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  1. FX3U Series DOUBT

    Hello KCRP, If you exchange your output Y040 for a retentive Marker (auxilery relay) you can use this marker in the next row to activate the output Y040. (see simple example below) For example, in the FX1 and FX2 series the retentive auxilery relay range starts from M384 and higher to keep the state after power fail. To have a complete overview of the range check the manual from you FX3u PLC. I've attached a part of te manual so you can see the M range, Timer range and counter range that is retentive and saves the value in the EEPROM of the PLC. Keep in mind that motors can start automatically without any warning if Y040 starts a motor. It can be a very dangerous situation!! I use this construction very often and always put a timer that acivates a sounder for 5 seconds to warn the operator that the machine will start up after the timer has expired and they can take their hands out of the machine in time or press the emergency stop before the output of the motor is activated. SIMPLE EXAMPLE: |--| |----(M384)   X0 (your start condtions for Y040) |--| |--(Y040) M384 (retentive M) You can also use a SET M384/RST M384 Best regards, Theo V.  
  2. FX3G 60MR Baud Rate setting

    Hello Amogh,   First of all, why do you want to speed up? 9600BAUD is normally fast enough to feed the data to your Scada unless you have a lot of data to transfer from the PLC. If you want to increase the speed I suggest you use an Ethernet connection instead. As far as I know serial connection is limited to 9600Baud for FX PLC's. (Add a ENET-ADP adapter and an Ethernet module to the FX3G base module).   Best regards, Theo V.
  3. FX3GE - Analog configuration

    Hi David,   See the attached picture with an example to set CH1 to 0-10Volt. Did you check the manual in the tutorial section? See reply from february 22th 2016 above for the details and also I can recommend you to check out the workshop pdf file. Aldough it is in Dutch the pictures taken from GX-Works2 are in English. Succes!   Best regards, Theo V.
  4. E300 hmi relocation

    Hi Russ333, You can extend a RS422 line up to 1200 meters so the 30m should not be a problem. Best regards, Theo V.
  5. Set Reset with singal input

    Hello Kumarsaurab92, As Andrei says in FX it is the ALT instruction to alternate on and off with the same input. You can use a rising edge puls PLS and a falling puls PLF to trigger the ALT instruction to make sure it is only triggert one time.   Best regards, Theo V.
  6. how can I Connect FX5U by direct RJ45 ?

    Hello Mazen_abs,   At least you need the GX-Works or IQ Works software to download. I'm not sure if the FX5U has a build in webserver. In the FX3 series there is. Just type in the IP number of the FX5U in your internet explorer tot test. To connect make sure your laptopp/PC networkcard is in the same IP range and subnetmask as the FX5U. Modern laptops from Dell and HP can handle straight and cross RJ45 cables. If you are not sure just put a simple ethernetswitch in between the computer and the PLC. Than you have straight cable connections only.   Best regards, Theo V.
  7. how to connect fx3ge with inverter e700

    Ron S, And remember... Google is your friend to find manuals too! Regards, Theo V.
  8. i need connection cable diagram

    Hello Mazen_abs, See the link to the e700 manual. Chapter 4 is about the control trough a FL communication cable. It seems that this is a RJ45 plug. There is no wire diagram that tells specific the serial RS485 connection of the FL communication. I have only little experience with the Mitsubishi frequency inverters so this is all I can do for you in this. Best regards, Theo V.
  9. fx2n 4AD-TC

    Hello Irfan ali,   Check out this link to the manual of this TC module. To select a thermocouple type you need to set a buffer #BFM0 (see attached JPG) I hope this information helps you out, I'm not fammiliar with this TC module so no further information available from my side. Best regards, Theo V.
  10. Gx Developer 8.72 or above required

    Hi Asad Hussain, November 11th 2016 there was a topic about installing the USB driver. You can read this topic with the link: Best regards, Theo V.
  11. Pinout drawing for GT10-C10R4-8P cable

    Hi Smithers1, I never opened a 8-pin plug but usually the order is from top to bottom in the list so I asume you are right about the order brown = pin 1 etc. I suggest that if you start testing the cable the first time just leave the white wire +5Vdc power not connected but use an external powersource for the GOT 5Vdc. Only connect the '-' from the 5Vdc to both GOT and PLC side (to close the loop). Aldough I think the port is galvanic isolated by opto-couplers you don't have the risk of destroying your FX PLC port due a wrong wire connection. As you noticed, there is not much info on the net about this subject. Perhaps because the original cable is around € 20,- euro and only the real hardcore electronic guys heat up the soldering iron to make a cable theirselfs just because it is possible... Don't take that personal but for that price I would just order a standard cable somewhere and save me the headache. It is up to you to decide. Succes!   Best regards, Theo V.
  12. Pinout drawing for GT10-C10R4-8P cable

    Hi Smithers1, Check-out the GOT connection manual: Page 186 gives some diagrams for GOT 1000 series. You can give it a shot ot try it on the GT2104. (See attached picture)   Best regards, Theo V.
  13. ACPU Gx developer connection issue Hi Kdog, With the link above you see a SC09-USB version (not an Original Mitsubishi) for USD $49,- For that amount of money you could take a chance. I use a serial to USB converter from a brand named 'Targus' in combination with a Original SC-09 cable (the red one) and this combination did not let me down so far on FX and A series CPU. Best regards, Theo V.
  14. FX2N-4AD

    Hi Dynamicboy, Attached a wirering diagram for 4-20mA at a FX2N-4AD module. Also a programming example how to make an average reading if you signal is fluctuating too much. Aldough I think you might pick up some noise in the wires. If you have a loop generator in your workshop you can simulate a 4-20mA signal at the input of the PLC to see if the problem is present inside the PLC module or programming or if the problem is inside the Hanna transmitter.   Best regards, Theo V.
  15. hi dears

    Hello Salama,   At least tell us some more details like the type of PLC and which diagram you need. Wirering in- and outputs or the internal electronics inside the PLC. (this last part I don't expect to be available) Did you check out the download section in this forum? many manuals are there to download.   Best regards, Theo V.