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  1. E-Stop wiring help

    I wanted to update this post with a schematic that I drew of the system. I am looking for help in changing this to work on a wiring system that does not include the neutral on the 220 feed input. I highlighted the line in red. I realize the relay uses a 110v coil, but I could replace that with another type, possibly a 24volt. I was thinking that I could pull the 24v output from the powerflex but wasnt sure if that would work right. If not anyother ideas? Thanks
  2. E-Stop wiring help

    Thank you for replying. So with a safety relay, would the coil be energized from the 24volts of the VFD? Thanks
  3. I have a machine that uses 220 volt to drive a motor which runs off a powerflex drive. There is an estop switch that runs through a 120 volt contactor. My 220 circuit includes 3 hots & ground. There is no neutral. I was told by the electrician that it is not safe to use one leg of the 220 without a neutral. I have not found many options in a flex drop cord that includes 5 wires, plus since my original 220 run also did not have the extra conductor, I am thinking that this is not a common way to set this up. It may be easier to change out the contactor. What is the correct way to pull 110 from a 220 circuit? What is the correct way to set up this estop? thanks
  4. Powerflex 40 crash course

    Could I assume the same configuration would be true for an older 160 Drive?
  5. I am modifying a chinese made packing machine. The machine runs on 110v The control panel of the machine connects to its sensors using Line voltage 2 conductor cable with 2 conductor connectors that use spade tips. I have to extend some of these wires and these connectors just dont seem like they are the correct way to make these connections. Ill attach a pic of the connector. If any one can advise me in the correct connectors to use or if these are ok and you know of someplace to buy more, please let me know. thanks
  6. Relay/Contactor Reccomentaion

    Thanks for your help. I have it figured out now...onto programming the 830. thanks again
  7. Relay/Contactor Reccomentaion

    I purchased 2 of the same machines from auction to build 1 working unit. One included some mods similar to what I am trying to do. It included a LC1K09-10F7 contactor connected to a LR2K0312 motor starter for the auger motor and a LC1K06-10F7 with a LR2K0308 for the agitator The contactors use a 110volt coil whic I think will not work with the PLC. If possible I would like to use the motor starters. thanks again
  8. Relay/Contactor Reccomentaion

    Thanks for your help. the motors are 1.5hp each thnaks jason
  9. I was looking for some help in picking a relay/contactor for my panel. I am rebuilding an auger machine for our company. I have decided to scrap the original, outdated control box for a simple ab830 plc. The machine uses 2 220v 3phase motors. One motor runs an agitator that will be turned on/off manually. The other motor runs continuously with a clutch/brake that will be given a timed signal from the plc to allow the auger to turn a predetermined revs. Can anyone recommend a contactor to use to receive a signal from the plc to operate as the on/off for each motor. thank you
  10. Powerflex 40 crash course

    Awesome. Thanks for the help. I'm getting it up & running now. I don't know much about AC motors. I have always worked with DC electronics in the past. Is there a quick explanation of how Hz converts to RPM? When I set this to manual mode I found that 10,20,30 & up to 50hz seemed to make my motor sound like it was running at the correct speed. Obviously the sound of it is not a good way to judge the speed. The documentation for the machine says " the operating panel consists of an ON, OFF & 4 speed selector switch. The speed of the beater is variable from 280 to 2800 RPM with the help of an AC drive." My final question is there anyway to determine the rpm from that hz setting. So for example, lets say I wanted the 4 speeds to be off, 280, 780, 1480 & 2800 rpms. Is there a Hz setting that I can use to set those. I would make an assumption that the drive can't make the motor do something beyond its capabilities. So I shouldnt be able to damage the motor by setting this drive to high, could I? Thanks again for your help. Jason
  11. Powerflex 40 crash course

    Also, I should note that the relay sees an input from a proximity sensor that is set up to make sure the cover is over the spinning portion of the machine. So theoretically I should be able to short 1 to 11 that would bypass all of the switches & sensor? Jason
  12. Powerflex 40 crash course

    Also, I should note that the relay sees an input from a proximity sensor that is set up to make sure the cover is over the spinning portion of the machine. Jason
  13. Powerflex 40 crash course

    Thanks for the help. Ill adjust those 2 parameters to test it out. I have been reading thru the doc. I have included a schematic of my system. Its a pretty basic machine used to mill powder by spinning it thru a mesh screen & outputting a consistent size. It looks like the machine originally had 3 different speed presets that were controlled by a 3 postion switch. The PF40 is behind a cover with just a window to view the display. I've trace out the wiring & it looks like the estop is wired correctly with pins 11. Should be a matter of just programming those 3 speed setting. Thanks jason
  14. Powerflex 40 crash course

    I purchased a simple powder milling machine which came as 460 volt. It uses a powerflex40 as the speed control. I swapped that out for the same model in 220v & re-configed the motor wires. The machine has a power switch, a speed switch with 3 positions. the leads connect to digital input 1,2,3 of the PF40. There is a momentary on switch & an e-stop. I don't know much about the PF40. I read thru a quick start guide which helped some but a lot of it is over my pay grade. It looks like ill need to set some motor stats in the smart start program group. I don't have some of the answers to the parameters its looking for. Not sure how important those are. Then I enter in a speed setting using A51-A54. Im not sure i completely understand how to adjust the speed using either Hz, Amps or Volts. Any help would be great. Is there anyway to manually start this and ramp up the speed to see how things work. I was thinking I should be able to do that with the dial button but since I have the digital inputs connect it may not allow that manual operation. Any help would be great thanks.