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  1. Hi. I can get horizontal scroll, but no idea how to get vertical scroll if I have more events than event window has rows. thanks for clue
  2. Hi in one PC I have version 9.6 and there is no error in line:    active_prog[hMI_Proces[proces_NO]-1]:=TRUE; but in version 9.7 in this line I get error:   ERROR: Line 115:  Invalid array index CXP doesn't accept number "-1" in the brackets []. Even I set "+0" I get the same error. For me it is bug.           
  3. Hi, I need to connect to old PLC PS32.  I have old PC with DOS nad Sucosoft S30 software and I connected to PS 3 with success. I have problem with connection to PS32. My question are? - for PS32 and PS316 I can use the same software Sucosoft S30  Sucos PS3 - V2.3 17.9.1993 ( suitable with CPU soft from ver. 1.0)  or different? - communication adapter for PS32 is different than for PS 3 and it has socket for external 5VDC. Do I need to use it to connect PC-PLC 1:1? - Communication card in PS32 - EB370.1 has 2 ports RS485 ( 0,1). To connect to PC I can use both or only f.e. "port 0"?   Thanks for clue how to establish connection          
  4. HSC, new interrupt after Z-phase reset

    linked threads are just for beginner. This is clear for me. I tested some solution and it more less works. Now I have A531.00 set to ON and hardware signal Z-phase reset encoder  I checked that if I want to start counting pulses to target value for CTBL and get another interrupt output ON I have to initiate CTBL once again after encoder reset The problem is timing. I set new CTBL declaration when Z-phase signal (0.04) goes off - but I make it from ladder and cycle is 7.3ms. How I have to implement this to avoid delay from cycle time thanks in advance    I tried to set CTBL in subroutine (interrupt task 141) from Interrupt in direct mode ( CIO 0.05). My idea was to connect Z-phase to CIO0.04 ( encoder reset) and CIO0.05 - CTBL registration), but in such a configuration CTBL doesn't work 
  5. Hi, I have encoder and count pulses in mode "Differential Phase Input" - Linear mode Every one turn I have Z-phase reset and counter starts from 0 I set some target value comparison table from D1000 for @CTBL #0000 #0000 D1000  and it works just one to reach target value   After PLC start and HSC reach target value for Interrupt 01 I get subroutine working, but even I reset HSC using Z-phase signal and PV goes to 0 still interrupt is activated. I would like to start and stop interrupt during one turn of encoder and make it every one turn Thanks for clue       
  6. SLC5/03 download program question

    I think so also. The question is, if I have memory installed is there any way to write program modification permanently? 
  7. Hi I am not very familiar with AB, but recently I decided to add some change to original program and after changes I made offline I downloaded  program and it went without any problem. PLC worked with new program until it was powered. When I switch OFF and ON power supply original program came and my changes disapper . Is it normal behavior? Can I change sth in configuratiopn to write my program permanently?   thanks for clue    
  8. CJ2M-CPU35 interrupt inputs

    Hi  In my PLC settings I have tab I/O module, there I can set interrupt inputs. There is no info if I have to add some hardware to do that or not Can you explain that.  I think I need CJ1W-INT01 added on left of CPU, but is not clear thanks      
  9. Modbus frame sent to slave - strange size

    I sent some frame from multiway as I attached and I got some reply but strange is that I get reply only if I sent frame and exktra "0000". If I send just a frame I get no response. I already sent some question to device producer, but not yet answer - just reply that device support standard modbus RTU Maybe you could explain that "0000",     
  10. Hi, I want to sent simply frame using FB mady by JPV from Omron France. It should send just frame  01030FA60002273C  to slave #1 When I check Multiway - it seems that frame is OK, but slave no reply. I checked different soft to monitor serial port and frame looks different - some bytes are sent twice.  I attached   screenshot and you can see the difference - Can you explain why it happened. Both frame I got when I set W30.0 in PLC and I saw just one blink LED Hmm I also attached screenshot from my serail port configuration. I tried also diiferent set of CP1W-CIF11 dip switches, but the same effect. Any clue??? thanks in advance                 
  11. NS Runtime 1.30 v 8.1

    Hi  I prepared test application (attachment) and all the time when I start Runtime I get error: "Failed to initialize communication processing. Exit the application except Run and re-start the system." I think I did everything correct. Below my specs. CX Designer 3.730 NS Runtime 1.30 NS Runtime is on PC WIN7 64 bit  res. 1024x768 Maybe you can help to find the problem     test3.7z
  12. MACRO MOVAPARTS, same ID, different screen

    Thanks for clue which is useful. Maybe it is problem of CX simulator and Cx designer tester, but I noticed that the object is blinking when encoder position is not changing. The project is prepared for NS runtime. The solution I found is triggering bit for macro execution only when drive is working - that's why I cannot use $SB0 to pulse generate. If you confirm that in NS HMI or NS-runtime blinking will not  exist, then I can use $SB0            
  13. MACRO MOVAPARTS, same ID, different screen

    I need to move object according to encoder values in PLC. The only way to refresh position I found to use bit trigger in project macro
  14. I did some movement for object for ID 0057 on scrren 3 Problem is that when I switch screen to f.e 1 some object with the same ID no. - 0057 is moved. This object sholud be static  How to block it? or set ID of my object which should be moved some high number manualy to avoid repeating  
  15. NS-runtime and resolution

    Hi, I have PC with screen 1200x800.  Do you know what happens if I set screen resolution in CX-designer more than PC screen resolution?   I will loose some data outside of PC screen or I can scale bigger screen to PC screen or I can move original screen size partialy on PC screen ( it will be just section)