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    http://english.flexem.com/about.html The above link is there website. http://english.flexem.com/download.html Regards, Garry
  2. CX server OPC : Installation error

    http://www.edata.omron.com.au/eData/Software/CX-AS/CX-OPC%20User%20Manual.pdf "Included with CX-Server OPC is the CX-Server runtime system, plus a range of ActiveX components that can be dragged and dropped onto your Workbook or Form. A Fins Gateway runtime system installer is also provided on the CX-Server OPC CD" How are you installing the software?  Regards, Garry
  3. Program for CJ1G controlling servo motor

    https://www.fa.omron.com.cn/data_pdf/mnu/w397-e1-08_cj1w-nc.pdf?id=31 I would go to section 10 of the above manual and work through an example.  Regards, Garry
  4. CP1E serial with KEPSERVER

    The CP1E can use both Omron Host Link and Omron FINS Serial. This is for a serial communication (RS232 or RS422/RS485). If you have an Ethernet connection then select the Omron FINS Ethernet. (RJ45 - Separate module required. See link below.) http://www.ia.omron.com/products/family/2064/lineup.html Hope this helps you out. Regards, Garry
  5. Saving text in PLC memory

    Thanks for the update. Garry
  6. Saving text in PLC memory

    In the PLC Attributes [TEXT] under Data Type  is there an option for ASCII instead of Unicode? Unicode takes up more bits than the traditional 8 bit ASCII characters.  Just a thought. Regards, Garry
  7. How to connect cx-supervisor to PLC Omron

    http://industrial.omron.com.br/uploads/arquivos/Datasheet-CQM1H.pdf Yes fins communication will work for the CQM1H. Under network type select controller link.  Regards, Garry
  8. Value to corresponding bit instruction??

    How about using the copy command and transfer the DM area word to the HR area word.  In the HR you will have access to bits. H000.00 Arrange the HR bits on the individual output condition. Example: D100 move to H100 (Value 110) Each of the digits will have 4 bits, 12 bits on the run for the 3 digits. 12 bit conditions - Output 0.00 Just a thought. Regards, Garry
  9. How to connect cx-supervisor to PLC Omron

    http://accautomation.ca/omron-cp1h-establish-communication/ http://accautomation.ca/omron-cp1h-advancedhmi-communication/ The above threads may be of some help to you in your studies. The first is establishing communication to the Omron PLC. The second is using AdvancedHMI to get data out of the Omron PLC. The entire Omron CP1H series can be found at the following address: http://accautomation.ca/programming/plc-basics/ Look for Omron CP1H Series. Regards, Garry
  10. https://industrial.omron.us/en/media/CP1L_E_OperationManual_en_201203_tcm849-112735.pdf http://www.edata.omron.com.au/eData/PLCs/CP1/W471-E1-06.pdf According to the manual  7-1 High-speed Counters -  The PRV(881) and PRV2 instructions can be used to measure the input pulse frequency (one input only). I would use the raw values from counter 0 and 1. Read the values, compare and reset at an update frequency that will work in your application. Regards, Garry  
  11. Temperatre Sensing

    +1 DanW For something a little more elaborate: http://accautomation.ca/click-plc-send-and-receive-instructions/ Click PLC - Serial communications RS485 to a Solo Temperature controller. Regards, Garry  
  12. Starting with Omron CX-P

    https://assets.omron.eu/downloads/manual/en/r132_cx-programmer_fb_library_getting_started_guide_en.pdf The above CX programmer Getting Started Guide is a great resource when I first started with the software. Regards, Garry
  13. PLC that can hold its memory

    https://www.automationdirect.com/do-more/brx/index The BRX PLC has a built in Micro SD card slot. This can be used to store your program. Upon startup you can instruct the PLC to load the program from the Micro SD card. The Do-More will read the DirectLogic program and convert. https://www.automationdirect.com/do-more/brx/software/directlogic-migration Regards, Garry
  14. How do I make a recipe

    https://www.myomron.com/index.php?action=kb&article=592 The above link may help you out. Regards, Garry
  15. Data logging CP1H Controller csv file

    You can do this with additional software. http://accautomation.ca/how-to-implement-the-omron-host-link-protocol-part-2-vba/ Using VBA you can get the data into an excel spread sheet. You can use AdvancedHMI that runs on Visual Studio. This package utilizes VB.Net. Creating a CSV file is straight forward. http://accautomation.ca/omron-cp1h-advancedhmi-communication/ Creating the CSV file: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25994972/how-to-create-a-csv-file-from-string-variable-using-streamwriter-in-vb-net Hope this helps you out. Regards, Garry
  16. hydraulic cylinder speed function

    http://www.omronkft.hu/nostree/pdfs/sysmac/w529-e1-02_startup_guide_for_simulink_sysmac_studio.pdf What about looking at the  current velocity.  https://industrial.omron.ca/en/media/NJ_NX_Instructions_ReferenceMan_en_201704_W502-E1-20_tcm824-112705.pdf You can then use the  ScaleTrans instruction to scale the output to mm/s. Regard, Garry
  17. OMRON ODD or EVEN value

    On the older units, use a move to a HR register first.  Nice solution Crossbow. Garry
  18. Block Compare Instruction

    The above thread may help you out. Regards, Garry
  19. ControlLogix DLL File

    http://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/rm/1756-rm003_-en-p.pdf Jump to External Routine (JXR)  -  This information applies to the SoftLogix 5800 controller only Page 612 in the above manual. Regards, Garry
  20. ControlLogix DLL File

    http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showthread.php?t=52226 The above thread may help you out. Regards, Garry
  21. Who Have Someone connected Citect with Omron CJ2M CPU32 ?

    https://www.citect.schneider-electric.com/forum/showthread.php?p=35843 http://proscada.ru/ctkbase.en/articles/q2231.html http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showthread.php?t=72805 The above links may help you out. Regards, Garry
  22. Connecting 4 PLCS to One PC and CX-supervisor

    What are the exact model numbers of the C1JM PLCs? What kind of ports do you have available? You have two basic choices, serial (RS485 / RS422 ) or Ethernet (RJ45). Serial communications: The unit number of the PLC serial will determine the address on the network. (Make sure that they are all different numbers. Default is 00) This is a master / slave communication only. Only one device can be communicating on the network at a time. Ethernet Communications: The IP address will determine the address on the network. Multiple communications can happen at the same time. Information can be shared between the controllers. http://www.ia.omron.com/products/category/automation-systems/programmable-controllers/cj1/cpu-bus-units/index.html Start off by connecting one of the units up and testing communication using cx-programmer. You will then see if your converters will work or not.  Regards, Garry
  23. NT20S-ST121 - Permission Denied message

    http://www.edata.omron.com.au/eData/HMIs/NT/V020-E1-04.pdf Since the error does not appear in the manual,  I would  contact your OMRON service center. Regards, Garry
  24. OMRON Sysmac CPMA

    The COM point refers to a common point for the discrete input signal. It can be either negative or positive in this Omron controller. Refer to the wiring diagrams in the manuals above. Here is some wiring examples: http://accautomation.ca/heres-a-quick-way-to-wire-npn-and-pnp-devices/ Regards, Garry
  25. Omron CJ1M HMI

    https://www.progea.com/io-driver-list-2/ You would use the Omron Fins Ethernet driver. You will need an Ethernet port on the PLC. Regards, Garry