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  1. E1041 - Fill Overflow error message

    Just a guess because I don't have a screen here or the manual but there are some dip switches under a cover at the back I think you have to set those to allow transfer from a usb stick
  2. Elipse scada

    Yes Buy the license.
  3. converting gx developer program to gx works 2

    alstubleift (spelling is probably wrong - I have only heard it :) )
  4. Conection FX2N-1PG & MR-J2S

    What lights are lit on the 1PG? As Gambit says - the plc program should have some TO and FROM instructions in the program Can you post the plc program here.  
  5. I agree, it was a very good course. (very expensive for a one man band though) but 20 years ago there was not many freelance programmers and I wanted to get my name out there. As it happened, customers found me. I don't know if Mitsi still do a 1. 2. 3 diamond service for customers - where 3 diamond meant guaranteed engineer within 2 hours, 24 hours a day anywhere in the country (hence an exclusive area) I do remember though - during the course, about 3 or 4 left after the first day. They admitted they didn't understand a thing that was going on.
  6. It was 15/20 years ago but there was an exclusive area. To be paid, you had to invoice Mitsubishi, not the customer. They took at least 3 months to pay and charged the customer double your fee. And, there were very few calls from them and most were middle of the night.
  7. I went to Hatfield a good few years ago for a course on advanced programming. It was so that I would be a certified Mitsubishi engineer and have my own exclusive area for Mitsubishi. It cost me a fortune to be part of their 3 diamond service package and I never came close to recouping my costs.   Not only that, they told me - because I didn't pay my next annual fee, I could not call myself a Certified Mitsubishi Engineer any more.
  8. Mitsubishi FX3U Suddenly Stop Code

    We are having to guess quite a lot here. But, if the hmi is communicating correctly and the plc run light is on - in all probability there is an input missing. Something like an e stop or something that 'in the program' disables all outputs. You have not mentioned the type of plc, but some have a run terminal X0 X1 X2 If the run input is off, outputs will be disabled.
  9. Mitsubishi FX3U Suddenly Stop Code

    Do you mean there are no output lights (led's) on Is the green power and run light on?
  10. I taught myself structured programming after reading 'once you have mastered it you will never go back to plain ladder' They were wrong! Maybe it's my brain, but I can visualize ladder - I can see what will happen and write what I want to happen. I don't need to compile or keep testing it until I have finished. My errors can be quickly rectified 'oops M54 not M45 etc' I felt as though I was falling behind - not learning the latest language.... Nah, I can still program anything you want me to do.
  11. FX-64MR

    There are often unexplainable bits in some one else's program. I think m500 and above are retentive bits in the fx. It could be the programmer set this to on to disable that part while testing through a power recycle. Could be controlled from an hmi. I wouldn't get stuck on it, it's n/c so has no action
  12. FX-64MR

    Try explain your problem in more detail? I have opened the project you posted and it opened perfectly. The missing left bus line is because an MCR instruction is used. This shows the logic that is being controlled by the MCR   On line 137 is the instruction MC N0 M0 If M0 is not on, all logic between line 137 and line 222 will be disabled. The missing lines are to show you which parts are on and which are not depending on the state of M0  
  13. FX-64MR

    You have not lost any ladder between 222 and 224. The MCR N0 must take use up 2 steps. Make a copy of the program then try repair the missing line with a down line.
  14. FX-64MR

    The instruction MCR N0 is a master control relay - The N0 is nest 0 The gap in the left hand buss line is where it is (if you like) cutting the power to the rest of the logic   On a rethink - maybe not. Ive never used the MCR before - but seen it in programs. The  bus line is shown broken higher up