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  1. FX-64MR

    There are often unexplainable bits in some one else's program. I think m500 and above are retentive bits in the fx. It could be the programmer set this to on to disable that part while testing through a power recycle. Could be controlled from an hmi. I wouldn't get stuck on it, it's n/c so has no action
  2. FX-64MR

    Try explain your problem in more detail? I have opened the project you posted and it opened perfectly. The missing left bus line is because an MCR instruction is used. This shows the logic that is being controlled by the MCR   On line 137 is the instruction MC N0 M0 If M0 is not on, all logic between line 137 and line 222 will be disabled. The missing lines are to show you which parts are on and which are not depending on the state of M0  
  3. FX-64MR

    You have not lost any ladder between 222 and 224. The MCR N0 must take use up 2 steps. Make a copy of the program then try repair the missing line with a down line.
  4. FX-64MR

    The instruction MCR N0 is a master control relay - The N0 is nest 0 The gap in the left hand buss line is where it is (if you like) cutting the power to the rest of the logic   On a rethink - maybe not. Ive never used the MCR before - but seen it in programs. The  bus line is shown broken higher up
  5. FX-64MR

    It is 'upload' to pc. And yes, I showed you a picture of which one to choose.
  6. FX-64MR

    All versions of GX Developer support the FX model. It's possible you are confused which model to chose in GX  
  7. FX-64MR

    Try using gx developer instead of medoc. Also is there an eeprom in the plc. They were often used on the fx model to extend memory.
  8. Comments transferring GX2

    Sorry in advance, I am likely to ask a few questions over the next few days as I get to grips with GX2 I take it, I can't open old GX Dev programs with it? Or can I? I tried to start a new program with an A series plc and even though it was listed it told me to open GX Dev to program an A series. Not only that, it said it couldn't auto open GX Dev as my version of GX Dev didn't have that feature?
  9. Comments transferring GX2

    Oh, I like that method. Far simpler! And I like that I can rename them so I know where the comments are from.   Did a test using your instructions Gambit and it of course worked perfectly   Thank you - up and onwards lads :)
  10. Comments transferring GX2

    I'll admit that I am a dinosaur when it comes to upgrading software. I used medoc exclusively for years after windows versions of the software came out. I eventually moved to GX Developer and got used to it's quirks - and loved it. I have now installed GX Works 2 & 3 and one thing I have noticed with GX2 is that a program is saved as a single file.   I have not used it 'live' so to speak so I have some queries for those of you that are already used to it. How do you get the comments out of the single file? May seem a strange question - but I have a few customers that dabble with programs (and generally mess them up too) So when I go there, I upload the program from the plc (to make sure I have the latest version) and then transfer the comments from my last saved version to the newly uploaded version. I do this by saving both versions then moving the file 'COMMENTS.wcd' from the old to the new version. I then have the newest commented version - albeit without comments for the latest alterations. Is this possible with GX2?   Also, when downloading a program, is there still the option to d/l the comments or not   Thank you

    He needs answers immediately...... he was in Panic Mode :)
  12. Extension Racks (Q-Series)

    Not that it's going to help - but I have put a few extension racks in without a power supply. To be honest, it never crossed my mind. They worked fine and that was the end _ they were just for extra digital I/O though. I don't know if that changes if you are putting intelligent units in
  13. help with mitsubishi plc

    Your GX Dev needs an update to cover the FX3G GX Works 2 will cover it I have both but still use GX Dev as a first choice. Then again - I still used medoc until I was forced to change. :)  
  14. Highlighted line in GX Developer

    It's a while since I came across 'yellow' code. In my case it was incomplete lines. (no OUT instruction and such)   I looked at the ladder in 'list' and could see it was scrambled gobbledy gook. I deleted the incomplete ladder and all was well.   Change the view to 'list' and see what you have  
  15. Highlighted line in GX Developer

    Usually it is code that cannot be converted to the plc you are using - or corrupt lines. You usually have to delete this part to get rid of the yellow