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  1. Hi everybody, I'm trying to use a PacDrive SM PM Rotary motor on Kinetix 6000 Sercos drives. We have a sh.tload of MPL-B but for retrofit and cost reasons i'm triying to get those similar SM motors working. They are fitted with identical sincos SRM feedback or SKM (which are listed in motionDatabase from v21). I was able to confirm the drive reads the sincos, and was able to make it move with the least different motor from the rockwell catalog. After reading the manuals I discovered that third parties motors are supported with Kinetix 6500 drives in CIP and not Sercos. The motor can be configured with its nameplate with this "new" axis mode. But we don't have Kinetix 6500, and believe Sercos is more mature, reliable and sturdy, it has always been working for long now and we have some concern with ethernet IP for axis control with 10+ more axis.