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  1. On graphical screens, all of the text is lost and replaced by question marks. Talked to Rockwell support and they said that developing an application on a computer with the keyboard set to US English and running it on a computer set to Canadian English can result in loss of text due to a program bug. The problem I have is that the graphic screen text would show up, but all of the text for alarm messages would be lost and be replaced with question marks. The original program was written on a machine set to US english, but was being run on a computer set to Canadian english. I reset my laptop settings to US english keyboard and uploaded a new copy of the application from a remote computer. This time all of the alarm message text has been reproduced, but all of the text on graphical screens has been lost and replaced with question marks. What the hell? This is getting frustrating, because we are consuming time just trying to get Rockwell's software to display correctly, let alone be able to test it. How do I get the text back without having to retype everything out? Any suggestions? Thanks. Edit: I'd also like to find out if anyone else has run into this problem when using FTView 7.0.