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  1. FX-EEPROM-16

    http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showthread.php?t=3221 This thread may help you out. Regards, Garry
  2. HSC, new interrupt after Z-phase reset

    http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showthread.php?t=62245 http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showthread.php?t=32652 The above threads may help you out. Regards, Garry
  3. TrendGraph (Data Logging)

    https://www.myomron.com/index.php?action=kb&article=1639 The above link has the description for the Trend Graph: ' Trend Graph is linked to a data set and displays the values for analysis (coming soon) and User Alarms Viewer shows either current or historical information on alarms (see 'Introduction To NA Alarms' article). ' Regards, Garry  

    http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showthread.php?t=120902 Same question.  You will need to connect each PLC hardware rs232 port to the MOXA separately.  They will have different pinouts for the rs232 ports. Regards, Garry  
  5. An absolute beginner needs help with a PLC!

    http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showthread.php?t=113901 The above thread may help you out. Regards, Garry
  6. Help Getting Started

    This is not an Omron NJ series, but here is a series on the Omron CP1H. https://accautomation.ca/series/omron-plc-cp1h-series/ I hope this will help you out. Regards, Garry
  7. http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/11888-cx-supervisor-hanging/ The above thread may help you out. Regards, Garry
  8. With a 100msec pulse, I would just try a regular DC input for the signal and see what you get.  Part numbers would help on the flow meter, PLC and high-speed counter card if applicable.  Regards, Garry
  9. Failing Interposing Relays, and Varistors

    What you need to do is find out the inrush of the coils. I would contact the manufacturer or use their website to determine this value. The following information will help you to determine the inrush based on your equipment specifications. https://www.pacontrol.com/download/Solenoid%20Valves%20Engineering%20Information.pdf Once you have this rating, I would look for an interposing relay to handle the value. A Solid State could also be used. https://temcoindustrial.com/product-guides/contactors-and-overloads/solid-state-vs-electromechanical-relay Hope this helps you out. Regards,
  10. https://accautomation.ca/omron-cp1h-numbering-systems-and-addressing/ The above will explain the numbering systems in the Omron CP1H series. This would be similar to all of the PLC's in this CP1 Series. Here is a link to the entire CP1H Series. https://accautomation.ca/series/omron-plc-cp1h-series/ Hope this helps you out. Regards, Garry
  11. Using RTC To Shut off Motor

    http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showthread.php?t=70085 http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showthread.php?t=70329 The above threads may help you out. Regards, Garry
  12. Cx- Programer Elapsed time

    What is the accuracy you are looking to achieve? Depending on the PLC you can handle this a couple of ways. 1 - set the scan time and then count the number of scans. 2 - add the scan time every cycle  Regards, Garry
  13. CSCAPE Experience

    https://accautomation.ca/series/horner-xl4-series/ The above is a series on the Horner XL4 PLC. It includes installing and using the CScape Software Package. This may help you out. Regards, Garry
  14. Able to download to plc from one PC but not another

    http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showthread.php?t=120012 Answers posted at the above thread. Regards, Garry
  15. Moving Data Memory

    +1 gtsuport You must ensure that the processor that you are programming does not use this are for other items like DM Setup Area.  Regards, Garry