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  1. Excellent. Let me know how you go. Cheers.
  2. Here is the ESI file for the EL6695-1001 from Omron. Cheers
  3. Thanks for comments panic mode. I am using the ESI file supplied by Omron for the EL6695-1001 but, as far as I can tell, it is identical with the Kuka file except the Omron file has the icon images included (Kuka images are separate). The Kuka fiie should work. We are not using any of the safety features of the EL6695. I vaguely remember reading something about Omron (or the NJ) not supporting the safety features of the EL6695. Disabling safety and sync (in NJ and KRC4) seemed to be the thing that made it work. The Kuka EL6695 ESI file for the NJ is in: C:\Program Files (x86)\KUKA\WorkVisual 4.0\DeviceDescriptions\ESISec I will check if I am allowed to post the Omron ESI file... Cheers.
  4. Thanks - and thanks to Omron techs. NJ connects to secondary side as originally intended. Good luck with your system.
  5. Success - thanks to the valiant efforts of the guys at the Melbourne Omron office. :) When you get to Edit Module Configuration, don't map IO for the 'Standard Sync Inputs' or 'Safety Process Data'. Only map IO for 'Standard Process Data'. Also, 'Module Config Send Method' must be set to 'Send' (default is 'Do not send'). I think those were the significant issues - there may have been others (I changed so many things trying to get it going). Let me know how you go. Cheers.
  6. I had thought of that - the 'consequences' I mentioned above. Messy, but it would work. Apparently, the Omron rep is coming to site so I will sort out other stuff while I wait for him.
  7. Hi Andy_P, Thanks for the response. I saw a video from Omron that showed the EL6695 connected up that way. Unfortunately, there is an input and an output module for the Kuka with the bridge so swapping primary/secondary has 'consequences' but I will keep that in mind when I get desperate! I will keep you informed. I am in Melbourne too (Truganina, till Thursday evening). Cheers.
  8. Hi all, I have an NJ trying to talk to the secondary side of a Kuka EL6695-1001 EtherCAT bridge. The NJ appears to recognise the bridge but fails with an "acquisition error" or "Failed to get the lower network configuration information". Apart from these messages (and the fact it doesn't work), it all appears to configure correctly (memory sizes and PDOs). The activity light on the bridge 'IN' port is flashing (connection to NJ) and we have verified the Ethernet cable. I have tried the ESI file supplied by Kuka and one supplied by Omron - no joy. Any suggestions please? Thanks.
  9. CP1L Origin Search ignores origin limit input

    Many thanks sparky. A bit more complex that I thought but I think I can see what you are doing and how you are doing it. I should be able to extract the parts I need. Thanks again.
  10. CP1L Origin Search ignores origin limit input

    Thanks sparky. I am very aware that there are many ways to get the origin search wrong! I am tempted to do the same but I don't have the time or the experience (yet). Are you able to share with me please? It's ok if you can't... Thanks again.
  11. Hi all, I am setting up a CP1L with 2 servos in CW/CCW pulse mode. The servo on output 0 is working nicely (thanks to some pointers on this forum). The output 1 servo moves and reverses at the forward limit and aborts at the reverse limit but ignores the 'home' limit in both directions. I believe both PLC pulse outputs are set up identically in 'settings' except for the port numbers in the ORG instructions and the limit switch inputs (A540.08, A540.09, A540.10 and A541.08, A541.09, A541.10). The 'home' limit is connected via a NO contact to A541.10 in the ladder diagram and I can see it activate on screen. I only attempt to home 1 axis at a time. The main pulse output settings are: Detection Method = 'Methd 2' Search Operation = 'Invers 1' Operation Moed = 'Mode 1' Any suggestions please? Thanks.