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  1. master k 250

    If it's a Gold Star K250 PLC you are asking about, then you are asking in the wrong section. This is the Mitsubishi section. Try the "Other PLCs" section.
  2. I have to agree with @dekor and @Mark-, the support you will receive will for sure be faster and perhaps better when using the English language. (Måste hålla med "dekor" och "Mark-", supporten du får kommer med all säkerhet vara snabbare och eventuellt bättre om du kör på engelska).  
  3. magnetic encoder

    That is most likely not possible, since the SSI communication will "time out" if the duty cycle of the CLK pulse train is more than 25 micro seconds. Don't know how you should be able to implement this type of communication. You might find a protocol converter that can be used if you search the web.
  4. Count cycle time on step 7 300

    You might want to trigger the counter once on the rising edge. I suspect that your "pulse" is on 5 seconds and off 5 seconds, and you only want to count up when it goes from 0 to 1 ? "POS" is probably what you are looking for. POS_CNT.bmp
  5. magnetic encoder

    This PDF might give you a hint how it works
  6. magnetic encoder

    No, it can't The Atek uses a "pulse train" you don't have to ask for, it appears on your PLC inputs as soon as the ecoder start to rotate. The Balluff uses a serial communication interface that you have to poll for information from the PLC, if possible. It might be tricky to use the Balluff with a PLC since you most likely have to supply the clock pulses for the communication. That will for sure give you a very bad resolution since it has to be software implemented. The suggestion to buy another encoder with the same interface as the Atek @kaare_t mentioned is the best you can do.
  7. can't config timer interrupt in GX IEC developer

    Example for timed interrupt. Add your code to the task that will be called every 10mS. If you are controlling any I/O in your interrupt, use "REF_M" to perform an I/O refresh. interruptGxIec.bmp
  8. magnetic encoder

    The new Balluff encoder differs a bit from your old one. It has a serial interface (SSI) with Gray coded data. What PLC are you using ?
  9. GX Works 3 '..Memory is Insufficient...'

    The best idea is probably to call your local Mitsubishi support guys.
  10. GX Works 3 '..Memory is Insufficient...'

    Your screenshot indicates that the opened program window is "(Read Only)". Is it possible that the file is located on a remote drive and opened from another computer at the same time ? Did you write the code yourself, or did you copy the code from a USB stick ? Make sure that the write protection of the files is disabled.
  11. GX Works 3 '..Memory is Insufficient...'

    Running 1.031H on a HP laptop with 64 bit Win 7 Pro without your problems. Could it be hardware related problems ?
  12. E1000 HMI to Web Page

    Why not set the panels as web servers, and access them from a browser. I have a "get started" document about it, but it's in Swedish. Guess your local rep can supply you with the English version. It should be possible to put a row of buttons that is linked to each panel in the web pages. To make it possible to switch "source" panel. I haven't done this myself, so I might be wrong.
  13. FX-5U PLC

    You can also use the ROL or ROR instruction to swap position of the upper and lower byte in a word. (ROtate Left or ROtate Right) Rotate the word 8 steps to right or left will be equal to the SWAP instruction.
  14. E1000 HMI to Web Page

    Try this VNC client from Beijers web page. It's not the latest version that can handle iX and E1000 panels, it only handles the E1000 series
  15. E1000 HMI to Web Page

    If you enable "Remote access" (Network Connections -> Network Services -> Remote Access) you can access you panel from a web browser. "Panels-IP-address" :5800 It uses Java, and that can be a real pain in the butt. Best is to use a VNC viewer. It's recommended to use a password in the remote settings of the panel.