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    If you purchase the Omron micropack it comes with a limited lite version and it is the cheapest way to get a copy. if you then sell the plc and screen you get a relatively cheap copy of cx programmer, the pack is a lot cheaper than all the parts sourced individually. It wont program the big brother plc's but all the smaller brick plc's work and for trial testing purposes it is an option.
  2. cp1l modbus coms to danfos fc280 midi drive sample program

    I think you need to plug in the danfoss graphical lcp and look at the control word in hex when you write to the Modbus to see if it changes. AF9 is the address you need to write to for the fc280 I guess it is the same with the 051 I'm guessing you have the drive comms set to comms only or comms and digital.   it sounds like you are reading the physical terminals on the drive you need to write to the virtual bus inputs/ registers at address AF9.   putting in a screen and plc on an already working setup seems like you are over complicating it I think this is rule no1 in plcs to make it simple      
  3. modbus easymaster node not found flag ?

    HI I have a program that i have modified to talk to a danfoss fc280 drive which it works correctly but if i loose coms the holding registers from the read word retain data and I don't get a failed comm or node not found out of the function block. for example if the drive is running and i pull the coms cable i still get the holding register for vtl_running even tho the drive is not actually connected or even running. basically i want to get a comm error flag or null the received data on comm failure.   I'm not really function block savvy what would I need to do to get an error flag as the error flag in the function block is just for config error of the function block it's self i believe.     Modbus_Danfoss_fc280.cxp
  4. cp1l modbus coms to danfos fc280 midi drive sample program

    you need to write to register AF9 and you need to read register B5D those are the read and write starting control and status words. To get the drive ready to run you need to operate coils: 2,3,4,5 and 10 to disable the brakes and stop commands and test coil hex 043c  you then operate coil 6 and the drive will run (hex 047c) , but you have not given it a reference using the second write control word AFA or select a preset reference via coils 0 or 1 and have a preset reference programmed in to the drive menu. You really need to look at the section FC_port_ctw_1 and FC_port_ref_1 in my program it is very simple.   I'm not 100% sure the 51 and 280 are the same you may need to look into that but I know the 2800 fc280 and fc302 are the same.                  
  5. cp1l modbus coms to danfos fc280 midi drive sample program

    you could upgrade the drive to the fc280 or fc302 and use EithernetIP option card it makes more sence than using Modbus in your case. my plc does not have EithernetIP or that is what I would use.
  6. cp1l modbus coms to danfos fc280 midi drive sample program

    Init_setup contains the setup for the read and write register the target note and the amount of words you want to send/ receive. The FC_port sections contain the control, status, main actual value and reference as set by default with the Modbus control word and is the default 2 read and write control words as defined in the danfoss drive Modbus manual. I have broken the control word into output coils so it is real easy to run the drive just by setting bits all the magic is done in the function blocks and I'm guessing you will be able to use the base code for your cj2 plc and scrap the functionblocks. Modbus_RTU section contains the read and write parameters you could translate to what ever serial port you wish to use currently they are setup using the Modbus easy master function blocks. This program is aimed as the cheap brick plc's using the plug in cif11 option port the serial port settings are setup in the plc setup.          
  7. cp1l modbus coms to danfos fc280 midi drive sample program

    I'm prity sure you will need to modify to suit but I'm not sure really, this is more designed for the cp1 series easy Modbus master function blocks all the hard part with the addresses and Modbus conversion has been done you just need to redirect the data to the scu42.    
  8. Hallo Prof _Jonny .

    I am trying to control a FC051 drive through Modbus .

    I am using an CJ2M_CPU31 and an SCU42 from OMRON

    The SCU is connected with  Port 1 and (set up as num 15) to  the drives as 2 wire Modbus to the connections 68 and 69.

    I am using an modificated  CP1LCP1HCJ1CJ2CS1ModbusSolutionV212.prog.

    I can read the parametrs set from 843.0.

    but I am still not able to start or stop the Inverter .

    the project i am making is to have the FC51 drive an motor for an number of triggers and hold , then return to the home position on command .

    can your prog do what |I want for an FC51

    hope you have the solution .




  9. Timer datatype in cx programmer

    I have allways just used the bool datatype as i could not get the timer one to work.
  10. Hi I have adapted a sample cp1l function block Modbus program to talk to the new Danfoss fc280 midi drive. It will read and write the standard FC control profile it would be easy to extend the pcd feature to multiple words all the base is there. I have not implemented parameter writing and reading but it would be easy enough to extend it but for my application I don't see the need. It may come in useful to someone as there does not seem to be much out in the wild and the Danfoss Modbus document is somewhat confusing and actually has incorrect data. It was tested and setup with L series cpu           Modbus_Danfoss_fc280.cxp
  11. Timer datatype in cx programmer

    what is the timer datatype used for in cx programmer as it just causes compile error when you try to use it on a timer or timer output bit.   I have just allways wondered but never have figured it out.
  12. micrologics 1000 eeprom program extract

    Hi I have a micrologics 1761 plc and it is faulty it has an embedded eeprom that contains the user program is there some way to extract the user program from this dead plc?   Am I able to read out the program with an eeprom reader or is it in some way encrypted on the eeprom or converted in to machine code or something like that?   the plc was on a machine that was imported and we have no access to the original program we would like to transfer it to a new plc or at least figure out how it works so we can write a new program if possible.      
  13. Dam-01

    I did try the same thing but I did not know if there was a bit to enable their function or something, it looks like it is a no you cant access the buttons from the plc memory area.    
  14. Dam-01 fault message control sample program

    I spent some time messing with a Dam-01 unit implementing a flipping fault display in my spare time so I thought I would post it here for others to play with. DAM01 FAULT MESSAGE.cxp
  15. Dam-01

    Is there a way to access the physical buttons on the dam-01 as a physical address in the cpu ? id like to implement a menu system.