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  1. HELP! Wiring 1214C DC/DC/DC CPU

    Hello, the Photo is a little bit dark,  I can't read the marking. anyway Please try to check the attached picture, it might help you.
  2. Downgrade Firmware HMI TP1200 Comfort

      Just try this perhaps it will work, you have similar problem in one of my colleague. This procedure solve his problem. - Open the Control Panel of the computer - Check in the top right corner if "viewed as" (or similar) is set to small or large icons (not category) - Open "Set PG/PC-Interface (32-Bit)" - In the Drop-Down menu on top, check that the access point is set to S7ONLINE - In the list below are all network interfaces of the computer listed. Search there for the ethernet-adapter, with which the panel is connected to the PC and select it. CAUTION, there are 3 entries for the Ethernet-Interface, select the one that ends with ".TCPIP.1" (NOT .TCPIP.Auto.1) - Hit ok ProSave: - Set on the general tab the connection to Ethernet or PN/IE - Set on the general tab an IP-adress for the panel, which is in the same subnet then the computer - In the OS Update tab, check the box for reset to factory settings, enter the MAC adress of the panel and click on update (panel should be started before) If it still doesn't work now, disable all firewalls and anti virus softwares, because some of these softwares don't let neccessary packages pass, that are needed for establishing the connection.      
  3. array and string

    String is very useful if you want to send character from PLC to be display to the HMI.   In small application you don’t need an array, but for larger application array is great option, especially when you want represent multiples values in single variables.  Example in data block an array of [1..30] real - Temperature.  So instead of writing individually to access all those 30 temperature value, just do it in an array to save time, space and easy to remember during your programming.
  4. S7 300 Profibus fault

    Is there any FM card or any other module in the slot under the station IM 153?  In my experience. example the FM  card will alarm due to the encoder was faulty. Your IM 153 will goes to System fault or SF alarm, and that will appeared to your diagnostic buffer. So try to consider also the module under your IM 153, maybe one of those module in the station cause the alarm. 
  5. from the software of your HMI try to search if the s7-300 plc is available. i mean try to check the compatibility first. what model of delta HMI you have and the model of s7-300?  we can use profibus or MPI protocol or even profinet.  
  6. S7 300 Profibus fault

    You need seimens step 7 software and  try to troubleshoot online.  go to the diagnostic buffer, and it will display which module or any that causing the problem. or go to the hardware configuration and online, you can see from there the modules condition, the module failed to communicate will be mark with x. is your CPU SF led is ON? what is the condition of the CPU? any red led is on. i mean the BF? SF?. try to secure the software, it will not take time troubleshooting if you have the software. 
  7. Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 connection problems

    Hello DRQ, First you need to set your PC IP address.  then you can follow this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UkMBaDn_ec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Au6m45GIvA  
  8. wincc flexible

    hello PV550, You can't view the tag screen only or the whole project you can't open? Because in wincc flexible, base on my experience. we can't open the project if we use prosave to back up the program, we can only download them back to the same model of HMI. if the previous programmer is kind enough to enable the back up transfer during the last time he downloaded the program, then that is the only way i know to do the "back up transfer" and edit the program.
  9. wincc flexible

    I apologize for my sentence Crossbow. this is really what i mean for Donne: https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/document/38612895/service-pack-2-for-wincc-flexible-2008?dti=0&lc=en-US. you can update your wincc for free. i already update mined and its working now. if you have 64bit OS, maybe wincc flexible SP3 will do. take it from here: https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/document/58860033/update-for-wincc-flexible-2008-service-pack-3?dti=0&lc=en-WW    
  10. How to make a Profibus Network in TIA Portal V13

    Try this link it might be helpful: http://pdb2.turck.de/repo/media/_us/Anlagen/G1039.pdf the procedure may the same just replace it with  Rockwell motor starter. I hope this help you...  
  11. How to make a Profibus Network in TIA Portal V13

    i researched this for you. profibus_step7_v13_function_manual_en-US_en-US.pdf
  12. wincc flexible

    Hello, If you have this type of HMI; SIMATIC HMI KTP1000 BASIC COLOR PN (6AV6647-0AF11-3AX0). You can configure it from  WINCC FLEXIBLE 2008 SP2. Definitely you can find this software for free in the net  if you are a resourceful enough.     
  13. need help for TIA V13

    Thank you..now i need to upgrade my software...hope i can get a good price deal...
  14. need help for TIA V13

    Hello Everyone,  Our machine with PLC CPU 1214c, was program last year using TIA V13 professional. Now i need to add some Expansion module for additional sequence, but i only have here a TIA V13 basic. When i tried to search the hardware; yes it can be searched, but it will not upload the existing hardware (CPU+ other modules).  My question is, if the s7-1200 PLc was programmed by TIA v13 professional , does it can only  be edit  by TIA v13 professional? is there any chance that  the basic version can edit the programmed.    Thank you all in advance for your answers...
  15. FX3sa-20MR

    Thank you so much for your reply. this is the actual photo of the PLC,  FX3SA-20MR.