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  1. Power LED directly from PLC output

    thank you Andrei and Nightfly
  2. Hi All, We have an old machine using a Mitsubishi Fxo-30MR/ES and I will be replacing the PLC with a FX3S-30MR/ES.  This old machine would power some led's on a panel mounted PCB using the PLC outputs.  The 24V from the PLC output would go to the PCB board where a resistor would drop the voltage for the LED.   This PCB is damaged I would like to avoid getting a new PCB made and instead power some panel mounted LED rated for 24V directly form the PLC output.  I guess these panel mounted LED have a built-in resistor.  Power consumption for the LEDs are 20mA at 24V volts.  The 24V power supply has plenty of capacity for this. Are there any issues with doing this? I have attached the spec sheet for the panel mounted LED (I will be using the 24V versions).   Panel Mounted LED.pdf
  3. FX3S contacts not energizing

    Yes sorry I forgot to mention that the PLC output goes to a solenoid valve that actuatlly actuates the valve.
  4. FX3S contacts not energizing

    I replaced an old FXo PLC with a FX3S. Everything seemed great until I was checking to make sure the valves open on the PLC command. I find that the lights on the PLC turn on and off as you would expect but for some reason the contacts are not energizing and sending the open signal to the valve. The light shows an energizing condition but when I measure the voltage at the output I'm not getting anything. This is happening for outputs that are powered by COM3. I verified that we have 24VDC at COM3 so I am not sure why the outputs are not energizing. Could this be an internal defect in the PLC? thanks in advance
  5. Verifying program function FX3S

    A newbie here but I just want to make sure I am doing things correctly. I am swapping out an old Mitsubishi FXo-30MR-ES with a new FX3S-30MR/ES. I pulled the program off of the FXo using GXworks and changed the "PLC type" and loaded it onto the the FX3S. I checked the "main" folder and the ladder logic looks identical. So can I assume that the program will work successfully? Also, as long as I load the parameter and program that is all I need? No need to move the device memory over? thanks in advance!
  6. hi guys, somewhat of a novice who has been asked my my company to upgrade a machine that has an old FXon-40mr to a FX3G-40M. I have ordered the GX works software and am waiting for it to come. Can someone give ma short primer on how I would do the migration? - I will download the program from the FX0n-40mr and then upload it to the FX3G-40M. Do I need to make changes to the program? - We are using the FX0n-485 ADP communications module for the old PLC. Can I reuse the same module or do I need to order a newer one to work with the FX3G. are there any tutorials or instructions available online? thanks, Chris