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  1. Conversion

    Thanks guys that is exactly what I was looking for.  The description in the help is apparently wrong: it says that DBLL converts double floating to 32 bit signed binary. Wrong direction. One more question while you are here... to move the double floating point is it best to use XFER and move it as a block, or use MOVL twice? Are there benefits to one or the other?
  2. Conversion

    I have an omron CJ2M PLC, and am trying to do a conversion but I can't find the instruction for it. how do i convert a udint to a double floating point number (64bit).  I need the accuracy for further calculations. Thanks in advance 
  3. How do I make a recipe

    Thank you Michael that is exactly what I was looking for... In fact it will help with another project I am working on.   
  4. How do I make a recipe

    I have an Omron CJ2M CPU34, connected with an NS10-TV01BV2. I have been learning programing over the last couple of years, but I have no Idea how to do a recipe.  I need to have the user be able to set up the recipe, and execute it with a learn button on the NS.  It is on a brake press so there are only two parameters required for the recipe, I am just not sure of the best way to set it up.