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  1. fx2U write option grayed out in GX Developer

    It is most likely that during the installation of GX Developer - the read or monitor only option was ticked. This is there for maintenance staff to see the program but not be able to change it (ie write to plc) A reinstall without the monitor only box being checked will allow writes.  
  2. error : es:01802007

    Use an SC09 cable. They are cheap on ebay
  3. FX2N-2AD

    What have you done to ascertain this?   We can't guess.
  4. FX1S output failure

    That is the wiring schematics, not the plc program. If the relay on Y0 is the only connection to the inverter then maybe the pulse time is set on the hmi. There most probably should be a way to alter the on off time.
  5. FX1S output failure

    If the led output light is not coming on when in pulse mode then something is inhibiting it in the program. I think you are wrong with the pulse timing, 3msecs wouldn't be enough time to energise the external relay.   You have to find out the correct procedure to run in pulsed mode  
  6. FX1S output failure

    There's your answer then :) You can put a volt meter on the Y0 terminal and check whether there is anything there when it pulses. If it's missing or intermittent then the output internal relay is failing.
  7. FX1S output failure

    Does the output light come on when in pulse mode? If it does, it's more than likely the output is worn out.   You PLC is very old and the output has probably done millions of operations.
  8. fx 3u series plc

    V = 1 D0 + DV INCP V V = K10 (stop count and reset v)  
  9. This is a Mitsubishi PLC forum.... Not their cars.
  10. How to add AD or Temp Module to FXCPU PLC?

    NO. The FX1s does not have an A/D connector. It's a basic model with no upgrades possible. The next model up from that, the FX1n does but those are now obsolete.
  11. High speed counters

    C235 is driven from pulses seen on X0. X0 must not actually exist in the program. |-|M8000|------------(C235 K1000)-| M8000 is always on when the plc in in run more Any pulses seen on X0 will count on C235. C235 is a 32 bit counter (uses 2 consecutive D registers) To move the value from the counter you have to use DMOV instead of MOV  

    What do you see? Greyed out buttons?   What messages do you get?  
  13. installing AL-PCS/WIN

    It was made for Windows 95 / 98.  

    Software?  It's possible to install gxdev in read mode only
  15. By dummy coil I meant any M coil that isn't used anywhere in the program to complete the line and nothing will happen if it goes true.