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  1. My company ordered a Modicon TM221CE24R for programming. Once it was wired up and powered, this light order occurs: Solid PWR, Solid SL for roughly 5 to 10 seconds Solid PWR, Sollid Err for roughly 5 seconds Solid PWR blinking Run for a few seconds Solid PWR and One flash of Err Solid PWR, Solid SL then repeats the Err I know from looking through several manuals that the solid red may be an internal issue which i assume is the plc. I'm getting a second one wired up and hopefully will have more luck with testing but I'm curious if others have had this issue as well and what options did you try, this project is supposed to be up and running for debugs with the other guys in 48 hours. Thanks for any help in advance, Cody.
  2. Okay, that is helpful for me to know that. I have moved from using a TXD command to trying a TXDU command since that sends a serial command. I'm still having troubles making anything work.
  3. First off, I am new to using Omron PLC program (CX-Programmer) and their equipment. My first question that I have is upon turning the plc on, the display shows 01 and it blinks. I've tried searching for why it does this, and the buyer we got this from had very little paper work with. I'm not sure if this is why my commands on my logic are not working either or if that is messed up too since I have never had to print to a Zebra printer before. Attached is a .png file of the code that I have to send the message to the Zebra printer. I have the codes for printing in the D register that start at D1550 and go to D1730 so thats the reason for the 19 bytes to send. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Cody B
  4. CC-Link with 2 VFD

    I don't think the type of equipment we have will allow me to do the FB's this way. I cannot even pull up FB in general. In the CC-Link under network parameter very few options are even listed for me to change. This was the problem we ran into the first time and why we didn't do any function blocks. Thanks for the help but the original question is still there about how you know which one you communicate through using the ladder logic because something in the picture actually shows how it works.
  5. CC-Link with 2 VFD

    I downloaded the ZIP and extracted and there is nothing in the help files. So i did a google search to Mitsubishi's website and downloaded one of those and it also did not show any content in there.
  6. CC-Link with 2 VFD

    I did things the way the guy showed me, if there are easier ways, usually when I see an example I can figure out how it is done. Also since I'm new to this I don't get what 'help file' is, since I cannot see any attachment, unless it's outside the post showing that it needs help. *Newbie status* Nevermind, I refreshed the screen and see what you have put on it.
  7. CC-Link with 2 VFD

    I also forgot to mention that I am using a FR-A7NC for the CC-Link with a FX2N series.
  8. CC-Link with 2 VFD

    Hello, I have been working with a company getting a die cast model working. This is my first experience with GX Works2 and GT Developer3. Learning the logic and the HMI side was easy but understanding how the CC-llink works with the VFD's is confusing me. My problem is knowing how to communicate to 1 specific VFD over the other. The company wants the outputs of frequency, current, and voltage, which are monitored by the following hex codes, H006F, H0070, and H0071 respectively. I had help from a worker who sells the programs and he practically wrote the coding for me where I did not fully understand why it is what it is. Sadly, I have the machine set up at the factory and will be visiting it next week to touch up the HMI and program and I really want this part to be done with. OVERALL: I need to know how to communicate only with 1 VFD to get the values of frequency, current, and voltage. Then move those values to set D values. Then repeat that with the second VFD. Thanks for the help, Cody B