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  1. CS1 IO table and memory card

    Hi Sleepy, and thanks for your reply. I have to say that I have done some steps forward; storing several *.obj and *.std files with different names, and changing their names by the program, performing the "cmnd" instruction, I get the "aotoexec.obj" and the "autoexec.std". In order to start the machine with the correct configuration, I have just to start it up with the dip #2 in "ON" position. The fins commands that I use by the "cmnd" instruction, are the "delete file" in order to delete the old autoexec .obj and .std files, and than "file copy" in order to have the new autoexec .obj and .std files. That is how I got the solution. Ciao, Mike
  2. CS1 IO table and memory card

    Hello everybody... CS1G-cpu 43h My goal is to have a single memory card, and several PLCs and load in every plc a different program and a different IO table from the same memory card, (inserting it manually every time). I'm not allowed to perform the "restore" or the "autoexec" (pin #2) because of I would like to be able to store more than 2 "configuratio" of program and parameter files. I have already done this, with the program (obj file), using the special bit A650.15 having written before the program name on the A654 -A657 words; The systems are provided of an NT21 touch screen, and the program selection is done by different touch switches. Now I would like to upload also the parameter file (std file) in a similar way, but I didn't found istructions about it... I don't want to do this the cx programmer....only by touch screen!! Thanks for help. Mike
  3. FIFO buffer

    Get a look to the "ASFT" instruction...you can built a FIFO or FOFI function. I don't think there is a limitation af word....try! Ciao, Mike
  4. Help with compare

    Just have a look to the attachment... I hope this can help you... Mike Test.doc
  5. Help with compare

    That's why I was talking about ZCPL. Negative values have "F000" in the Most Significant Word. I normally use this function in order to determine if the valeu is negative or not.... BTW...Happy you find your way!! Ciao, Mike
  6. Help with compare

    Hi, BJR.. maybe it was too easy thinking to the ZCPL function..that's why I think I didn't get your problem! Ciao, Mike
  7. Cx-server Fails To Create Temporary (working)

    I found this topic from an Italian forum: The problem seems to be the registration of the file ole32.dll Solution: you need to edit the registry key: Write this: "Regsvr32.exe %Windir%\System32\Ole32.dll" and click on Ok. Click Ok in the dialog box of Regsvr32 I hope this can help! Mike
  8. CS1 link 1:1

    Thank you, Jay.....you're always the "same"!! Mike
  9. CS1 link 1:1

    I would like to perform the same linking I have, between a C200HX and a CQM1H (link 1:1) exchanging LR area, with a CS1 and a CQM1H. I have no LR Area in the CS1, I would use other area....even area D is good for me. I would like to leave the program I have in the CQM1H the same, linked with the C200HX or with the CS1 as well. Has anyone wrote a Protocol-Macro routine in order to perform this ? Ciao, Mike
  10. Nt 4.6 And Languages

    Thanks, IO Rack. I'm afraid I' ve to give up! My intention was to traslate a file, not to write several Dm inside the plc...
  11. Nt 4.6 And Languages

    I think I was not so clear! I will try in other words.. Does anybody mange different languages in a *.onw file? Is it possible to switch the string table, without doing it manually? Sorry for my rought language! Mike
  12. Nt 4.6 And Languages

    I'm using NT31-21, and every time I'm forced to traslate every string in different languages, of my "string table". I am asking you, if there is a way to traslate only one file inside the *.onw file. It is not possible for me, having as many different pages as my languages project is needed! I have also used the "numeral display", for the strings inside the pages, in order to be able to change string from the plc, but is a very haevy option for the cpu! Any other possibilities? Thanks, Mike
  13. MC221

    Maybe you're right! What a pity! Ciao, Mike
  14. MC221

    Ok guys, I already use the "Specifyng Register" as in your example. I would like to know if is possible to go a little forward; as operate with them. like we do with the pointers: using the Dm we can operate using: Dm10=Dm100+100 if Dm10=1 *Dm10=9999----> it means that I wrote #9999 inside Dm111 ! Is there something similar possible with the E of the MC221? P.S. In my Dm example, operating using ADD & MOVE !!
  15. MC221

    Chris, I'm not talking about the plc' EM! I'm talking about the E area available in the Cx motion programming software for the MC221 axis card. Thei name is "Specifyng Register" and thei range is E00--E31. Anyway, thanks for your reply. I attached the .doc 'cause I'm not able to insert an image...sorry!