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  1. Ethernet/IP setting IP of devices

    Hi I want to set ethernet/IP network with CJ2M and 3 posital fraba encoders. I have problem to find out a way to set unique IP for encoders with MAC. Posital has example for AB something like BOOTP/DHCP from RSNetWorx.  How I can do it in Omron software? 
  2. Ethernet/IP setting IP of devices

    I got some API for IP setting in my encoder and I did it. When encoder is connected directly to my PC network card I can PING it, but when I connect encoder through switch ( standard - not optimalized for Ethernet/IP devices) Pings doesn't work. It is my first experience with ethernet/IP and maybe I ask some stupid question - Do I need special switch or it should work. When I connect encoder directly to my CJ2M and connect Network Configurator through USB I can't find my encoder IP it simply doesnt exist. Is important to use crossed wire or straight? - Anyway LEDs on encoder are blinking thanks for support             
  3. I found such a FB for Modbus If I have CP1W-CIF11 in my CJ2M I could be able to send and receive some registers to and from modbus slave? Do you have any experience with that?  
  4. Crc Calculate For Modbus Using Ladder

    Hi  I want to use  CP1W-CIF11 with CJ2M to simply operation with Modbus RTU. I tried to find ladder code for calculating CRC16 but I can't find it in download section.   Can you help me   thanks        
  5. OPC Server for CJ1M-CPU23

    Hi! Soon I will develop CJ1M-CPU23 application with SCADA system. I will use SCADA soft PRO 2000. I asked about OMRON - PRO2000 communication and the guy from SCADA Company said that I must check if OPC Server is attached to PLC controller. If yes no problem - PRO 2000 will be client of OPC Server and connection will be enabled. Anyway if there is not OPC Server, guys from PRO 2000 can write driver for OMRON but I need details about communication protocol. Could you explain how I can arrange it? Thanks Pawel
  6. Hi, In the attachment there is my code.  Setup is set correctly, because when I send data from PC to PLC everything works (data is read and LED Comm blinks), The problem is with TXD. After startup A392.05 is ON when I execute rung no LED blink either no data comes to PC and  A392.05 become OFF until f.e A526.00 set to ON Any idea why data is not send from PLC?  HMM  
  7. BBC - old PLC Brown Boveri - '80

    Hi,   I have machine with such a PLC. On the right side I saw only BBC. I tried to take out CPU to read model, but no success. CPU module is high 90 and wide 40.   Do you have any iidea what it is and what software and cable I have to use to upload program.    thanks in advance
  8. BBC - old PLC Brown Boveri - '80

    I found some label on right side. It is BBC GJR5. Any experience with that?
  9. CP1E-N30 and NQ5 - no connection

    I downloaded NQ-Designer 1.2 I set COM1 in NQ5 to regular hostlink and downloaded to NQ5. I uploaded to check if parameters are OK: I set CP1E as below, after uploading it looks like: I prepared cable and NO CONNECTION It should be so simple. I tried with COM2 the same - no connection ; I tested ports in NQ without loopback - looks OK The problem is that I do not see flashing COMM LED on RS232 Built-in port in CP1E - just from time to time but when I start NQ5 every time I have - check power and cable - no connection. What I can do more?... Thanks for clue
  10. Hi, In document  2-PID FB   I found FB for 2-PID control I downloaded this FB  - attached 2-PID Function  and I set the same values what are in example and still I have error: Can I get any clue where is the mistake. Parameters looks correct   Thanks Pawel        
  11. Temperature Control 2-PID control FB - problem

    Now it works. So finally procedure looks like: first start - write 1,1,1 to P_Input, I_Input, D_Input and set Write_PID_Input after that,  set ENABLE=1  set also START_AT=1. After some time OUT_P, OUT_I, OUT_D will get new values. Now I have question:  START_AT should be all the time =1 and values  OUT_P, OUT_I, OUT_D will be optimized or just once to get new   OUT_P, OUT_I, OUT_D. After I receive new  values OUT_P, OUT_I, OUT_D should I write this values to P_Input, I_Input, D_Input for future needs. When I will need it - when PLC battery will be low?   
  12. Hi, I don't have curent source code of PLC , configuration, HMI. Is possible to upload from PLC everything using Somachine 4.1 or I cannot do that? Thanks Pawel
  13. NB5Q-TW01B

    I do not know what is the reason, but from time to time aprox. once every 2 days when I trying to get access to NB via IE I can't get access (no ping). When I am next to panel it works, but I see only bitmap fonts, no vector. The best way to fix it is just click SET in NBManager/ Web interface Operation tab and panel gets same new startup and panel works till next lock. Have you had such a behaviour? I have Kernel - 1764 and Rootfs - 1978 thanks for clue
  14. NB Designer - bitmap font - polis character

    When I use vector font f.e. Ariel I have polish characters, but in the past I had problem that during poor connection via web interface NB freezed and fields with vector fonts were missed and the only way to see fields was panel reset. Bitmap fonts worked every time and thats why I prefer use bitmat fonts - then I do not use any font name in NB Designer - only size - so what font is it. What should I add to Windows
  15. Hi, I have 2 laptops and regional settings for Windows are the same, but one laptop doesn't have polish character as below. In message window I have polish font, but on the left in Panel viewer I have empty character. The same application in second PC shows correct polish characters. Do you have any idae when I set map character?
  16. PRV2 - pulses per revolution

    Fast question I have encoder 1000 pulses per one revolution, and I set in settings "Differential Phase Input" - so I have 4000 pulses for each revolution. To use PRV2 - C2 needs information about pulses per revolution. Should I set #1000 or #4000
  17. CJ1M - Interrupt question

    I uploaded program from PLC I know what starts interrups (Int 140) - build-in high speed counter input, but I have no idea what is execution for (Int 03). Both interrupts are with flag in CXP so they come from Input. They are not schedule interrupt Can you give me a clue? I tried to attach screenshoot, but I have problem to make it - I choose file, but I cannot upload it - does it work or how to do it in new website, in old one it worked
  18. CJ1W-CTL41-E & encoder

    Hi ! I have mentioned card. I can use Encoder with RS422 and via terminal XW2B-40G4 I connect it to counter, but I need Supply 5VDC for encoder. Is there any way to get this supply from CJ Power supply or I have to install separate 5VDC Power Supply. I guess I could use terminal XW2G-40G7-E and use some encoder with 24VDC signal. I tries to find any pdf file with details about XW2G-40G7-E but without success - even I do not know dimensions of it. Do you have some specs of that and pin out of the terminal? Thanks Pawel
  19. Ethernet/IP and FINS together

    Hi, Till now I used ETN port to communicate with PC using FINS. Soon I will have project where inverters with Ethernte/IP will be connected to my CJ2M . I am not yet familiar with Ethernet/IP so my questions is if the same port I can use for: - Ethernet/IP communication - FINS command to PC - NB panel via ETN Pawel
  20. Automatic clock adjustment

    Noone is familira with that. I found some topic on myomron My link and there is procedure to set automatic adjust for NJ from internet. Even Clock server is in different subnet still it can be done. I tried to do with CP1L-EM, but I am not sure if seetings are enough to do Another way to adjust PLC time I think can be: In my application I have PLC which is connected to PC with I set PC to automatic clock synchronize from and it works. I found topic how to set PC as a Time server but I don't have registry from example in my PC If it works I could set in PLC automatic adjust to IP of my PC Am I right? Can you give any clue how to set everything? thanks
  21. Automatic clock adjustment

    Hi, My PLC has an IP From IT guys I got info that they use Clock server and I should synchronize PLC clock to this server. I tried to set it but no success. How I have to set PLC Settings/ Ethernet build-in tab to read time. Maybe I need sth more from IT guys? thanks in advance Pawel
  22. Automatic clock adjustment

    CP1L-EM with built-in Ethernet The only working Clock server has to be in the same subnet - any routing can work. When I transfer parameters I have to switch power ON/OFF or changes work after transfer. I try to set it remotely - so I cannot switch off power - so I am asking
  23. I want to prepare word lamp with valves. 0 - gray color, 1-green, 2-yellow library has examples I can prepare graphicsa from bitmaps, but how I can make graphics with 3 states using vector graphics from library
  24. I used procedure to add new user from application and it works. I forgot password for this user. How I can check password for this user or simply delete user without knowing password thanks for clue Pawel
  25. NB7W-T01W - web interface

    I write macro which set LB9175 to 1. It is set when projects starts. To check if it works I shows bit lamp from LB9175 and it has 1 In NBMaanager I set user and password for WEB interface, but when I tape IP of NB7W in Internet Explorer I have no reply. What am I doing wrong - did I miss something?