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  1. Reset encoder PF755

    Hello Janasamara We have an application with Power Flex 753 that might help you. We use an encoder to read the position of an accumulator through the PF753. Here are some parameters: P309 = 1 Speed Controller P738 (UserHomePsn) = move 0 to reset initial position, this is our reset P731 (HomingControl) = 1 when moving 0 to P738 I hope this can help you
  2. Powerflex 755 autotune

    Hi Janasamara. Check parameter 309 SpdTrqPsn Mode A = 1, if it is to work as speed regulator and also check the encoder connections, the channels can be inverted (A, / A, B, / B). You can also autotune as an open loop to eliminate some encoder or board problem.
  3. Hello ankitjd Here is a diagram of the PV, PC, PLC connection of an application used in my job and also the page 204 of the standard PV manual. I hope I can help you.   PV_PLC.pdf  
  4. 1747-AENTR

    Hello Vitor. In this case you must update your version of Logix 5000 for V21 or will have to use two modules 1747-AENTR. In the company I work we use the 21.11 version and had no problems.
  5. power flex 753

    Before replacing the drive you must save the parameters in HIM through the copycat function and then download the new inverter