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  1. safety relays

    What is the difference between auto / manual and monitored manual reset on a safety relay?  Thanks
  2. Keyence plc's

    got a Keyence ldr plc and not sure how to commutate with it any help  
  3. Old Medoc and a F1/F2 plc

    I am having trouble getting on an old plc with the dos ver. of medoc.. I have been on there before a few months ago, Now it says I have the wrong memory... so no comm.   Any help out there?? I know this is very old  
  4. fx-usb-aw

    I have that file but all I see is the uninstall exe... Am I missing something simple??
  5. fx-usb-aw

    Got a new laptop with wind 7 64.. tried to load the software but it doesn't even see the adaptor when I plug it in the usb on my pc.. any help.. al I  can find on disk is an uninstall program..
  6. Dongle

    Can someone tell me a easy way to take activation from computer and install to a Dongle.. Kind of new to this.. Thanks
  7. GX Developer

    Thanks for the reply and help
  8. GX Developer

    I have a version 8.78 that I have been using on windows 7 32-bit OS. We changed laptops and now have Windows 7 64-bit OS and now I can't load the software on this laptop, anyone else had this problem ? Is there an upgrade I need to find? Thanks
  9. power flex 700

    What they are doing is using the enable with the e-Stop so that will not allow it to stop Thanks for the replys
  10. power flex 700

    normal operation of this drive the motor stops at end of each cycle but if E-Stop is pushed it coast to stop need to stop now thru res. bank. any sug. thanks
  11. Having trouble connecting my AB 5000 to the hmi thru Ethernet cable acts real slow with little or no communication. Any suggestions Thanks
  12. power flex 753

    We have to replace our Power Flex can I just take the little HMI out and put in new and it will automaticly keep the same Param.??
  13. Mitsubishi fx plc

    It is a FX mr48 using the dos ver. of medoc. Was just online a few days ago checking some things with no problem nothing has been done other the machine running I can't get in run till fault is cleared
  14. Mitsubishi fx plc

    I am getting an error code 6402 paramater error. It also tells me invalid plc memory use fuction plc all clear. any helpout there