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  1. I wasn't sure, not using an fx0s in a long while.  
  2. Does it have PLS and PLF?
  3. How good are Mitsubishi plc's

    I did tell them that it needed upgrading - but you know the story. It's working, why spend money. Here's an unusual story from that machine that some of you older ones might just have distant memories of. I came the second day and it was powered down and the isolator would not turn on - it just clicked when you tried it. No drawings of course and my obvious first thought was that the isolator was broken.   It was a big old Klockner moeller isolator and I eventually remembered that some have coils inside to latch them on. I traced the circuits by hand and there was a separate 24V AC supply going out through the emergency stops and back to this isolator coil. An E stop was pushed in. This meant that the isolator would not even engage - and when the stop circuit was ok - -as you turn the isolator handle, contacts on the dead side power the 24V ac to power the coil. and the isolator turns on.  It acts like a 200 Amp contactor. Any e stop actuated during running drops the main isolator out. I bet that is new to a few.  
  4. A customer bought a big 2nd hand machine that had not been powered up in at least 6 years. They installed it all but it wouldn't turn a cog. They informed me it had a Mitsubishi plc A2sh and the error light was on. To my amazement, when I connected, the program was still there un-corrupted. 10K steps. The error light was of course battery error. Has anyone heard of a longer period?
  5. Main differences between FX1N and FX0S

    Yes, the hmi will connect to both. The FX1N can be expanded with plug-in extensions to the right. The FXo cannot You could add extra inputs to the FX1N
  6. PLC Mitsubishi High Speed Counting

    Use C235 and X0 as your count input. Don't use X0 in your program though, that counter looks at signals on that input.  
  7. Using two PWM function

    It ran in my mind that you can only have 1 instance of a PWM instruction.
  8. E600

    Make a blank project for the e600 and plc Go to transfer and select receive. You will get warnings - but upload anyway.
  9. Error Clearing FX2n48MT

    Go online and then to diagnose It should tell you there what the problem is.
  10. As a rule, you don't. The comments are stored on the PC and don't affect the size of program memory. If you want the comments stored in the PLC, I do it after the program is written using the available memory blocks left.
  11. Parlez vous anglais?
  12. Beijers home page

    Has anyone else noticed that if, when using E Designer you click on 'visit homepage' You are taken to Essential Automation's page A dealer in second hand equipment   I am guessing they purchased the domain/name and so every copy of e designer will send you to their site.   Shrewd business or 'not quite right'
  13. Output Module problem

    They are not found by the software. Once plugged in the extra I/O just exist and can be addressed. Try a test line of code that brings on output Y30 (The start of the 8EYT's outputs)  
  14. Can't send comments to PLC

    Are you downloading the parameters too? By putting a tick in the right box
  15. Kinco HMI With Mitsubishi FX1S PLC

    When you set a button up in the hmi software, it will ask you which bit you want to use. In your plc program you set the same bit up to do what you want