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  1. Division a unsigned WORD

    "Word_1 := Word_2 / 16#0A;" works fine for me when deviding Word_2 by 10 (16#0A)
  2. Perhaps a stupid question, but do you have 24VDC supplied to your FX2N-4AD ?

    Contact your Mitsubishi dealer, they should have a converting software they use. You have to send them your E1000 project and you receive it converted to GOT format. Just be aware that you need to correct some things the converter can't handle. Good luck
  4. GX IEC Developer, can't open any project

    I'm running GX IEC Dev on my computer without any problem at all. But I had a similar situation what you describe with another programming software. That was a Windows update giving me problem. Just uninstall the Windows upgrade and it worked again. I'm running W7 on my laptop and had some issues lately with some programs due to Windows. Latest version of GX Works 3 won't open any project on my laptop, don't know why at the moment but the support is notified.
  5. If it's PLC to PLC, fixed buffer communication is easy to setup and use.
  6. Don't really understand this. If GT Designer is version 1.210U and the project is of an older version, shouldn't it just open up ? Could it be that it's written for a GOT 1000 panel ? Try to start GOT 1000 version and load your file, might work.  
  7. fx 3u series plc

    What programming software do you use ? Ladder or structured ladder, etc ... ?
  8. Converting delta dvp 13ec to mitsubishi fx3u

    Is this Modbus read and write instructions ? If so, are you using Modbus TCP or RTU ? For RTU you need FX3U-485-BD or FX3U-485-ADP/MB. For TCP you need a FX3U-ENET/P502. You can find Modbus libraries for the FX3U at the Mitsubishi homepage
  9. Delta PLC RTC Delay

    What PLC model ? Software and version ? Example of code (print screen or similar) ?
  10. Bit to word

    Move Word to bit range D100 -> MOV -> K4M0 Will move the content of D100 to boolean bit memory area M0 -> M15.    
  11. Implementation of a counter in ST on GX Works 3

    Or if you want to use an integer (D-register) instead of a counter: INCP(Your_Trigger, Your_Integer); // Increment register on rising edge. RST(Your_Reset, Your_Integer); // Reset of register
  12. Labels and Addresses Not Shown / iQ-r R08cpu

    Try "Tool" -> "Options..." -> "Program Editor" and look at the settings for your editor, might be a setting there.
  13. VPN Advice

    I have used the Tosibox and the M-Guard (phoenix) and they are both quite good.
  14. FX5U built in RS485 data received unstable

    Maybe a stupid question, but did you terminate the wire at both ends ?
  15. Difference between RS232, RS485 , RS422

    RS-232 is a voltage level detected communication with at least three wires (RX, TX and Gnd) between two units, Master <-> Slave, Max distance is 15 meters. RS-485 is a current loop simplex communication with normally two wires (A and B) between a master and several (32) slave units, Max distance is 1200 meters. RS-422 is similar to RS-485 except here we have four wires (A1, B1 + A2, B2) and the possibility of duplex communication, 10 slave units,  Max distance is 1500 meters. Google and you'll find very useful information at wikipedia