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  1. password hima

    The HIMA PLC is a safety PLC if I'm not mistaken. I doubt you can erase or replace the program in it without the password.
  2. FX5U With E-terminal

    Did you monitor the status of any PLC inputs or outputs in the E-1000 display ? I noticed that one has to use hex addressing in the display, not the octal used on the PLC. X12 in the PLC is X0C in the E-1000 panel. Took a while to find
  3. Let's check if I understand your setup Your shunt will give you 75mV at maximum current flow. Then you have a transducer that will give you 7,5 V at the 0-10V ADC input. What resolution have you set at the ADC, 4000, 10000 or 16000 as max converted input value ? Could you please supply a drawing how it's connected ?
  4. First of all, how do you measure the current ? Are you detecting the voltage drop over a fixed resistor and calculate the current from resistor value and voltage drop ?  
  5. TIA Portal V13- Alarm for Bool Data type

    Pack all your alarms into a word. As an example: AlarmWord MW300, This will be the word you look at in the panel. Then move all your BOOL tags into the word. Alarm1 M300.0 Alarm2 M300.1 And so on. Keep in mind that when you shall detect "Alarm1" in the panel, you must look at MW300 bit 8. "Alarm2" will then be MW300 bit 9.
  6. Tia Portal V14 Real time graph

    I'm not sure, but it might be possible to use the "f(x) trend view".  
  7. Tia Portal V14 Real time graph

    I would use the PLC memory to store your samples since you want a resolution ten times better than the update rate between the panel and PLC. Use a time delayed interrupt to store your samples.
  8. S7-1500 FW v 2 / Profinet issues non-Siemens devices

    I had an issue that's new for V14 when I was a slave partner to a SCADA system. In V14 you have to "Permit access with PUT/GET communication from remote partner". You'll find it in the HW config if you have the similar problem. General > Protection & Sequrity > Connection mechanisms.   
  9. ModbusComm

    Decrease the number of outputs you read, or do you really have over 100 outputs ? Try with the first 16 ones and see how it goes. Else, see if you can read them as a register (Y0-Y7 + Y10-Y17) using function code 0x04 and address 0xA7A8. Do keep in mind that the address asked for might be offset by 1.  
  10. Chinese PLCs

    You should consider this very carefully. Crossbow has a very got point here ! Who will give you support when the **** hits the fan ? Your customer will for sure be on your *** when something goes wrong with his machine. The Chinese systems are cheap for a reason, and that's not only because lower salory.
  11. Remote programming

    I got an answer from a support guy. All Siemens CPU uses port 102 for S7 communication.  
  12. Remote programming

    I need to know what port or port range that's used when programming a 1500 CPU. We need to update the settings of the CPU, and the customer can open up a router with "port forward" if I tell him what port to use. Does anyone here have the knowledge about what port or ports that are used for the 1200 and the 1500 systems ?
  13. New to Siemens

    First of all, register to the Siemens Support forum if you haven't already. You will find a lot of answers there, if not, ask a question. It can be hard to find some functions/settings you are looking for in the software. Install the software as soon as possible and take a look at it. What CPU are you going to use ?  
  14. PLC Mitsubishi

    It's probably an Asian market unit, FX3G for Asia. This unit is probably made in China (under licence) for the local Asian market. All Mitsubishi PLC I have here are made in Japan. Take a look at the label on the unit, does it say made in China ?
  15. FX2N All inputs on unit producing 24v

    Have you connected the input "S/S" (SINK/SOURCE)to anything ? Connect it to the negative reference if you want to source 24VDC to the inputs to activate them. Connetc it to the positive reference if want to sink the inputs to 0VDC to activate them.