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  1. new in plc:s

    It's quite possible with that plc but you will need an extra add on unit. An analogue to digital converter.
  2. kHz signal on digital input

    The first few inputs can be used as high speed counter inputs. They are tied to specific high speed counters. Sampling of the frequency and a bit of scaling maths can give you the level
  3. Data register lost when power off

    Which plc?

    Study the instruction DECO  
  5. Up Down Counter (Mitsubishi FX1N)

    Define your question more accurately.
  6. 2 HMI's 1 plc.

    Oh exactly Inntelle. I went through the help files and did a check list....... yep done that....yep that's as it should be...why no connection. No where did it tell you to change the IP address by using a dip switch and rebooting. It allows you to in the program but not in reality Every step was an hours reading and changing small parts in the HMI. And i'll probably never have to do it again with the E1000's as they are now obsolete. 
  7. 2 HMI's 1 plc.

    I posted this topic 4 years ago and they shelved the idea of an extra HMI so I finished the project. They had used a E1101 touch screen. The operatives had complained a lot about having to walk across the site to use the dosing system in that time Recently they found another E1101 on ebay and asked me to install it as a mimic HMI  I ran an ethernet cable between the two, changing it to a crossover cable, put the copied program from hmi1 into HMI2 and thought we would be good. err no. What a faff with poor help files. Of course I eventually managed after reading and re-reading the help files. I got them to talk after realising that HMI2 should have its address changed by using a dip switch. But still there was no data coming through Then I had to remove the plc from hmi2 peripherals and then (eventually) realising I had to change the BDPT station for everything in the program on hmi2. I spent more time reading through unconnected help files than working.  
  8. configuration FX Developer for FX-24MR-ES

    It's FXU and you need an sc09 cable
  9. Barcode reader

    Thank you for that.   They are supplying the reader so I don't know what type yet.   But at least with that information I can cobble a price together   Thanks again.
  10. Barcode reader

    I've been asked to beat a quote for a conveyor system That part is no problem. They want to use a barcode reader to decide which channel or which conveyor route the product will take into the warehouse when the barcode is read. Now I have never programmed or used a barcode reader in my programs before. I don't even know what add on I will need on an Fx3.   I will need to take data from it and decide which of four routes it will take. There is no hmi, just a plc. Any preliminary advice or hints well help at this time. Thanks  
  11. Can I download program to FX5U By SD card

    I would suspect the new program is corrupt or has faults in it. Ask them to send it again.

    There was a converter tool for e series below 1000 to above 1000. It was pretty dire though. Every screen had to be adjusted to fit correctly.
  13. fx2U write option grayed out in GX Developer

    It is most likely that during the installation of GX Developer - the read or monitor only option was ticked. This is there for maintenance staff to see the program but not be able to change it (ie write to plc) A reinstall without the monitor only box being checked will allow writes.  
  14. error : es:01802007

    Use an SC09 cable. They are cheap on ebay
  15. FX2N-2AD

    What have you done to ascertain this?   We can't guess.