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  1. Send reverse commande plc to drive

    Hi, Is the servo connected to the plc via ethernet cable? If this is the case please, post the plc program Is the servo being referenced by an analog signal? Is the servo being commanded by means of step and direction signals? If this is the case then check the direction signal Honestly I haven't worked with k300 but I may be able to help you if you send more information. The electric diagram may  be helpful also. bye
  2. MAOC Instruction Help

    Hi, I do not see why you would like to use two different MAOC instructions pointing to the same module since you can schedule and compensate each output individually and every output can also be unlatched individually by position or time. The only limit is the number of outputs that your module can process. Probably I didn't understand your question and you would like to set different axis arm position and cam arm position for each instruction. Sometimes when I don't get an official answer to my questions, what I do is to test by myself. In this case for example, program two MAOC instructions that use the same integer as the output and see what happens. After that you may want to test your actual module. By the way, recently I programmed a punching press using this instruction and I had to perform many tests before being satisfied with the result. Bye  
  3. Hi Dan, your wiring is correct assuming that the module's terminal 34 be connected to both the encoder pin T and the negative of your 24Vdc supply Bye   PS Excuse me for my intruding
  4. S7 interface beginner question

      Searching the internet I found these four: Sisteme Helmholz 700-884-MPI21 NETLink® PRO Compact IBHsoftec IBH Link S7++ MPI / PROFIBUS / PPI - Ethernet CommDTM for FDT hilscher NL 50-MPI S7-200/300/400 Ethernet programming connector DeltaLogic ACCON NetLink Pro Compact MPI-Profibus-PPI to Ethernet Gateway BUT at the end my client decided to buy an original costly Siemens 6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0 which is a PC USB adaptor And I did the job   Note: There are some Chinese versions of this adaptor that can be found on ebay at one tenth of the price, if you have the time to wait for its delivery.    
  5. PanelView Plus 6 1000 weird behavior

    Hi, I decided to restore the PVP6 to its factory default state, after that I upgraded it to V9.0 again, configured it, downloaded my app again and everything is working fine. Problem solved, mystery unsolved. Bye  
  6. Hi all, Recently I upgraded a PVP6 from version 7.0 to version 9.0 since I needed it to communicate with a 5069 CompactLogix Controller (L320ERM V30). I am still developing my app in FTView 7.0 because this is the latest version I have. By the way, now they communicate but not fully. The PVP6 accesses variables like Loca:1:I.Pt00.Data but opposite to the PV5500 it does not access variables like Loca:1:I.Pt00.@Description Now the weird part: The last time I downloaded an app to the PVP6 it stopped communicating. Then I examined the PVP6 and it was showing the desktop and no app was running. I managed to get into the terminal configuration and found that the device’s name and IP address had changed. I introduced the name and address back, checked that the desktop access was set to Disallow, downloaded my application again and now the application runs, the PVP6 communicates but it still shows the desktop. I hided the task bar but every time I reset the terminal it still shows the desktop prior to run the app. I haven’t put much effort on this yet but ideas will be appreciated. Thank you, Bye    
  7. Allen Bradley + Profibus

      I faced a situation kind of related to this topic. I am working on a project replacing the control and servos of a punching press (the project is getting to the installation phase only waiting for some items to arrive). The original idea was to replace only the controller, but the servos communicate with the controller via CANbus network with CANopen protocol. I couldn't find a way to control the servos with my CompactLogix controller cause AB as far as I know does not support CANopen so I ended up replacing the servos too. CANopen is widely used. I wish AB supported it. I suppose the situation is similar to Profibus's 
  8. S7 interface beginner question

    Hi all, I'm kind of beginner regarding Siemens PLCs. I have to buy an interface that allows me to program and monitor an S7-300 plc with profibus interface. So far I have utilized a Helmholz NETLink® PRO Compact, PROFIBUS Ethernet gateway 700-884-mpi21. My question is: what other options are there? Thank you
  9. Hi guys, Is there any way to preserve the current value of a variable present in the PLC when I download a program with RSLogix 500?. I mean that I want to download a modified program without overwrite some data. In this particular case I am doing some improvements to a program and when I download it I do not want the machine production counter to be modified. Thank you  
  10. I need help to convert my RSS file to PDF please!

    Two screen shots of your short program Bye
  11. PLC 5 CAD DWG's

    Hello mr Attached a copy of an excel spreadsheet contaning links to many cad drawings form the RAISE library (hope this is legal) I downloaded a couple PLC-5 drawings and worked well You can also download and install eCADWorks form the Rockwell site Bye
  12. Torq settings Powerflex 4M

    Hi Armadillo852, I visited the CCU link. Very nice story and very interesting character (this Chantecleer) I borrowed the name from a movie I watched with my children years ago called Rock-a-Doodle I think the movie was based upon an Edmond Rostand’s play called Chantecler Edmond Rostand is better known for his Cyrano de Bergerac Bye  
  13. Torq settings Powerflex 4M

    You're probably reaching your vfd's current limit or the motor speed is too low. I suggest to check the current and also consider using a reducer gearbox or pulleys.
  14. load cell SP4M-7Kg

    Hi colleagues This may sound crazy but don't forget to check for mechanical disturbances like wind, vibration coming from the floor, etc. Check if the weighing device has any kind of damper. Check if your load cell is well fitted and doesn't move To determine if your noise source is electrical, check grounding, check module inputs isolation, check noise coming from your power supply. The last can be checked with a voltage tester in mV AC. Good luck