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  1. Hey guys I have an control panel which has few missing pieces. The control panel controls 2 electrical motors, 1 of them through VFD. The system also has 6 electrical valves, which control the water flow in the pipes. The solenoids of the valves are switched thorugh a power optocoupler. The most important part missing is PLC. I can manage choosing the suitable one, but the problem is about 24V power supply. Now I assume I add up max current which is drawn by the system. Valves are 11 Watts, that gives about 0,5 amps, 6 of them equals 3 Amps. Flow meter takes 0,2 A, motor contactors take 0,32 A, PLC takes something and sensors. So I figured Ill choose 5A power supply. The part, which is bothering me, is the switching of the valves. I switch them through optocoupler, but they still all are connected to the same supply source. Will it cause any harm too plc? Should I install two different supplies? Which power supply should I choose? Thanks
  2. CQM1H-51 communication via serial port

    And I got the problem solved. I just didnt notice the part, where i should have set, how many bytes are received. That has to be set in DM6559! I just turned the end code off and by default it was waiting for 256 bytes to turn "message received" flag up.
  3. CQM1H-51 communication via serial port

    I use same cable for programming( own made+ usb-serial adapter) and it works.
  4. Hey guys. Im totally new to omron plc's. I have had previous experience with unitronics plcs, but im having trouble receiving messages from com port with omron. My plc has serial communications board. Im trying to receive numbers, store them and later make decisions based to the info. The part which confuses me is the IR flag what should "The Reception Completed Flag ( IR20106) is turned ON when reception is completed and is turned OFF after data is read with RXD(47)". It seems logical to me to use a contact with an address of 20106. But it doesnt work. My guess is that i do the addressing wrong somehow. I changed memory settings to DM6555- 1000, DM6556- 0, DM6557-0 and 6558- 2000. That should give me 1 start bit, 7-bit data, even parity, 2 stop bits, 9,600 bps and port 2. But when i check IR memory it shows like its a word with a value? I made a screenshot also. Thanks in advance