. (I am still able to download into both the HMI and the PLC via ethernet, so they are working OK) I have a few questions (and obviously any other help would be appreciated!) 1. Where is the port number 6030 coming from? I have tried modifying that based on values I've seen while downloading, but no change) 2. How did you select Simultaneous for the IP address and what does that mean? 3. Is there anything I need to set besides the Operation, Initial and Open Settings of the Ethernet Card on the PLC? 4. What am I doing wrong???!?!?!?!    
  5. Q01U CPU (E71) TO E1101 HMI

    Thanks Nightfly, I'll give that a try when I'm back on that job next week, I think I have the Open Settings wrong on the PLC! I'll post screenshots then if that hasn't helped!
  6. Q01U CPU (E71) TO E1101 HMI

    Hi guys, Any help will be much appreciated!! I have a Q01U CPU with a QJ71E71-100 Ethernet card and an E1101 HMI. I cannot get the two to work together!! I have set both up, and I am able to download to the PLC via ethernet, and also download to the HMI via ethernet, but in setting up the peripheral the HMI will not read values from the PLC. I have tried setting up the peripheral as Q-Series (E71) selecting Qnn_CPU, and also as MC Protocol. I am getting an error message on the HMI - 2: Error IP stn 10 (this makes sense to me as I have set up the PLC as station 10, IP address, the HMI is Tried UDP and TCP. It is also set up as a second peripheral as the HMI is already communicating with another PLC (via serial) I need to do this via ethernet and am completely stuck at this stage Any advice on how to do this successfully would be great! I have seen other similar posts to this, but no matter what I try I just cannot seem to do it, so I'm obviously missing something simple!! Thanks!
  7. Read Modbus holding registers with RSLogix?

    Yeah I got it working in no time. The Diris A40 does have kind of strange data addressing, but it was easily fixed. Had to modify the sample code so the BeginAddress was DINT rather than INT to get the appropriate range of addresses. I had just been working thinking the error was something else.
  8. Read Modbus holding registers with RSLogix?

    Hi guys, I'm having some trouble with this myself! I'm using a ControlLogix5572 processor, and 1756-EN2TR Ethernet/IP module. I've been trying to connect to a Socomec Diris A40 power meter, and I've been using the code mentioned above. I've followed the guidelines in the documentation, with no luck. Attempted a few changes to other parameters to see what effect they'd have, still very little progress. Anyone familiar with the code might be able to help me. I have changed the the MBTU_Connections parameters, and when I run it the MBTU_Connections[0].MBTI_Connected parameter reads a 1, meaning the device is connected correctly. For the MBTU_Transactions parameters, I have set all my parameters as follows Enabled = 1 PollInterval = 10 Transtype = 3 (Read Hold Registers) UID = 0 BeginAddress = (Tried various) Count = (Tried Various) Local Offset = 1 When I put it into run mode, the TransID increases, so it is attempting transactions, but the TransStat parameter displays -1, meaning there is an error. TransLastError displays 2, which is a Network Write Error Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!! --------EDIT------- TransLastError=2 means a Modbus exception of Illegal Data Address This is a different problem altogether, I'll work on it, and if I'm still stuck I 'll start a new thread :)