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  1. Float numbers

    Not in this case, they meddle with the recipes nearly every batch. They input the values from a hand written piece of paper. This hmi is a big step up for them. They were made to automate the dosing by the Health & Safety inspectors after an accident. You can see the type of chemicals and acids they use on my screenshot above. They used to use scaled buckets, drew the acid from a barrel  and tipped it in by hand Until of course it went down someones leg one day. Hospital case and skin grafts. One step at a time with these guys.
  2. Float numbers

    Thank you all for your solutions - FB;s and HMi test screens but it wasn't what I really wanted I couldn't use the FB as I am using an FX1N in ladder and the slider was ok but too cumbersome. I just wanted the operator to input, say - 17.5 litres and the hmi to show 17.5 - but the D register to have a workable number. I have cracked it - or got a workable solution; I used the 'gain' on the hmi. I set it to 0.1 and decimal places 1 17.5 Litres was shown on the screen correctly and I got 175 in the D register. I can now work with that number.     Thanks - hope it can be of help to someone else one day  
  3. Installing GX Developer on Windows 10

    I think only the later or last version would install on a 64 bit platform.  What version do you have?
  4. Float numbers

    The maximum value was set at 99 and I don't think they go near that - the minimum of course is 0 17.4 and 6.8 might be a possibility as they try fine tune some recipes. In fact they will want .250 (1/4 litre on its own for one recipe) The HMI on site is a beijers E1101 and I am using a E1043 to test with (both touch screen)    
  5. Float numbers

    Thanks   I thought about the 2 separate data inputs - but we are dealing with operators here who complain it's too difficult as it is As soon as they miss a half litre by not inputting twice - they'll swear they did. It's hard enough getting them to put more than one chemical in. They put one chemical dose in and then come back to put another in even though I have told them it will automatically put them all in, in an orderly fashion with water between the two chemicals. The REAL to DINT etc, I have no experience of and that is probably the help I am asking for.   Cheers  
  6. Float numbers

    I have a dosing system I did a few years back that has worked perfect ever since - but now they want to spoil it by adding 1/2 litres :) By this I mean; they enter the amount of chemical to dose on the hmi in whole numbers. ie 17 litres chemical 1   2 litres chemical 5 They press the dose button and my program jumps into action   It checks each chemical for a positive number - if zero, it passes and then doses with the positive numbers. The counter meter gives 100 pulses per litre so every 100 pulses I increment the 'litres dosed' counter. I am trying to get the hmi/plc to accept say 17.5 litres so when it gets to 17 litres dosed it doses for another 50 pulses. (1/2 litre) The 1/2 litre will be a small bit of extra code within that chemicals dose.   I have an HMI and plc set up on my desk to simulate the program but using 16 bit registers - it of course rounds it up or ignores the .5 Using 32 bit on say 17.5 litres just gives gobbdlygook numbers in the 2 registers that I dont know what to do with. I need the plc to read the 17.5 entered by the hmi as 17 in one register an 5 in another   Any ideas?    
  7. Labels and Addresses Not Shown / iQ-r R08cpu

    Have you tried hovering the mouse cursor over them? Their identity often shows that way
  8. How configure RUN

    I've never used the run terminal ever. I have seen it used on a lot of old programs where the e stops were tied to it. That method has long since been illegal.  
  9. MAC E300 backup

    There is a way..... But I have partly forgotten. You have to put the hmI into setup mode. Then enter a new password If I remember, the original always starts with PS******** You have to put PD*******  where ***** is the new password This overrides all passwords   Read the manual to be sure
  10. I wasn't sure, not using an fx0s in a long while.  
  11. Does it have PLS and PLF?
  12. How good are Mitsubishi plc's

    I did tell them that it needed upgrading - but you know the story. It's working, why spend money. Here's an unusual story from that machine that some of you older ones might just have distant memories of. I came the second day and it was powered down and the isolator would not turn on - it just clicked when you tried it. No drawings of course and my obvious first thought was that the isolator was broken.   It was a big old Klockner moeller isolator and I eventually remembered that some have coils inside to latch them on. I traced the circuits by hand and there was a separate 24V AC supply going out through the emergency stops and back to this isolator coil. An E stop was pushed in. This meant that the isolator would not even engage - and when the stop circuit was ok - -as you turn the isolator handle, contacts on the dead side power the 24V ac to power the coil. and the isolator turns on.  It acts like a 200 Amp contactor. Any e stop actuated during running drops the main isolator out. I bet that is new to a few.  
  13. A customer bought a big 2nd hand machine that had not been powered up in at least 6 years. They installed it all but it wouldn't turn a cog. They informed me it had a Mitsubishi plc A2sh and the error light was on. To my amazement, when I connected, the program was still there un-corrupted. 10K steps. The error light was of course battery error. Has anyone heard of a longer period?
  14. Main differences between FX1N and FX0S

    Yes, the hmi will connect to both. The FX1N can be expanded with plug-in extensions to the right. The FXo cannot You could add extra inputs to the FX1N
  15. PLC Mitsubishi High Speed Counting

    Use C235 and X0 as your count input. Don't use X0 in your program though, that counter looks at signals on that input.