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  1. PID Function block for FX3G

    FYI! The PidFx V100  didnt work so well for me with the FX3G, there was some regulator bugs. When I switched from manual to auto the regulators output was maxed, regardless what the output was in manual. Did some changes to the code without luck. I talked to Mits support but they didnt solve it either. So I downloaded PidFx_V401... and it worked flawless! :) Br, Jim PidFx_V401.sul
  2. PID Function block for FX3G

    Hi! Is there anyone who knows where to get a PID function block for the FX3G series PLC? BR, Jim
  3. PID Function block for FX3G

    Thanks Ray! I found one, PidFX_V100... at the Mits website! /Jim
  4. FX3GE - Analog configuration

    Hi Guys! A simple question, im quite new to this so dont be to hard :) I have a FX3GE plc and it has 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs built in, im using GXWorks2 as programming software. How do i config those analog I/O ? I dont even know where to start :) I want to use 1 analog output, set 0 - 10v depending on certain situations. But as i said, i dont know where to begin config this. :) Br, Jim 
  5. MelDDE error message

    Hi! Im shooting from the hips here, is there anyone who is familliar with MelDDE? I keep getting this error message from the PLC: Write Error DLL (Protocol, PLC replies NAK) <55H> Anyone knows what that means? Br, JIm
  6. MelDDE error message

    No its not the same PLC... But i will change the setting on the E71 asap to see if the error will disappear. Just curious what the error message means....
  7. MelDDE error message

    Its thru ethernet... ive attached an image of the comm setup.  
  8. MelDDE error message

    1. Windows 2000 2. Mitsubichi A2SH 3. MelDDE 1.40
  9. A2SH ethernet configuration

    Hi all! I have an old A2SH PLC that has an ethernetmodule (AJ71E71) installed. But I can't communicate with the PLC thru ehternet in GX IEC Developer 7.04. The module answers on PING command and I also use an HMI (Beijer T7A) over ethernet that works flawless... Anyone got any idea why it wont work with Developer? Br, Jim
  10. A2SH ethernet configuration

    Thats some usefull information... I've always used to choose TCP! Thanks kaare_t!
  11. A2SH ethernet configuration

    Had some trouble getting the other ports to work but I managed it... don't know why but I had to use UDP on the HMI and the server too. Before I used TCP, but it doesn't matter which protocol as long as it works :) Thanks again, it helped alot!
  12. A2SH ethernet configuration

    Great Fenix!  It worked with your POU. Now i just have to open the ports for the HMI and the server.... (guess Mitsubichi support did want to sell me more stuff ;) ) Thanks alot!
  13. A2SH ethernet configuration

    Cause its better when you want to monitor certain things at the machine. Then you can watch the machine at the same time (using WiFi) My plc is in another room then the actual machine...
  14. A2SH ethernet configuration

    I just talked to the Mitsubishi support team and they told me that GX IEC developer cant handle the ethernet connection to this module... seemes strange but. They advised me to change CPU to a Q-system....
  15. A2SH ethernet configuration

    I've tried your conf on 3 diffrent ports/channels but without luck... Ive attached my ethernet conf if anyone wanna take a look at it. I use port/channel 1 and 4 as it is now... for the HMI and sending some values to a server...   ethernet_conf.zip
  16. A2SH ethernet configuration

    Maybe has something to do with the ethernet configuration in the plc program?
  17. FX3GE - Analog configuration

    Thats great!  Thanks for the help, works like a charm! Br, Jim
  18. MOVE a value to multiple dataregistry

    Thanks! Just what i was looking for! /Jim
  19. Hi guys! As the title explains, i wanna move a value to 210 -> 220... is there a function for that or do i have to make a MOV for every single dataregistry (look at picture)? Its an mitsubishi FX3GE PLC programmed in GxWorks2. Br, Jim  
  20. Hi! I wanna make a EQ compare with a range of dataregistry and depending on the value in all of them it will affect an output. Instead of making an compare block for every specific data i wonder if there is a function that can do it? For example: D20, D21, D22 -> D30, if any of those in range has an 1 in it, output Y0 is ON Hope you guys understand my bad english and poor explanation! Br, Jim
  21. GX Works2, Registry compare function

    Ahh! Thanks, "Find and Replace" worked like a charm! :) But i used the MAXIMUM block and a GT instead of ADD. Perfect! Br, Jim
  22. GX Works2, Registry compare function

    Sorry Steve, i dont get that FOR instruction, i have a FOR function but that is: "FOR/NEXT    Loop instruction The FOR/NEXT loop repeats single program sequences without setting an input condition. The program sequence located between the FOR and the NEXT command is repeated for n times. After executing the FOR/NEXT loop for n times, the next program step following the NEXT command is executed. The variable n can be specified from 1 to 32767. If n is less than or equal to 0, it is processed as 1. Thus, the FOR/NEXT loop will be executed at least once. If a program sequence between the FOR/NEXT loop is not intended to be executed, it can be skipped by a jump instruction (CJ or SCJ). In total, up to 16 levels (A series = 5 levels) of FOR/NEXT loops can be nested up."
  23. GX Works2, Registry compare function

    That was my first plan to do.. but im going to use a range from D0 to D300 so its going to be quite alot of adding... ;) Thats why i asked you guys if there is a function that dont need to specify each data...
  24. GX Works2, Registry compare function

    I downloaded the GX Works2 from Beijer website... so i dont have tha media unfortunatly. Cant seem to find the help installation file anywhere..
  25. GX Works2, Registry compare function

    I tried your ZCP like this, and it triggerd the M12 when the 1 value was in D5, but as soon as it moved to D6 (its a shiftregistry) M12 turned off... Edit: Seems like it just compares s1 and s2 with s3... not the whole range from D5 -D19