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  1. Allen Bradley + Profibus

      I faced a situation kind of related to this topic. I am working on a project replacing the control and servos of a punching press (the project is getting to the installation phase only waiting for some items to arrive). The original idea was to replace only the controller, but the servos communicate with the controller via CANbus network with CANopen protocol. I couldn't find a way to control the servos with my CompactLogix controller cause AB as far as I know does not support CANopen so I ended up replacing the servos too. CANopen is widely used. I wish AB supported it. I suppose the situation is similar to Profibus's 
  2. S7 interface beginner question

    Hi all, I'm kind of beginner regarding Siemens PLCs. I have to buy an interface that allows me to program and monitor an S7-300 plc with profibus interface. So far I have utilized a Helmholz NETLink® PRO Compact, PROFIBUS Ethernet gateway 700-884-mpi21. My question is: what other options are there? Thank you
  3. Hi guys, Is there any way to preserve the current value of a variable present in the PLC when I download a program with RSLogix 500?. I mean that I want to download a modified program without overwrite some data. In this particular case I am doing some improvements to a program and when I download it I do not want the machine production counter to be modified. Thank you  
  4. I need help to convert my RSS file to PDF please!

    Two screen shots of your short program Bye
  5. PLC 5 CAD DWG's

    Hello mr Attached a copy of an excel spreadsheet contaning links to many cad drawings form the RAISE library (hope this is legal) I downloaded a couple PLC-5 drawings and worked well You can also download and install eCADWorks form the Rockwell site Bye
  6. Torq settings Powerflex 4M

    Hi Armadillo852, I visited the CCU link. Very nice story and very interesting character (this Chantecleer) I borrowed the name from a movie I watched with my children years ago called Rock-a-Doodle I think the movie was based upon an Edmond Rostand’s play called Chantecler Edmond Rostand is better known for his Cyrano de Bergerac Bye  
  7. Torq settings Powerflex 4M

    You're probably reaching your vfd's current limit or the motor speed is too low. I suggest to check the current and also consider using a reducer gearbox or pulleys.
  8. load cell SP4M-7Kg

    Hi colleagues This may sound crazy but don't forget to check for mechanical disturbances like wind, vibration coming from the floor, etc. Check if the weighing device has any kind of damper. Check if your load cell is well fitted and doesn't move To determine if your noise source is electrical, check grounding, check module inputs isolation, check noise coming from your power supply. The last can be checked with a voltage tester in mV AC. Good luck  
  9. Is the belt a motorized belt? Does it stop moving when there is a real jam or continues sliding under the boxes? Maybe you can monitor the belt's speed to help you decide when you have a real jam. Another idea (in case you must create a gap): Every next belt should move faster than its predecessor.  
  10. Motor Offset or Controller Offset?

    You don't set the value of the Motor Offset. If you do the Commutation Test or know the commutation offset and it is different from the Motor Offset determined by the system then use Controller Offset, introduce your offset value and this is what the drive is going to use. Bye
  11. Motor Offset or Controller Offset?

    From "motion-rm003_-en-p.pdf" "The Commutation Offset attribute is a value that specifies the commutation offset of the PM motor mounted feedback device in units of electrical degrees. This attribute specifies the offset from a commutation reference position defined by applying DC current into the A terminal and out of the shorted B and C terminals of the motor and allowing the rotor to move to its magnetic null position relative to the stator. On an absolute encoder or resolver, the offset is the difference from the device’s zero absolute position and the commutation reference position. On an incremental encoder or Hall sensor with UVW signals, the offset is the difference between the position corresponding to a transition of the commutation device’s W (S3) channel (with the U (S1) channel high and the V (S2) channel low) and the commutation reference position. The commutation offset is only applicable to the motor mounted Feedback 1 device. When the optional Commutation Alignment attribute is supported and set to Controller Offset or Database Offset, the drive shall apply the Commutation Offset value from the controller to determine the electrical angle of the motor. In this case, a valid Commutation Offset value must be entered by the user, read from the Motor Database, or determined by the Commutation Test. In the unusual case where the commutation offset is also stored in the motor, and differs significantly from Commutation Offset value from the controller, the drive shall transition to the Start Inhibited state. If the Commutation Alignment attribute is NOT set to Controller Offet or Database Offset, the Commutation Offset value from the controller is ignored by the drive and the drive must determine its internal commutation offset value by other means. Without a valid commutation offset, the drive shall be Start Inhibited." Bye
  12. 842E-S Absolute Encoder

    Hi, Not sure what your hardware is. Do you have the encoder and the drive in the same ethernet network? What is the encoder mechanically connected to? a motor, a shaft that the drive is moving or following? Please tell me more.  
  13. 842E-S Absolute Encoder

    Hi, In your project tree, right click the encoder and select "properties", select the Configuration Tab, check "Enable Scaling", introduce the resolution you want (for example: 3600) and click "OK" Ah! and read the User Manual (recommended) Hope this helps Bye  
  14. Communication issue between 5069-L320ERM and 2715-B10CD

    Dear pc, This is a whole new topic. According to the knowledgebase subject referenced earlier, Rockwell says there isn't 3.001 AOP so you have to use 2.001 I haven't gone deep on the view designer thing but apparently 3.01 does not create apps for lower versions I must go now but will visit this later Thank you, bye