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  1. Simple Project using CCLINK Option FR-A5NC

    Hey Kaare_t, Thank you for your reply,well I correctly set up the CC Link parameters with no errors and the LEDs are all solid green nothing is blinking. the parameters are as follows: Status(read) start from X1000 Commands (write) start from Y1000 Registers: D100,D200 I changed the Inverters Setting as recommended on the CC link option manual. The thing is I don't know how to write the ladder to initiate the communication and send commands to the inverter via the option.
  2. Hey ,I'm Kinda new to CC Link programming,I am working on a motor test panel using PLC: Q2OUCPU and CClink: QJ61BT11N and installed an Option FR-A5NC on the inverter (Mitsubishi : FR-A540 series). I basically want to be able to send a command to start the motor forward in high speed and then start in reverse in high speed also.I've read the manual and tried so many times but didn't see nothing happening. Any help will be appreciated thanks in advance