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  1. Or IF activation_tag THEN Y0 := 1; // Set Y0 END_IF; IF deactivation THEN Y0 := 0; // Reset Y0 END_IF;
  2. FX3U and 2x 485adp-mb

    I have used the FX3U several times with one Modbus RTU Master and one slave. I used one FX3U 485BD(ch1 master) and one FX3U 485ADP-MB(ch2 slave).
  3. Elipse SCADA

    Have you seen their forum ? The guys seems to be very helpful there
  4. FX3U Modbus help

    Serial port ?, not the programming port I hope. Are you using a FX3U-485BD or FX3U-232BD card ? Or perhaps the FX3U-485ADP-MB module ? The programming port can not be used for Modbus  communication. You also need a 485-232 converter if the PLC use a RS485 Modbus RTU communication and shall be connected to the PC.
  5. Tia Portal v13 HMI Groups edit

    That would be nice, but I haven't found such feature yet. When I'm in your position, I use a filled square or circle in background color to cover the "grouped" objects. Then change visibility for the square/circle
  6. FX 3s morbus controling frd720 sc

    Your local Mitsubishi rep. might have a ready to use example for you. What programming software do you use for the FX3 ?
  7. They have a built in modbus protocol if I understand it correctly. But a cheaper way is to use the FX3G-485-BD expansion board and download the modbus library from Mitsubishi. If you use the FX5U as Clear.Mind suggested you'll have a PLC that has all the features you need for this project. The FX5U is actually cheaper than the FX3GE in my price list, and you don't need to buy any expansion modules. Modbus TCP and/or Modbus RTU (RS-485) without any problem.
  8. Weekly Timer

    If you would like to trigger something at the same time, same day every week, compare the system registers with a time and day you set. Are you using a FX system or Q ? For FX systems: D8013 = Seconds D8014 = Minutes D8015 = Hours D8019 = Weekday (0-6)  
  9. Resistance Testing

    Don't know if I really understand what you are looking for here. What are you planning to use, a PLC, microcontroller or some passive components ? A very easy way to detect that low resistance (with a PLC) is to connect a 500 ohm resistor to the 13,4V supply, and the other end of the 500 ohm resistor will be your positive test point, the negative test point is then ground. With 30 ohm connected to the test point, you will have 0,758 V at the test point. With 35 ohm, 0,876 V. 0,4 ohm is roughly zero Volt, and no (test) resistor connected is 13,4 Volt. Easy to detect with an analog input. You could also a PT100 input, 30 to 35 ohm would give you a reading of roughly -160 to -170°C.
  10. How can I do a simple sequence step delay

    Welcome to the limited world of Siemens The output from a timer function allows only a boolean bit on the output.  
  11. How to unblokc the protected block in S7-1500 IN TIA

    The block can only be compiled with a valid password as far as I know
  12. sockets FX3U-ENET P502

    You can use it with MC protocol and Modbus TCP (at the same time), and yes, you have to load the Modbus library.  
  13. sockets FX3U-ENET P502

    One Modbus TCP communication occupies 2 channels The P502 is a FX3U-ENET with port 502 opened
  14. password hima

    The HIMA PLC is a safety PLC if I'm not mistaken. I doubt you can erase or replace the program in it without the password.
  15. FX5U With E-terminal

    Did you monitor the status of any PLC inputs or outputs in the E-1000 display ? I noticed that one has to use hex addressing in the display, not the octal used on the PLC. X12 in the PLC is X0C in the E-1000 panel. Took a while to find