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  1. About InverterRefresh

    I don't know about your yagi drives but I control a Danfoss drive with a cp1l plc using function blocks using Modbus easy master to do basically the same as you want. with the Danfoss drives you have the ability to control the drives via digital input and or fieldbus with the option for logic for one to override the other so you could use a relay output to start the drive and then use Modbus for the control word for speed reference.
  2. nested keep

    can someone explain to me why this wont work. I expected it will operate the first keep on input 00 and the second operation will operate the second keep. but that is not so. but both operate at the same time at the up shift of input 00. it seems it ignores the reset on the second keep.     nested keep.cxp nested keep.cxp
  3. code optimisation steps vsr FB memory

    I'm looking for a way to optimise memory in a cp1l plc as I have run out of steps (UM) memory to fit my program. I have heaps of fb memory as im not using many function blocks am I able to trade on for the other to fit a bigger user program in some how? Will coding in function blocks reduce the amount of steps in the program as from a quick play FB use steps when they are posted in the user program but I don't know which is less memory hungry it seems fb actually consume more memory.      
  4. Modbus-RTU communication omron to third party

    This will work is is using rs232c non protocol transmission function blocks. you may have issues with this if you need handshaking as I don't believe it supports it like modbus easy master so I don't think it will work in point to point 232 but it will with multi drop 485. You should set the dip switches on,on,on,off,on,on 1 through to 6 with the cp1w-cif11 or 12 documentation in English and French and a cheat sheet showing the setup between omron master and slave. I have tried this and it works at least with the send register function x_10 It is pulled from the Omron  support site as Jpv seems to make a lot of the omron modbus function blocks. Cheers Jono Modbus RTU Master(CP1L) to Slave(CP1L) RS485.pdf
  5. cp1l to cp1l modbus easy slave ?

    I have found an alternative modbus program in ladder and it is easier to follow and i can see the logic. It seems like I'm gettin crc errors and malformed messages. what would be the cause of this?   I have monitored W0 in the monitor window and it seems to be getting rubbish but some times it is ok this looks like an ok frame whether it is correct or not I don't know: slave code 02 function 10 address 0AF9 0210    0AF9    0002    9212    3C00    008C    5901    100A    F900 but then this is total crap: 0210    0AF9    0210    0AF9    0002    0404    3C00    008C    5900       ModbusPLC_V2.cxp
  6. cp1l to cp1l modbus easy slave ?

    switching off these switches makes the master plc talk to nothing the function block in the master plc bust require hand shaking? I think it is starting to get a bit above my head.
  7. cp1l to cp1l modbus easy slave ?

    The block i have in my sample program you can view it is a previous version of jp's function block you link to above. how do i tell if hand shaking is enabled? i have tried turning off both switches but then I get no comm at all with any thing.   i have altered the format to be 81n 81e and still get nothing i have also tried jp locked fb as linked above and still get no comms.
  8. cp1l to cp1l modbus easy slave ?

    Ok so rs232c basically means no plc serial port magic and the slave plc must be configured this way as there is no Modbus slave native comms in bedded in the plc ? seems like they should name it better like no protocol comms or something instead of rs232c. In the slave plc I'm using the same plc as the sample code so I just put the software straight in the plc and altered the format to be 81n as per the master plc I have not altered any thing else, but I did try it with serial gate way and I have accidentally up loaded the serial gateway altered program. The master plc is set up as serial gateway and is currently talking to two slave Modbus rtu danfoss drives and it works, I'm requesting a read and write in the same manor as the plc, I'm just reading and writing two words same as the drive. I have three devices in the network master plc, drive (node 1) and slave plc (node 2) it talks to the drive just not the plc with all three devices on the bus. If I connect a master plc and two drives set as node 1 and 2 it talks to both drives no modification which points that my code is good and I don't know why I should change my master plc to be rs232c mode as suggested above if it currently works talking to the two vsd's. In theory it should be working but for some reason it is not and I don't know why. I tried both plc's in host link with the current wiring and dip switches and it works so it looks like a problem with the sample code or serial settings in the slave. you also state above to check the DIP Switches in the CIF01 I'm using 2wire CIF11 ports in each plc as I currently have the dip switches set as on,on,on,off,off,on 1 through to 6 on both plc's  
  9. cp1l to cp1l modbus easy slave ?

    I cant get it working I don't get why the port is set to rs232c and not serial gateway . it is also lacking documention from register to I/O mapping it is very vague. I tried to use it but i get no comms on this slave plc with using a cif11 option. Sample of my program attached. first node and second node successfully talks to a danfoss fc280 drive if I pull out either node or and put a plc in its place i just get flag A640.02 pop up when trying to talk to the slave plc. I also get error flags in the modbus slave function block in the slave plc.   I'm trying to read register AF9 and write B5D which should be slap bang in the middle of CIO area so it should not be an over flow error it seems to be an error to do with just the slave plc test slave.cxp test master.cxp
  10. cp1l to cp1l modbus easy slave ?

    Are you able to do modbus master slave comms between plc's ? Is there a modbus easy slave function block available? I have a developed a program that talks to several drives via modbus using the easy master function blocks but I want to be able to talk to a slave plc using modbus over the same link if possible. I'm upgrading a system that uses hostlink to a slave plc and digital I/O to interface several VSD's from the master plc. The original system lacks I/O so using modbus to interface the drives reduces the I/O and still maintain a same size plc fitting within the same cabinet. I'm trying to avoid going to a cp1l-m plc and having a modbus and host link network.    

    If you purchase the Omron micropack it comes with a limited lite version and it is the cheapest way to get a copy. if you then sell the plc and screen you get a relatively cheap copy of cx programmer, the pack is a lot cheaper than all the parts sourced individually. It wont program the big brother plc's but all the smaller brick plc's work and for trial testing purposes it is an option.
  12. cp1l modbus coms to danfos fc280 midi drive sample program

    I think you need to plug in the danfoss graphical lcp and look at the control word in hex when you write to the Modbus to see if it changes. AF9 is the address you need to write to for the fc280 I guess it is the same with the 051 I'm guessing you have the drive comms set to comms only or comms and digital.   it sounds like you are reading the physical terminals on the drive you need to write to the virtual bus inputs/ registers at address AF9.   putting in a screen and plc on an already working setup seems like you are over complicating it I think this is rule no1 in plcs to make it simple      
  13. modbus easymaster node not found flag ?

    HI I have a program that i have modified to talk to a danfoss fc280 drive which it works correctly but if i loose coms the holding registers from the read word retain data and I don't get a failed comm or node not found out of the function block. for example if the drive is running and i pull the coms cable i still get the holding register for vtl_running even tho the drive is not actually connected or even running. basically i want to get a comm error flag or null the received data on comm failure.   I'm not really function block savvy what would I need to do to get an error flag as the error flag in the function block is just for config error of the function block it's self i believe.     Modbus_Danfoss_fc280.cxp
  14. cp1l modbus coms to danfos fc280 midi drive sample program

    you need to write to register AF9 and you need to read register B5D those are the read and write starting control and status words. To get the drive ready to run you need to operate coils: 2,3,4,5 and 10 to disable the brakes and stop commands and test coil hex 043c  you then operate coil 6 and the drive will run (hex 047c) , but you have not given it a reference using the second write control word AFA or select a preset reference via coils 0 or 1 and have a preset reference programmed in to the drive menu. You really need to look at the section FC_port_ctw_1 and FC_port_ref_1 in my program it is very simple.   I'm not 100% sure the 51 and 280 are the same you may need to look into that but I know the 2800 fc280 and fc302 are the same.                  
  15. cp1l modbus coms to danfos fc280 midi drive sample program

    you could upgrade the drive to the fc280 or fc302 and use EithernetIP option card it makes more sence than using Modbus in your case. my plc does not have EithernetIP or that is what I would use.