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  1. Kinco HMI With Mitsubishi FX1S PLC

    When you set a button up in the hmi software, it will ask you which bit you want to use. In your plc program you set the same bit up to do what you want
  2. Kinco HMI With Mitsubishi FX1S PLC

    You can't use HMI buttons to turn real inputs like X0 on and off -  you use internal bits like M0
  3. Medoc Keys to GX works 2

    Thanks, I did finally update an got the medoc keys. I don't usually update much only when necessary. That might sound foolish but I'm a great believer of 'if it's working fine' leave it alone' I have encountered many problems in the past with flaky updates and even killed an HMI. I suspect they forgot about old medoc users and were asked why the keys style wasn't there. Any way, thanks again.  
  4. Medoc Keys to GX works 2

    This is what I get when trying for a template  
  5. Medoc Keys to GX works 2

    Thank you very much chaps but my version does not give that option? If I have an older version (bought about a year ago) why would it not have medoc keys but updated versions do?
  6. Medoc Keys to GX works 2

    I'm an old dragon that started programming in Medoc. Like many of us oldies, I liked medoc but eventually had to move on to GX Developer because of the new PLC's The transition was made easier because I could set up the programming keys to match medoc ... ie   1= n/o contact etc I cannot find any such method in GX 2 There is a 'key customize' section but I can't find a way to change them to medoc style. Is it possible?
  7. Need software for mitsubishi plc nexgenie 1000

    You'll have to wait nearly 200 years for that version.
  8. Much better than my Russian Inntele спасибо
  9. E1061 - Beijer Electronics

    Download the project to the pc (if you don't already have it) Go to print and change printer from default or whatever to a PDF printer
  10. FX2N 4AD-TC Resolution

    I'm just setting up a test rig on my bench to alter an existing program for a huge drying room. At present they are using electrical heaters and fans to circulate hot air but are changing this to 2 gas burners. They are making a special product that needs an even temperature through the curing process. I have programmed in 2 Thermocouples to the FX2N-4AD-TC and I have converted the signals to the correct temperature. However, when the temperature rises and falls the digital temperature number jumps past degrees  IE: - reading 20C then 24C then 28C with no inbetween C How do I alter the resolution to read C in 1 degree at a time. I need this as I am going to write a sort of PID on site to go between high fire and low fire to hold the correct temperature 
  11. FR-F740P-15K

    Yes Just alter the parameters to suit the new motor.
  12. Fx1n 40mt dss

    And observe correct polarity?
  13. FX2N CPU-E LED Problem

    The MT is transistor output and MR is relay output. Otherwise the same, unless it specifically needs transistor outputs
  14. mitsubishi software

    Or Homer Simpsons advice to Bart If at first you don't succeed, never try again.
  15. FX2N CPU-E LED Problem

    It looks like a hardware problem to me too. If you took the battery out while still powered up - there's a chance the program is still there (I forget the time allowed to remove and replace the battery) Your first thing to do is try and communicate with it and attempt to get the program out.   If not, (and no program backup) it's a new PLC and reprogram.