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  1. NT21 System Program

    Ever hear a picture worth a 1,000 words. I did a hard drive search for *.21 and it returned no files. After seeing your drive mapping I tried to look in a different area for the file. I found it and everything is back to normal. Very happy I joined this site a lot of helpful people with a lot of knowledge. Thank You!
  2. NT21 System Program

    Exactly....I can't find that NT-AXX0D.21 system file. I've searched the whole computer and it seems like it was never installed. On top of it thanks to our tight control on software, the original software packaged is locked up with our IT group/person, who is out on vacation this week. I'm looking to get that system file so that I can upload it to the HMI. I wasn't here when the software was installed on this PC, but I'm assuming it was never installed during the initial installation.
  3. NT21 System Program

    Yes, I have the system installer, but during the process of installing the system program, I can't find the NT21 system program on the PC. My question is where can I get a copy of the system program so that I can download it to the NT21?
  4. NT21 System Program

    I currently have a NT21HMI that does not have the system software loaded. I do not have any system programs with the *.21 extension. Where can I find the NT21 system software?