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  1. Start Ladder Logic Test

    It's a separate program that needs to be installed. The greyed out button will then be blue.
  2. How do PLCs fade away?

    What did it do? I was only thinking the other day that in 25 years i have only had one fail (an FXon) A few outputs maybe, but that's it.
  3. FX1N Counter operation

    You can use a compare CMP to look at the value of the counter. Read up on the instruction. It gives 3 M coils. Less than, equal to, greater than.
  4. How would you solve this problem in ladder?

    Why have you done it? To look clever¿   Most could do the simple task but the poster learns nothing.   I was doing in parts and asking why....... Sigh        
  5. How would you solve this problem in ladder?

    Ah well, fair do's you have had a go. It's a strange task to be set seing as the stop button is the only way to stop the motor (and you said 'if) and then having to press start twice to make it go again but if that is what it is............. Here's some of YOUR code slightly altered There are some differences 1, why have I made the stop button N/O 2, why is MO now in series with the start button 3, What happens to the coil of MO when the stop is pressed  
  6. How would you solve this problem in ladder?

    A teacher perhaps? Post where you are stuck and somebody will help We won't do it for you
  7. How would you solve this problem in ladder?

    How would you solve it?
  8. Software for A0J2

    It can. I have connected to that model. Check your .com settings
  9. E 1022 terminal error

    It's upload...or recieve. To get the program out with just e designer Start a new blank project with the same plc and hmi Then transfer / then recieve
  10. Software for A0J2

    GX Developer is the right software (apart from medoc of course) it's listed in the plc type. Make sure you have the correct cable and your com settings are correct.  
  11. GX-Developer 8 Trial Version

    14 years ago this was posted... 14 years. It's well out of date now and I don't think Mitsubishi do an updated trial.
  12. Mitsubishi FX64-MR

    Dya think he sorted it this way?
  13. Mitsubishi FX64-MR

    I ran an fxon for years on 24v dc. (240v ac ) A job where I meant to swap it out....but never did. If you take the 240 away and put 24v on the 24 0 terminals and it boots up, it will run like that.
  14. Mitsubishi FX64-MR

    I believe there is an internal fuse. I seem to remember it takes a bit of digging down to. Also, a quick test: Remove the power supply and put 24 vdc onto the 24 and 0 volt terminals and if it springs to life, the internal power card has gone.
  15. Communication between fx3u-232ADP-MB and HIM

    You'll get no response here either if you post the same question multiple times