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  1. Hello All, I'm in the process of tuning a motor and I understand almost everything that is happening.  The only thing that doesn't really make sense is how frequency relates to the speed of the motor.  For instance, let's say my 3db point is at 100 Hz.  I understand that from 0 to 100 Hz my motor is stable.  If I have a 3000 RPM motor, how does 0 to 100 Hz relate to the maximum speed I can run the motor and still have precise positioning. Thank you
  2. Stepper Motor Driver question

    That signal relay is exactly what i need! Thank you
  3. Stepper Motor Driver question

    You're correct, I can step it down. Im having similiar trouble trying to find a 24 volt to 5 volt high speed relay. I can only find solid state relays that can operate at 1 Khz max. I need at least 8 Khz or my stepper motor will move like a slug. Any ideas on some 24 volt to 5 volt high speed relays?
  4. Stepper Motor Driver question

    Thanks! I was looking for a step and direction though.
  5. Stepper Motor Driver question

    Hello All, Im a newbie and was wondering if you could help me out with a question I have regarding stepper motor drivers. Im having trouble locating a stepper motor driver that takes a 24 volt signal for pulse and direction. I have found a bunch of stepper motor drivers but they use a 5 volt input or its not stated. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks
  6. Hello all, Let's says my PLC has a refresh rate of 1 ms. Ethercat has a refresh rate of roughly 0.1ms. Correct me if I am wrong but every Plc scan time ethercat refreshes itself 10 times? Or does it only refresh itself one time with a time based on the Plc scan cycle of 1ms? Thank you
  7. CIP question

    thanks guys
  8. CIP question

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew the maximum block size (or the maximum number of words of data) one CIP WRITE/READ can send through EIP using one packet? For instance how much information can I send without having to send multiple packets. I appreciate the help. Thank you
  9. Hello All, I was wondering what the safety requirements were for a AC induction motor with brake controlling a lift conveyor. Is there a proper procedure I need to follow to make it as safe as possible? If I use a EStop to shut off two force guided relays that control the motors power the motor will come crashing down if know break is applied. If i slam on the break by pressing the EStop it can damage my system. How can I safely stop my left conveyor? Thank you
  10. Force Guided Relay

    Thank you, your post really cleared a few things up. Thanks again
  11. Force Guided Relay

    Hello Everyone, I need some help understanding force guided relays. I understand that force guided relays are used in a lot of safety applications. I also understand that the EDM is used with a test pulse to check if the relay is working properly. What I dont understand is when the EDM is on. Is the EDM on when the relay is set (allowing current to flow) or not set? Thanks
  12. EIP21 and FINS commands

    Never mind, I think I got it to work!