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  1. RsLogix 500 and Eaton SVX 9000 VFD

    Good morning all, my issue is communication with a Micrologix 1400 and an Eaton VFD. Our standard is usually a Compactlogix and using RS Logix 5000. In 5000 I am able to add an generic Ethernet module and adjust assembly instances. Is there a way to do that in 500? If not what will I have to do?
  2. Communication help between MicoLogix 1400 and GE Versamax.

    Thank you very much, is there a module that you would suggest?
  3. Hello everyone, I have a MicroLogix 1400 and need to communicate with a GE Versamax. I have only ever communicated between a MicroLogix and Seimens via Anybus X-gate, and CompactLogix and C1000 controller via Prosoft module. To start, both the Micologix and Versamax are Ethernet capable, so do I need a special module like the Prosoft or X-gate? Thanks!