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  1. By dummy coil I meant any M coil that isn't used anywhere in the program to complete the line and nothing will happen if it goes true.
  2. I've had the same problem before and the only way round it was to put 'dummy' coils at the end of the broken ladder. At least then it would download to the PLC. The one I did it to was a dying plc. It kept powering itself down, then half an hour later power itself up again. When I swapped out the 'A' plc for a working one I put the altered code in it and it worked fine. I was expecting something to not work and was ready to work on the program - but all was well.
  3. How to fix output of fx1s-20mr-001

    Maybe you do. You have the plc - open it up.
  4. How to fix output of fx1s-20mr-001

    Is there a program in the plc? If so, maybe Y0 comes on at power up but the actual physical output is blown.
  5. Thanks gambit I was only wanting to do a few alterations and it wouldnt let me in with any cable   It's a stand alone unit not on any network. (apart from it is a duplicate and connected to another HMI by RS232 at the other end of the plant) I wanted to upload the program, change some things and download the updated program. An hours job maybe.... took me all day to get in. lol   And it's not my call to upgrade it to a GOT. They are happy with the robust HMI's they have.
  6. It's not really a problem - but more of a moan. I had an E1061 on site that would not talk to me through the normal CAB 30 cable. It was set to talk to another E terminal on that port and wouldn't accept my connection.    So I made a ethernet crossover cable and all I got was connection failed.. Much searching and testing and reading later... still no joy. All it said in the help files was set to TCP and use a crossover cable or hub and normal cable. Then hours later, in an obscure chapter, there it was. Start a new network connection on your laptop - instead of get IP automatically, set it manually to the same network numbers as the HMI Blinking heck, it connected. I would have thought that would have been one of the first things to mention in the manual.   Moan over. This is in case anyone comes here with the same problem.        
  7. Fx2n-2lc

  8. FX2N-16EYR Error Output

    You have to be careful which way round you do your CMP instruction or you will get opposite results to what you expect. But the main thing is, once a compare bit has been set it will stay set until the values changes EVEN WHEN THE LINE GOES FALSE.  
  9. Problems backing up Mitsubishi FX1N-24MR-ES/UL

    I'm not at my plc computer at the moment but select change plc type. Chose the new plc type and it will warn you if there are any differences
  10. Oh it was a right puzzler. I tried using =>   =< and it either set without being true or.. wouldn't set when it was true. I even just wrote that line in a separate program (with C235 permanently on via M8000 on another line) I slowly turned the encoder I had connected to my set up until the figures in the equation were exactly the same with the same result.   Then aha... the counter is 32 bit so I used DMOV C235 D100 permanently on and used D100 instead of C235 in the compare. Works as expected now.
  11. I was happily writing a program using an encoder for positioning and counting. I wrote the first draft which I was sure was almost perfect except maybe for a few tweaks. I have a test plc and hmi on my desk and simulated the operation of the machine on it. All was going well until the program did something unusual - it set a coil where the line wasn't true??? I checked for double coils and all that but there were none I even changed the coil number - but it still set it. In fact I tried everything and gave it great thought while I was away from the program. Then in a moment of enlightenment, it came to me. I'd probably spent 2/3 hours trying to fix my error. Here it is: this doesn't work hehehe I'm sure you will know why.    
  12. Problems backing up Mitsubishi FX1N-24MR-ES/UL

    What is different?
  13. FX3U and e700 not fully functioning.

    The driver for the fx3 in the E700 will need updating. The fx3 was not around when that hmi came out. You'll need e designer.
  14. Float numbers

    Not in this case, they meddle with the recipes nearly every batch. They input the values from a hand written piece of paper. This hmi is a big step up for them. They were made to automate the dosing by the Health & Safety inspectors after an accident. You can see the type of chemicals and acids they use on my screenshot above. They used to use scaled buckets, drew the acid from a barrel  and tipped it in by hand Until of course it went down someones leg one day. Hospital case and skin grafts. One step at a time with these guys.
  15. Float numbers

    Thank you all for your solutions - FB;s and HMi test screens but it wasn't what I really wanted I couldn't use the FB as I am using an FX1N in ladder and the slider was ok but too cumbersome. I just wanted the operator to input, say - 17.5 litres and the hmi to show 17.5 - but the D register to have a workable number. I have cracked it - or got a workable solution; I used the 'gain' on the hmi. I set it to 0.1 and decimal places 1 17.5 Litres was shown on the screen correctly and I got 175 in the D register. I can now work with that number.     Thanks - hope it can be of help to someone else one day