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  1. Implementation of a counter in ST on GX Works 3

    Or if you want to use an integer (D-register) instead of a counter: INCP(Your_Trigger, Your_Integer); // Increment register on rising edge. RST(Your_Reset, Your_Integer); // Reset of register
  2. Labels and Addresses Not Shown / iQ-r R08cpu

    Try "Tool" -> "Options..." -> "Program Editor" and look at the settings for your editor, might be a setting there.
  3. VPN Advice

    I have used the Tosibox and the M-Guard (phoenix) and they are both quite good.
  4. FX5U built in RS485 data received unstable

    Maybe a stupid question, but did you terminate the wire at both ends ?
  5. Difference between RS232, RS485 , RS422

    RS-232 is a voltage level detected communication with at least three wires (RX, TX and Gnd) between two units, Master <-> Slave, Max distance is 15 meters. RS-485 is a current loop simplex communication with normally two wires (A and B) between a master and several (32) slave units, Max distance is 1200 meters. RS-422 is similar to RS-485 except here we have four wires (A1, B1 + A2, B2) and the possibility of duplex communication, 10 slave units,  Max distance is 1500 meters. Google and you'll find very useful information at wikipedia
  6. ESS and ES difference in fx plc mitsubishi

    @kaare_t you must be very busy or stressed, you're comments/answers are normally always correct and clear.
  7. ESS and ES difference in fx plc mitsubishi

    I would say that the MT/ES is a 100-240VAC PLC Transistor (SINK) output. The MT/ESS is also a 100-240VAC PLC, but with Transistor (SOURCE) output. 24VDC models with transistor output is named MT/DS for Sink, and MT/DSS for Source outputs.  
  8. S7 interface beginner question

    I would say your client made a good choice
  9. S7 1200 Addressing problem with fatek B1 Modbus RTU

    You need to perform a "byte-Swap".
  10. E1032 remote operation by VNC

    Hello Theo, Thanks for the feedback report. I have been in your situation myself once. Remote Access Viewer is free of charge and the best VNC viewer for the E1000 series of push button panels.
  11. E1032 remote operation by VNC

    Network Connections -> Network Services Check "Remote Access" and enter Edit for the connection. Make sure the Viewer port is 5900, set any passwords for the connection. Download Remote Access Viewer and you should be able to see the buttons of the panel
  12. Code performarnce comparsion

    Why all the jumping in your second example ? Connect the MOV instruction to the output of the corresponding EQ instruction instead.
  13. SCADA for FX3U

    Take a look at MAPS Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite
  14. Hundreds of Discrete Alarms - Simplest method?

    I stand corrected, sorry  ;) Sorry, currently working on a Mitsubishi project...
  15. Hundreds of Discrete Alarms - Simplest method?

    Add more alarm words Alarm word 1 - MW100 Alarm word 2 - MW101 Alarm word 3 - MW102 Just add as many you need