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  1. mitsubishi servo motor help

    Hello we are going to know how could be perform pole magnetic detection beacuse we are facing to alarm: "initial magnetic pole detection cannot be performed properly." is there anybody knows that to performe magnetic pole position.could be possible by MR CONFIGURATOR software? anybody help?
  2. mitsubishi encoder pole detection method

    yes.we have test it in free run.the problem was persist.we ara absolutely sure pole magnetic detection is require.but we dont know procedure. if you know share it pls. its urgent TNX
  3. mitsubishi encoder pole detection method

    HI thank you to quick respond. the dive model is MRJ3B. TNX
  4. Hello we have afew mitsubishi servo motor in our plant.we had to replace bearing one of them(servo motor) but it seem something wrong.the servo motor dont move at all and some allarm appear in servo drive mrj3. the alarm ara 21,52,51 the question is about pole magnetic detection mentioned in MR COFIGURATOR2 software. is there anybody here who any experienced to align encoder on mitsubishi servo motor with mr configurator. BEST REGARDS.
  5. mitsubishi servo motor help

    hello we have sp control technique servo drive and mitsubishi servomotor with serial absolute encoder. the question is could be test the servo motor with this servo drive.? do you have any experienced about. our concern is which mode of choice encoder in servo drive should be set? mitsubishi absolute encoder pin out is attached. BEST REGARDS