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  1. Iwo

    Hi ALL, I have a GE PQMII,Redlion Data Station & GE LM90 30 PLC I am trying to map data out of the PQMII to Redlion using Modbus-RS485 and then using Ethernet (TCP/IP) to map data from Redlion to GE LM 9030 PLC. I know Modbus uses hexadecimal and PLC Registers are in Decimal I need a technical procedure on how to configure/program Thank you Chris Ok Tedi Mining Limited
  2. FactoryTalk ME Station Error

    Hi ALL, We a have Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Machine Edition View Station 5.00.00 (CPR 9) that was working fine but just today, operators cannot reset/acknowledge alarms. I have checked network connectivity is okay I need assistance on what could be the possible cause? Thank you Chris
  3. Ethernet Global Data Comms Fault

    Thanks RussB
  4. Ethernet Global Data Comms Fault

    Hi All, We have a 4X Rx3i PLCs that use Ethernet Global Data (EGD) to talk to each other. At the moment we a facing EDG communication fault being generated and it trips the entire pumps What the likely causes of EDG faults: We have replaced PLC Ethernet Interface Modules-no fix We have tested the fiber optic cable-the readings show its OK Also,can someone explain what PLC heartbeat is?
  5. GE PACSystems Ehthernet Interface Error

    Hi ALL, In the Rx3i controller fault table-the following fault keeps coming-up "0.4-LAN System-software fault: resuming" Error Code: 402 Group: 16 Action: 2 Diagnostic Task Num: 6 28001d001400000004011d000000000c0a88066 Does anyone have the definition of this error code and how I can interpret the error? Thanks Chris Ok Tedi PNG
  6. CitecSCADA to Rx3i Communication Setup

    Thanks Russ  
  7. CitecSCADA to Rx3i Communication Setup

    Hi All, I am trying to setup the communication between GEIP PACSystems Rx3i and Schneider Electric CitecSCADA 7.1 Does anyone have the procedure? Thanks Chris
  8. PLC Software Conversion

    Hi ALL, How do I convert a LM 90 30 (DOS) to a Proficy Machine Edition 8.5 software? Thanks Chris
  9. Hi ALL, Can Schneider Electric CitecSCADA 6.10 talk to AB Micrologix 1100 via a Ethernet Interface Communication Module [1761-NET-ENI ]? And what Citec Driver can I use to set this up? Thanks Chris
  10. LM 90 70 Fuction Block For Integrator

    Thanks RussB, Will try this
  11. LM 90 70 Fuction Block For Integrator

    Hi ALL, Am trying to write a PLC code that will register accumulate tonnes from a conveyor weightometer What function blocks inside LM 90 70 can I use to develop this? Need assistance Thanks Chris
  12. Hi, Am trying to setup communication between Allen Bradley Micrologix 1100 controller's ethernet port to Citec SCADA 6.10 What protocols can I use to have Citec communiccate with AB Micrologix 1100 controller? Thanks
  13. PME 8.0

    Thanks RussB
  14. Ge Fanuc LM 90 30 PCM Commnications

    Thanks Steve
  15. PME 8.0

    Is Proficy Machince Edition Version 8.0 compatible with PME 8.5?