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  1. PLC Mitsubishi

    It's probably an Asian market unit, FX3G for Asia. This unit is probably made in China (under licence) for the local Asian market. All Mitsubishi PLC I have here are made in Japan. Take a look at the label on the unit, does it say made in China ?
  2. FX2N All inputs on unit producing 24v

    Have you connected the input "S/S" (SINK/SOURCE)to anything ? Connect it to the negative reference if you want to source 24VDC to the inputs to activate them. Connetc it to the positive reference if want to sink the inputs to 0VDC to activate them.
  3. HMI I/O Tag addressing

    You need to create a Proxy-PLC in the TIA portal, that you load with the Step-7 classic project you made. By doing this, you get the connection to the HMI, you can "drag and drop" PLC tags to the HMI............
  4. GOT 27 Series - Ethernet Master/Slave Switch

    Happy days are here again ???
  5. GOT 27 Series - Ethernet Master/Slave Switch

    You need a new rep, I can share mine with you Mine is actually the product manager, guess yours is a sales rep ? I hope this can solve the problem you have.
  6. GOT 27 Series - Ethernet Master/Slave Switch

    Something like this Sir ?
  7. GOT 27 Series - Ethernet Master/Slave Switch

    Just tried to define a port a Modbus TCP channel after a software upgrade, and could select Master or Slave function. I was using a GT27 series panel, it might only work on the higher panel series.
  8. GOT 27 Series - Ethernet Master/Slave Switch

    Yes ! If you upgrade your GT Designer to version 1.170C, then you can select if the panel shall be Client or Server.
  9. Newbie Help

    Excellent !!! Thanks a lot.
  10. Newbie Help

    The main question is if it's possible to open and edit the file you upload from the panel.  
  11. Newbie Help

    I talked to some people that's in the business regarding operator panels and project upload. The one I have worked with a lot, and I know it's possible to upload the project from is Mitsubishi/Beijer E1000 series. Some other panels like Beijer iX series gives you an option as developer to not only download the compiled source code to the panel, you can also download a copy of the project file to the panel. This file can be uploaded, edited, compiled and the new source code downloaded to the panel. Just remember to replace the outdated project file in the panel ;) Some other panels is it only possible to upload the compiled source code from.
  12. master k 250

    If it's a Gold Star K250 PLC you are asking about, then you are asking in the wrong section. This is the Mitsubishi section. Try the "Other PLCs" section.
  13. I have to agree with @dekor and @Mark-, the support you will receive will for sure be faster and perhaps better when using the English language. (Måste hålla med "dekor" och "Mark-", supporten du får kommer med all säkerhet vara snabbare och eventuellt bättre om du kör på engelska).  
  14. magnetic encoder

    That is most likely not possible, since the SSI communication will "time out" if the duty cycle of the CLK pulse train is more than 25 micro seconds. Don't know how you should be able to implement this type of communication. You might find a protocol converter that can be used if you search the web.
  15. Count cycle time on step 7 300

    You might want to trigger the counter once on the rising edge. I suspect that your "pulse" is on 5 seconds and off 5 seconds, and you only want to count up when it goes from 0 to 1 ? "POS" is probably what you are looking for. POS_CNT.bmp