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  1. PID control advice?

    Base on your diagram ,it is possible but not quite accurate, since 10 minutes is long time  feedback. If "NO" other issue why not bring your acid dose closer to Alkaline dose. to reduce the response time.
  2. S7-1214C All LED Blinking

    Is that a brand new CPU, no previous program installed? if yes then the LEDs are normal, once you download the program and you meet all conditions you will only see the green status LED only. Your problem is that you are not establishing the network connections. Please check your firewall settings and antivirus settings. check also your LAN connections, your IP address from the PC and PLC should not be the same. in your picture the RX /Tx should be blinking, indicating a data signal exchange. try to ping also, if the CPU will response, then 100% you can download the new program.
  3. Need some help about S7-200 smart PLC

    a big possibility the file has been corrupted. try to open another file (program) and see if it can open.
  4. MicroWIN, problem: "Class not registered"

    I'm using virtual machine or VMware in that case...
  5. MicroWIN, problem: "Class not registered"

     Classes are registered during the installation of the software in the registry. If you get an error code " class not registered " there maybe something wrong in the installation or you may have installed incompatible software. 
  6. try this link http://lab.kss.aei.polsl.pl/lab_mats/lab200_1334756820.pdf
  7. Industrial automation

    Hi, check this out... https://www.steute.com/en/wireless/products/wireless-inductive-sensors.html https://www.steute.com/en/wireless/products/wireless-universal-transmitters/rf-io.pdf
  8. thank you, got it.   now i need to replace my math instruction to + instead of +B. 
  9. High Speed Counter Problem

    hi, try to replace your encoder. i don't know what's exactly the history of your machine. if that's an old encoder and working before, a big possibility that is defective, or connections and cable issue.  if your encoder is new and not exactly the same spec as the original one , then try to check again its specification and the hardware configuration in the plc. You might use different plc, but in  s7-1200 sometimes you might adjust the input filters, or sometimes i might use word math instruction to create some factors for specific application or just to meet a certain requirement. 
  10. Hello Omron programmers, have a nice day to you all. I just need your help in this, i hope you have explanation.  I added a few sequence to the machine with compare instruction D2255 and D2259 as memory data. I really wonder what’s going on. D2255 a decimal value of 9, when it transferred to compared instruction it’s 9, but when D2255 become 10 or above, when it transferred to compared instruction it will become 16 or above, there is an additional of 6 to the decimal value when it more than 9. I attached the photos of it for more details. Can somebody please help me? Thank you.            
  11. Siemes CPU216 2BD23-0XBD Issue

    Hi, you input 1800 value direct from microwin to the cpu not from HMI, i am right? i wonder what is the status of your CPU. is there any alarm on the CPU?
  12. Siemens S7-1200 1211C, should I buy it?

    This CPU is great for practice. it package also with Analog input i think, just add Signal Board (SB) for additional analog output. That would be cheaper. 
  13. simulator for S7-200 Siemens Simatic PLC

      Shehza2002, the simulator of s7 200 is a third party software not developed by siemens. the simulator key was already given above (6596), and you can download it legally for free in CNET and other website.  I recommend also the FACTORY IO 3D simulator. it's compatible also to a many brand of PLC's. https://factoryio.com/
  14. By using Prosave you can't edit the program and you can only downloaded it to the same model of HMI, unlike back up transfer you can edit the program and you can also change the device. You can only do back up transfer if the previous programmer enable the back up transfer option the last time he downloaded the program, if not then you can only use Prosave. This is what i experience in wincc 2008 flex.
  15. HELP! Wiring 1214C DC/DC/DC CPU

    Hello, the Photo is a little bit dark,  I can't read the marking. anyway Please try to check the attached picture, it might help you.